High-speed Co2 Flying Laser Marking Machine CNBM

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1 set
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30 set/month

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description:

Equip with with the production line and automatic marking application .

Application & Materials:

Flying marking machine is my company special designing for the electronics, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, foods and other industries laser marking application .it can mark all the nonmetal materials very well.


This type laser flying marking machine  can equip our own production line or equip with your production line to reach at high speed flying marking application .


Co2 Laser:


Our CO2 Laser Series equiped the importing RF CO2 Laser,High-Speed Resonace Mirror System .The speed is quicker and the performance is stable.This series Laser Equipments have widely won user’s trust depend on it’s superior performance and reliable quality.



Matching Type :







Output Power







Repeat frequency


Marking scope


Marking speed


Min.line width


Characters type

English letters, numbers and  punctuations

Max .Production line speed

70m/ min

Coding lines

≤8 lines

Input power





Electrical source

220V / Single-Phrase Circuit / 50Hz






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