High quality Battery Forklift FE4F16/18(DC)

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1 unit
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1000 unit/month

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Automatic transmission with high efficiency and productivity;
Combined axles with minimum turning radius and aisle width;
Low energy consumption, high stability, maximum visibility;
Minimum noise and pollution
Wide-version mast with ergonomic design for high working efficiency.

The Battery-powered is our newly invented battery powered forkLift. It has a high visibility range , has an automatic transmission, it easy to operate and easy to charge. Both AC powered and DC powered models are available. It is an ideal machine for conveying product

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

Mast Table FE4F16-18(DC)Capacity table(kg) c=500mm
Extended mast
Tilt forward/
without sideshift
full free

1.2Manufacturer’s type designationFE4F16DCFE4F18DC
1.3Drive:electric(battery or mains),diesel, petrol gas,manualelectricelectric
1.4Type of operation:hand,seated,pedestrian,
standing, order-picker
1.5Load Capacity /rated loadQ (kg)16001750
1.6Load center distanceC(mm)500500
1.8Load distance, centre of drive axle to forkX(mm)410410
Weights2.1Service Weight incl.battery(see line 6.5)Kg29963076
2.2Axle loading, laden front/rearKg3996/5004356/520
2.3Axle loading, unladen front/rearKg1196/18001220/1856
3.1Tyres:solid rubber,superelastic,pneumatic,
3.2Tyres size, front6.50-10-10PR6.50-10-10PR
3.3Tyres size, rear5.00-8-8PR5.00-8-8PR
3.5Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels)2x/22x/2
3.6Track width,frontb10(mm)890890
3.7Track width,rearb11(mm)920920
4.1Mast/fork carriage tilt forward/backwardα/β(¡ã)6/126/12
4.2Lowered mast heighth1(mm)19951995
4.3Free lifth2(mm)150150
4.4Lift heighth3(mm)30003000
4.5Extended mast heighth4(mm)39233923
4.7Overhead load guard heighth6(mm)21102110
4.8Seat height/standing heighth7(mm)10601060
4.12Coupling heighth10(mm)350350
4.19Overall lengthl1(mm)31603160
4.2Length to face of forksl2(mm)20102010
4.21Overall widthb1/b2(mm)10701070
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)35x100x95035x100x950
4.24Fork carriage widthb3(mm)920920
4.31Ground clearance,laden, under mastm1(mm)6060
4.32Ground clearance, center of wheelbasem2(mm)130130
4.33Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)35253525
4.34Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysAst(mm)37253725
4.35Turning radiusWa(mm)19001900
4.36Smallest pivot point distanceb13(mm)566566
5.1Travel Speed, laden/unladenkm/h13/1412.5/14
5.2Lift speed, laden/unladenm/s0.27/0.370.25/0.37
5.3Lowering speed, laden/unladenm/s0.35/0.420.33/0.42
5.5Drawbar pull, laden/unladen S2 60minN1900/18301930/1870
5.6Max.drawbar pull,laden/unladen S2 5minN5750/55605760/5580
5.7Gradient performance, laden/unladen S2 30min%6/95.5/8.5
5.8Max.gradient performance, laden/unladen S2
5.1Service brakehydr.hydr.
E-Motor6.1Drive motor rating s2 60minkw55
6.2Lift motor rating at s3 15%kw7.57.5
6.3Battery acc. To DIN43531/35/36A,B,C,noBSBS
6.4Battery voltage, norminal capacity K5V/Ah48/40048/400
6.5Battery weightkg650650
Battery dimensions l/w/hmm970/600/438970/600/438
8.1Type of drive controlMosfet Impulse/AC
8.2Operating pressure for attachmentsbar14.514.5
8.3Oil volume for attachmentsl/min3030
8.4Sound level at driver’s ear according to EN12053dB(A)7070

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