home cushion with texrile cover square shape

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Product Name

2015 hot sale new design cushion


90% cotton, 10% Polyester


100% Polyester


16x16 inch, 18x18 inch. Other Size is Available



Fabric Colour

Green, Blue, Grey (Other Colour is Available)

Sample Cost

Will be Free of Charge if 1Pc Each for the Interested Items

Sample Freight

Should be Borne by Our Customers

Sample Lead Time

Approx 7 Working Days After Confirmed

Mass Production Time

Within 30days Upon Receipt of the Deposit, or the Original LC.




AZO Free and can Catch the EU Standard



Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is 100% polystyrene. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.


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Q:How to set the car rear seat
Steps are as follows:1, the seat back slightly upward pull, the entire seat directly turned up;2. Place the seat on the seat and adjust the position;3 pull the rubber band at the front end of the back seat from the seat to the back and tie it to the back of the rubber band;4, the rear end of the rope tight tie tight;5, good finishing flat seat;The rear seat is installed!
Q:What does ivory skin sofa match what colour sofa, cushion is good-looking?
Personal preference, I prefer sofa cushion with milky white. Because of the black or red, and sofa form too big contrast, and the overall style is not very coordinated. Personal opinion, only supply your reference, called: A bystander is always clear-minded..
Q:How about washing a car with upholstery? What a bother!
Do not clean the interior, accidentally dirty cushion, roof shed and so on, many owners will immediately wash with water or washing liquid, dry after forming a block of unsightly stains. As the interior material of the car is different in quality and the way of cleaning is different, there are many kinds of cleaning agents on the market at present, but most of them are targeted, such as leather and cotton fabrics, which are quite different. Moreover, even when the cleaning agent is used, stains often appear and the cleaning is not clean.
Q:What kind of cushion is good on the office chair?
Ice sofa cushion. Ice is the sofa cushion cushion in summer, permeability is strong, generally speaking the new cushion will have some taste, used for a period of time will disappear.The contents of the office chair and cushion are over. Do you like it after you have finished reading it? Buy a proper cushion for yourself, too!
Q:Does the car seat ice is what ingredients?
In several mainstream fiber. Ice silk moisture with human skin physiological requirements. With smooth cool and breathable. Antistatic. Colorful characteristics. Of course, summer is hot, you could not resist any temperature of the sun "The ice has the nature of cotton. The quality of silk is a typical ecological fiber. From natural and better than natural"
Q:Why rely on the back to have the strength to step on the clutch?
Sitting, stepping on something must be the strength of the back waist. Read your description, it should not be your sitting posture and back of the problem, it should be a distance problem, you'd better bring a cushion or waist support behind you, so that the problem is basically solved
Q:That kind of sponge is best for sofas?
Look at the fabric, sewingBuy leather sofa to choose leather. Leather sofa is divided into full leather sofa and semi leather sofa, each set of leather sofa to consume equivalent to 10 cattle leather, high value, good ventilation and environmental protection, Europe and the United States and other developed countries generally use full leather sofa. Half leather sofa in the sofa back, bottom and other hidden places to PU leather and artificial leather PVC instead of leather, but direct contact with the human body parts are still valuable leather, thereby reducing the cost of sofa is more affordable. Sofa with leather is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather, according to the layers are divided into the first layer of leather, two layers of leather and three layers of leather, etc., according to the origin is divided into domestic skin and imported skin. Imported leather imported from Italy and Germany has the best quality. It meets the requirements of strict environmental protection. It has high color fastness, good elasticity and breathability, high mechanical strength, especially tear strength and tensile strength. Quality leather sofa selection must be the first layer of yellow leather.
Q:I want to make my own motorcycle cushion. I don't know what equipment I need
Wrap the leather on the cushion and place it in a roundabout place with a sewing machine. Place the excess where it is. Use the stapler to fold the bottom in the seat cushion and secure it. It's ok. But the effect depends on your craftsmanship.
Q:How do you clean the seat cushion?
On the mat, thin cushion, usually can be wiped with a damp cloth, more dirty with velvet detergent after water, brush with brush can be. For very thin, not too hard, gently wipe on the line. Can only hang dry, can not be exposed.
Q:The car seat ice is what material?
The ice is cotton leather processing, ice silk material you can choose goods in Taizhou, what basically no cost of this concept, manufacturers use of materials and self-employed not what difference, this material do not have to worry about what black cotton

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