Never Run Two-Way Gangsu Geogrid Geogrid

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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Gangsu grille

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Shandong yongrun gangsu reinforced geogrid work by gangsu reinforcement with the new technology compound and into, as this product drawing and pressing the surface into a rough figure, the rules laid to fill in in soil have suffered huge resistance to stress and the filled soil and the friction between the whole, limits the foundation soil in the shear, a profile extrusion and uplift, because the stiffness of reinforced cushion is larger, the foundation of the load to spread and more evenly transfer, distribution to lie down on the soft soil, a good way to develop the bearing capacity of the foundation, because the function of the reinforced cushion layer, increase the range of compressible stratum foundation stiffness, be helpful for adjusting deformation of foundation, the use of the reinforced geogrid and the formation of steel model work of the reinforced composite pad to belong to flexible structures, can be very good to absorb the energy of the earthquake, so its seismic performance is good.

Product features:

1, strength, creep, have to adapt to all kinds of environmental soil, and can meet the high road and retaining wall. Use tall

2, can improve the efficiency of the reinforcement embedded lock, bite the load effect, great enhancement the bearing capacity of the foundation, effective constraint of soil lateral displacement of foundation, enhance solid performance.

3, and traditional grille has more strength than large load-carrying capacity and strong, corrosion, prevent ageing, friction coefficient, uniform pore, construction is convenient, service life is long, etc.

4, the more adapted to the deep sea operation, the bank reinforcement, fundamentally solve the other materials do because long stone cage by sea water erosion and cause of low strength and corrosion resistance performance is poor, use short life other technical problems. Product application can be used for highway, railway, embankment and abutment, construction the pavement, dock, bank revetments, prevent flood dike, DAMS and beaches management, freight and slag field, airport, playground, environmental protection construction, soft foundation improvement and retaining wall, slope protection and pavement of inferior civil engineering.

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Q:I would like to ask what is the definition of the grille in the building? What role? And what kind of?
Know that the grille here is to prevent "reflective cracking" and improve the shear capacity
Q:Bidirectional geogrid 5 meters long side, short side of the 3 meters
Including plastic grille, fiberglass grille, steel grille, polyester grille, etc..
Q:What are the criteria for Geogrid?
Geogrid is a kind of polymer material with square or rectangular shape which is formed by stretching. It can be used as two kinds of uniaxial tension and biaxial tension
Q:What are the six main functions of Geosynthetics
It can be divided into four categories: geotextile, geomembrane, special geosynthetics and composite geosynthetics.
Q:How to do this in the geogrid in the retaining wall? Is there any remedy?
No long-term creep as reinforcing material, have in long-term load under the condition of deformation resistance that the creep resistance is extremely important, glass fiber does not creep, which ensure product can maintain long-term performance.
Q:What is the tgsg15-15 geogrid
According to the letter, the geogrid is judged to be a steel plastic geogrid.
Q:GSL50 what is the meaning of Geogrid
GSL50 represents the longitudinal and transverse tensile strength more than 50KN of plastic geogrids.
Q:What are the geotechnical testing items for Subgrade?
Longitudinal and transverse tensile strength and elongation
Q:There are several types of basalt fiber geogrid
In order to achieve an asymmetric competitive advantage, now the problem of engineering design is really big, institutional problems
Q:The cheapest two-way plastic geogrid manufacturers, two-way plastic geogrid prices?
Its elongation rate is only 10% ~ ~ of the original plate of 15%. If the carbon black and other anti-aging materials are added in the geogrid, the utility model has the advantages of good acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and the like.

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