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MGO   87%MIN

CaO    2.5%MAX

Fe2O3+Al2O3      3%MAX

SiO2      4%MAX

LOI        1.3%MAX

B.D.       3.15%MIN

SIZE      200MESH

Caustic calcined magnesite is a kind of industry raw materials with properties of moderate basicity and chemical activity, widely used in the fields of national defense, medical, chemical, paper-making, shipbuilding and environment protection etc.

Its primary technology application contain the areas as following: cellulose acetate, drilling mud, fire retardance filling, flue gas desulfurization, leather-making, oil refining additive, medical industry, rubber and plastics industry, sugar industry and wastewater treatment etc.

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Q:What are some good pirate/viking metal bands?
Death metal. Its AWESOME!
Q:sonic syndicate is metal, right?
THRASH- Vio-Lence, Anvil *****, Whiplash Norwegian metal- Aura Noir, Burzum, Blood Tsunami I left out some norwegian black metal bands.
Q:Metal Gear Solid 3D or HD Collection?
Metal Gear Solid 4 80Gb Bundle comes with a 80Gb PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4, and a Dualshock 3 controller all for $499 + tax
Q:How to get into metal music?
Old School Death Metal. It's still technical, it's still heavy as hell, it's a little brutal, and it's just great. I find that each band has something unique and different going on, unlike the other genres. It's like the other subgenres all combined, which is why I love it. And let's be honest here; Obituary, Suffocation, Immolation, Nocturnus, Death, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Grave, Entombed, Atheist, Cynic, Cannibal Corpse, and so many others, are *all* old school, even if they're also a little something else. That has the other subgenres beat right there, I think. BQ: Progressive Death Metal - Cynic Technical Death Metal - Atheist Melodic Death Metal - At The Gates Brutal Death Metal - Immolation Blackened Death Metal - Belphegor Old School Death Metal - Death BQ2: Scream Bloody Gore, Altars Of Madness, Unquestionable Presence, Focus, The Sound Of Perseverance.
Q:What about Celtic Metal bands?
yes very sad, System of a Down is viewed as Alternative metal/experimental rock, and Slipknot is viewed as nu metal.and slayer has been viewed as thrash as well as speed metal along with heavy metal, and Sabbath is true heavy metal, but you know. if its good music and you like it doesnt really matter what name you put on it,, if its music and you love it great, sometimes i think everyone get hung up on what type of music they listen to,,,, me i llsten to good music the ones i like the best, just as im sure you do the same
Q:How does metal help our community?
Death okorder.com
Q:Metal Fans: Technical Black Metal Supremacy?
NS Black Metal Brutal Death Metal
Q:is ALUMINUM a transition metal?
It depends what wave black metal you want to listen to. first wave black metal , like Ulver Manes and Fleurety Are all norweigan black metal bands that influenced what you hear today like Carpathian forest ( i recommend ) Immortal Bathory Darkthrone Marduk It all depends what style you like, Dimmu i don't consider black metal ,.. they are more.. er.. symphonic sellout hair metal HellHammer could never perform live the double bass that they record.. .. as with Cradle, they are becoming mainstream, can't perform live, and every second emo you look at has a CoF tshirt on.. OLD sayricon, before they went to roadrunner records is great black metal. anything from Dark Medieval Times, The Shadowthrone, is good, i mean you can hear them decline..just look at these two album names, before they went to roadrunner. You dont even have to hear the music before you can tell songs from Rebel Extravaganza and Volcano will sound good to the ears of every teeny emo ***** there is out there. It's all up to your taste though, those 5 bands i named above i think are my top 5 black metal bands today, .. so with that, and some old satyricon.. You should have yourself some good listning. Goodluck !
Q:What is the heaviest metal genre?
I agree whole-heatedly with Roxel. I was shocked to find that one of my favorite alternative metal bands, Sevendust, was labeled as nu metal on Wikipedia. I don't believe it. Disturbed certainly seems to lean more towards alternative metal than nu metal.
Q:metallica vs real metal?
Black Metal by a little bit BQ Black Metal - Emperor, in fact any band with Ihsahn in it. Thrash Metal - Metallica

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