High quality Self-propelled aerial working platform PSS180A

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Product Description:

Arm typecrank arm
Working heightm about 17.90
Platform heightm about 15.90
Working radiusm about 7.60
Range of ratation°355
Platform capacitykgMax 200
Cage dimensionsm about 1.2x0.7x1.1
Outrigger sizem 2.92×3.92
LengthmmMin 4710
WidthmmMin 780
Heightm Min 1995
Pressure on earth(working) Kn/m²2
Pressure on earth(traveling) Kn/m²3.7
NWkgabout 2330
Travel speedkm/h Max 1.5
MotorDiesel  220V

-Rubber track, walking by itself
-It has little pressure on earth, it can travel on any ground, eg.marble floor
-All the function can be finished in the cage
-It can travel on any unevenness road.eg. a muddy road
-Hydraulic outrigger can separately control
-Mute engine, can be used in quiet occasion
-Small when it retracts,the width is only 0.78m, the height is 1.995m
-Easy to operate
- Compare with PSS150A,underarm is retractable

Optional configuration
- 230V power;
- 3m Range of wireless remote control
- Kubota Z-482 diesel engine
- One or two colors;
- Seat belt;
- PVC outrigger pedal;
- Plastic pedal;
- Trailer

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