High Tensile Strenth Polyester Geogrid with CE Certifcate

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material: polyester

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Description of High Tensile Strength Polyester Geogrid

we have CE , ISO9001 certificate..Polyester Geogrid for Road Railway Highway Tunnel is Made from PET fiber by weaving technology after gummed processing

High Tensile Strenth Polyester Geogrid with CE Certifcate


Specification of High Tensile Strenth Polyester Geogrid with CE Certifcate:
1.Strength: 20x20kn/m--600x600kn/m, such as :60/30, 60/60, 80/30, 120/30, 150/30, 200/30 etc. 
2.Polyester Geogrid coated with PVC, Bitumen, SBR 

3.Elongation:10% and 13%

4.Width: 1--6m 

5.Packing:50m or100m/roll,

PE film outside, plstic tube inside.also can be made according clinet's need.


Application of High Tensile Strenth Polyester Geogrid with CE Certifcate: 

(1)Roadbed reinforcement of road and railway, crack prevention, increase of roadbed strength; 

(2)Reinforcement and stabilization of riverside, embankment and side slope; 

(3)Dyke reinforcement on soft ground for stress evenness, sedimentation adjustment, increase of stability and loading capacity of fundus;

(4)Reinforcement of the surface of road and bridge 

Property of Polyester Geogrid for Road Railway Highway Tunnel
I. High tensile strength
2. Low elongation
3. Anti-erosion, anti-aging
4. Good affinity with base material
5. Lig ht weig ht, water d rainage


What is your advantages ?

 I. Not easy to produce static after friction. In the coal mine, surface static resistance average is
Below lx109Q
2. Good flame retardant performance
3. Strong anti-corrosion and rust resistance
4. High bearing capacity, low elongation

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Q:Price of Geogrid
According to the general price of geogrid kn accounting, namely 10kn/m, 20kn/m, 50kn/m and so on, the higher the price the greater force kn. The raw materials of different prices in different tension kn,
Q:How to do the inspection data of the geogrid? What are the specifications?
Overlapping width of Geogrid
Q:What is the meaning of the highway geogrid gsl50/hdpe
Hi ~ ~ ~ ~ on the high-speed use of geogrid, nothing more than two kinds, a kind of roadbed with geogrid, a kind of pavement with geogrid, you said that GS150 is certainly the roadbed with steel plastic geogrid,
Q:How to connect two-way geogrid
Lap longitudinal 15cm - 20cm
Q:What are the geotechnical testing items for Subgrade?
Longitudinal and transverse tensile strength and elongation
Q:High density polyethylene one-way geogrid, tensile yield of 20kn/m
This refers to a material specification for the product,
Q:How much is a square meter
2, the use of Geogrid on the railway to avoid the soft ground on the basis of the railway premature settlement and destruction of real estate3, the geogrid used in the dam, dam, river, canal, Wai sea embankment, reservoir reinforcement and other water conservancy projects
Q:Refers to the size of the geogrid mesh hole Specific attention is not clear
Geogrid generally by horizontal and vertical staggered from the simple meaning of space can also be understood that the size of the lattice gap.
Q:Municipal road engineering in the glass fiber grille what role?
Fiberglass geogrid is mainly used for old road reconstruction, the main purpose is to reduce reflection cracks.Fiberglass geogrid with glass fiber rovings as the main raw material, the reticular structure material of the knitting process, to protect and improve the overall use of polyester glass fiber geogrid with high strength aramid fibre filament, warp knitting weaving cloth after directional grid slab, geotechnical grille into coated processing
Q:What is the weight ratio of fiber and coating in the warp knitted geogrid?
This is the business secret of the production enterprise.

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