high quality magenisium powder for refractory industry

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Pure Magnesium Powder: 
Less consumption, 
short time processing, 
fast reaction, 
little dropping of molten iron temperature.

Using he high technology, the company is engaged in production of highly purified spherical metal magnesium powder, which has the granularity of 2mm-0.0035mm(10-400meshes), magnesium content of over 99.5% and loose thickness of 0.1-0.75g/cm3. The product exceeds GB5149.1-2004 of China and has the active magnesium of over 98.5%, and foreign matters of Zn<0.1%, Fe<0.2%, Ca<0.15%, Mn<0.1%, Cl<0.03%, H2O<0.05%. And hydrochloric acid insolubles is less than 0.2%. The company turns out magnesium powder in spherical shape instead of traditional rhombus shape, which is rarely seen in the world and used much better than those in rhombus shape.

The characteristic of magnesium powder: It is flammable and explosive, and brings high temperature and glaring light when burning. Therefore, magnesium powder is widely used in such scientific areas as war industry aviation industry. The chemical performance of magnesium is very active, which is mostly used in metallurgical industry. Magnesium powder can server as desulfurizer or cleaning agent for steel-making industry and casting of non-ferrous metals, and reducer for production of rare metal. In chemical industry, magnesium powder can be used in as dehydrant for organic compound or to directly make organic compound of magnesium. In recent years, magnesium powder has been mostly used in spaying, coating, anti-corrosion, polycrystalline silicon, and casting of metallurgical powder as well.

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Oh no....A metal combined with oxygen gives a metallic oxide. For example: 4Na + O2 --> 2Na2O Another one: acid + base --> salt + water This is a double-displacement reaction (neutralization, to be more exact). metallic oxide + water --> metallic hydroxide CaO + H2O --> Ca(OH)2 :)
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Metals are metallically bonded. this means there is a lattice of metal cations surrounded by delocalized electrons. This means that no electron is bonded to any specific ion in the metal lattice. (these ions are nuclei and inner shell electrons). this means that electrons are less tightly bound to the structure of the metal. this is why the photoelectric effect can occur (where light frees electrons from a metal surface completely).
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to add on to the guy above^ metals are conductive and nonmetals are insulative the bonding of the two are different different crystal structures (metals are bcc, fcc, or hcp) Also, I wouldn't say nonmetals have a lower melting point than metals. Just think about refractories in a furnace. They have to have a higher melting point than the metal so they don't melt, right?
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the metal with higher specific heat capity will cause a more severe burn, as the property of the metal will absorb more heat energy and as well the difference between it and the object your burning will be much more different as the difference in energy level is also higher, lets say - boiling water ( 100 dregrees) . will not cause the same damage in burn as one made by a metal object with higher s.h.c - metal will obviously scar you in a way boiling water burns arent capable of achieving
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