High strength CNC machined gear for car and moto OEM

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Steel,as requirements



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Zhejiang China (Mainland)

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technology of machining:





is acceptable

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Packaging Detail:packed in carton
Delivery Detail:70days


1.produce as drawings
2.material will be as requirements
3.strictly quality control
4.OEM is acceptable

Products information:


1. suitable for many sorts of transmission system, such as agriculture tractor, wind power, truck and other industry zone.

2. material and precision can be as requirements.

3. we have complete gear machining equipments: gear hobbing machine, shaving machine, gear shaper, gear grinding machine, and our own heat treatment center. all of the production procedure are strictly controlled by ourselves, no cooperation procession, so we can sure the final products to meet your requirements.

4.each processing, strictly quality control

5.certificate: ISO9001, ISO/TS16949





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Q:What is the cause of the serious wear of the flywheel ring gear of the engine?
The processing quality does not meet the requirements of the drawings, the balance of bad performance, the end of the flywheel axial or circumferential radial runout is too large, so that the two plane cannot smooth joint friction is not uniform, so that the flywheel wavy.When the flywheel rotates, because the clutch is in the separation and the combination instantaneous and the flywheel plane has the rotational speed difference, causes these two relative sliding, causes the flywheel work surface to produce the attrition. The plane of the flywheel will be partially ablated and hardened due to the high temperature generated by the high velocity friction.
Q:Ring gear material 50Mn heat treatment, conditioning is shrink or rise?
It also has something to do with the shape and size of the parts. It's better to do experiments.
Q:For planetary gears, the fixed ring gear connects the sun wheel and the planet carrier, but does it still move?
(4) before and after the star frame ring gear assembly; according to the different number of forward stalls, the Simpson type planetary gear box is divided into Simpson type 3 speed planetary gearbox and Simpson Thompson type 4 gear planetary gear box two.
Q:Ring gear, planetary gear, and planetary gear of planetary gear structure, please,
The ring gear and the planetary gear are always the same direction,
Q:Engine model CLS, crankshaft sensor timing ring with crankshaft alignment
According to certain rules, it can be transformed into electrical signals or other forms of information output to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control.
Q:In a synchronizer of a transmission, why do the engagement ring and the normally engaged helical gear be made into two bodies?
After all, there is the principle of its design, it is recommended to read.
Q:Can there be no gear ring in planetary gear reducer?
(1) Simpson Simpson type planetary gear box, planetary gear box is composed of a Simpson type planetary gear mechanism and relative shift operation components, most automatic transmissions are using this planetary gearbox; Simpson type planetary gear mechanism is a planetary gear mechanism is very famous, it is composed of two internal meshing planetary gear mechanism combination, its structure is characterized by (1) before and after the two planetary sun gear is connected into a whole, called the sun before and after the wheel assembly (2) before a planetary planetary frame and a planetary gear ring connected to the other as a whole, called on star frame and a rear ring gear assembly (3) and the output shaft is usually the former planet carrier and the ring gear assembly (Figure 7-4). So, the agency became the 4 independent components (1) before the ring gear (2) before and after the sun wheel assembly (3) after the star frame (4) before and after the star frame ring gear assembly; according to the different number of forward stalls, the Simpson type planetary gear box is divided into 3 Simpson gear planetary gear transmission and Simpson Thompson type 4 gear planetary gear box two.
Q:How many teeth of the 12 gear starter is suitable for the gear ring?
2, prevent the starter power is prematurely connected. Single tooth wear, ring gear can be turned to use; when individual tooth is damaged, can continue to use, but not in gear meshing gear, crank rotate the crankshaft to be bad, the ring gear and the gear of the starter ring gear two staggered; if serious wear should be replaced with new parts or welding repair. If the gear ring is seriously worn and the engine runs smoothly, the gear ring wear will be out of balance, so the balance should be corrected.
Q:Planetary gear reduction problem. The outer gear ring is fixed with 80 teeth, the planet tooth is 30 teeth, the center tooth is 20 teeth, and the.1 is
Drive ratio = active speed / driven speed = number of driven teeth / active teeth number)
Q:Does the flywheel ring gear and the starting machine affect the vehicle?
Both sides of the gear ring have serious wear or tooth damage, and the repair can be repaired by surfacing when the replacement repair does not meet the requirement.Repair of flywheel working faceThe working surface of the flywheel or groove. The wear depth is more than 0.5mm, should be light grinding or after finishing mill. The thickness of the flywheel shall be no less than the new flywheel thickness 2mm after processing. The wave depth is no more than 0.5mm, allowing the existence of no more than two annular grooves, and deburring shall be eliminated.

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