High strength CNC machined gear for car and moto OEM

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10000 set/month

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Steel,as requirements



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Zhejiang China (Mainland)

technology of material:


technology of machining:





is acceptable

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Packaging Detail:packed in carton
Delivery Detail:70days


1.produce as drawings
2.material will be as requirements
3.strictly quality control
4.OEM is acceptable

Products information:


1. suitable for many sorts of transmission system, such as agriculture tractor, wind power, truck and other industry zone.

2. material and precision can be as requirements.

3. we have complete gear machining equipments: gear hobbing machine, shaving machine, gear shaper, gear grinding machine, and our own heat treatment center. all of the production procedure are strictly controlled by ourselves, no cooperation procession, so we can sure the final products to meet your requirements.

4.each processing, strictly quality control

5.certificate: ISO9001, ISO/TS16949





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Q:The roller is assembled by a certain number of rollers and roller racks, and the rollers roll on the tooth surface of the rack when engaged
4, long distance transmission: because the rack can be spliced and assembled, and compared with the screw, its biggest advantage is that it can realize long distance precise drive.5, long life: as a result of rolling meshing, so far below the ordinary wear gear rack.6 、 low wear and low dust, apply to level 1000 clean room7, a wide range of applications: application of roller rack and gear wheel is very wide, such as bench loaders, long distance walking robot, synchronous feeding, long stroke mechanical equipment, compound rolling head, measuring instrument, stacker, cleaning line, synchronous drive, can freely set the table, the rotation of the robot the driving machine, observation and so on are widely used
Q:1115 how many teeth are used when the diesel engine is switched on?
Disassemble and inspect the suction and hold coils of the motor starter and their contacts
Q:Number of teeth of flywheel ring gear of diesel engine
The 6114A-143 6114B-125 6110-141 Wuxi gear tooth, Victoria WD615 has 136 teeth with 159 teeth, two teeth with different gear motor, a motor is equipped with 10 teeth, is a kind of motor with 11 teeth, 6112-108 teeth, 6CT-195 teeth tooth Cummins 6BT-173
Q:Does the flywheel ring gear and the starting machine affect the vehicle?
Repair of flywheel ringThe gear ring and the starting machine produce collision when starting the engine, or the two gear mesh is bad, and it is easy to cause tooth wear and damage.The ring teeth are usually worn on one side. The teeth can be turned upside down. The disassembly ring should be heated and the flywheel will have a 0.3-0. 8mm interference.Damage of individual teeth, after grinding with Whetstone, can continue to use.
Q:What is the radial runout error of the ring gear?
The radial runout error of gear ring is a standard for gear post test. Generally speaking, it represents the difference of the teeth on the circumference of a gear. Popular point of view, with the detection of the beating of the outer circle almost, but the benchmark is on the teeth.
Q:Where does the hydraulic oil of the slewing ring of excavator ring out?
There are two cases, one of which is leaking from the central oil separator. That's for the oil seal. Take apart to see the shaft wear. If the shaft wears too much. To remove the plating. Otherwise, change the oil seal or not. Two, leaking from the gear oil. The skeleton oil seal that rotates the motor.
Q:What is the precision blanking of the ring gear plate?
The precision blanking of ring plate is called fine blanking and fine blanking, and it is very different from ordinary blanking. Strictly speaking, fine blanking is very different for the deformation force created by sheet metal
Q:What is the difference between the mechanism of fine blanking and the mechanism of conventional blanking?
A V - shaped rib around a certain distance from the workpiece contour. The action of the ring clamp is to prevent the metal sheet other than the shear zone and into the shear zone during the blanking
Q:Single stage, single row, middle gear ring, sun wheel is driving wheel
The rotation of a planetary gear is usually not calculated, because it does not usually make the planetary wheels output. It is of little significance to calculate.
Q:Can there be no gear ring in planetary gear reducer?
Transmission diagram (4) 5 shift operation component is arranged in the Simpson planet gear mechanism (2 clutches and 2 brakes and 1 one-way overdrive clutch), to be a planetary gearbox with 3 forward and 1 reverse gear, the 5 gear shift operation module the layout as shown in Figure 7-5, C1 is used to connect the clutch input shaft and the clutch wheel assembly before and after the sun, C2 is used to connect the input shaft and the ring gear, brake for B1 solid was fixed after the planet carrier, B before and after the sun wheel brake assembly, brake speed clutch F11 B2 and Dan Xiangchao and B2 can use the band brake or disc brake. Simpson type 3 gear planetary gear box gear lever position and operation assembly worksheet

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