High Density Polyethylene HDPE Resin

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1 Ton m.t.
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1000 Tons per Month m.t./month

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Film Grade HDPE,Fiber or Monofilament HDPE,Injection Moulding Grade HDPE,Below Moulding Grade HDPE,Pipe Extrusion Grade HDPE
Polymers High Density Polyethylene

Film Grade HDPE,

Stretch film tape,blown film,carrier bags,film extrusion,blending partner,bags and density modifies,products for use in property modification

Fiber or Monofilament HDPE,


Injection Moulding Grade HDPE,

House wares,caps,thin walled, Transport and stacking crates, Bottle crates,Lightweight household, Disposable articles large,Molding and complicated parts,closures/seals,packaging,Engineering parts,transport containers,PET bottle base cap,Injection moulding grade specially for cap

Below Moulding Grade HDPE,

Petro cans, containers,disinfectant bottles,sheet for thermoforming,drums,heating oil strorage tanks,Fabric softeners,Extrusion large blow moldings,bottle extrusion

Pipe Extrusion Grade HDPE,

PE80,PE100, gas/water pipe,UV Stabilization and pigments during processing.

Extrusion Grade HDPE,


Polymers High Density Polyethylene

Film Grade HDPE,

Stretch film tape,blown film,carrier bags,film extrusion,blending partner,bags and density modifies,products for use in property modification

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Q:What is the plastic basin made of?
Machines generally use injection molding machines, raw materials using PP and PE, the raw material price of more than 10000 a meal, and some can be used to feed prices at around 5000. Equipment price depends on your size, small injection molding machine plus two or three sets of film, about one hundred thousand on it.
Q:What are the plastic raw materials for this purpose?
Plastic classification, composition and characteristics, plastic is a widely used synthetic polymer materials, in our daily life, plastic products abound.
Q:What is the material of plastic flat screen?
Widely used in aquaculture, poultry farming, sericulture, civil construction, aquaculture, garden care, keep the field of railway and highway subgrade reinforcement, etc., can also be used for mattress, sofa cushion, car cushion, which is characterized by low cost, long service life.Material: high density low pressure polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), ABS plastic particles.Colors: black, white, orchid, green, yellow, red and so on.
Q:What are the criteria for the classification of plastic materials at injection molding and extrusion?
In comparison, the lower melt flow rate is applicable to the extrusion grade, and the higher is applicable to the injection molding grade. As to what is low and what is high, there is a difference between the different plastic varieties.
Q:How to identify the proportion of nozzle material in plastic?
This result has two conclusions: 1, with large ratio of feed back. 2, the molding process causes the plastic cracking phenomenon to be more serious. The following is a screenshot of the performance of the material. It is important to note that the same plastic has different data downstream of different test conditions, so it is necessary to refer to the test conditions on the physical chart.
Q:Plastic raw materials packaging is generally divided into several categories?
A variety of kraft paper, polyethylene thick film, fiber bags, aluminum foil bags
Q:Does plastic raw material ENBA have toughening effect?
ENBA is also called EBA --- ethylene butyl acrylate, EBA itself at 40 degrees below zero, as well as impact resistance, flexible material, can be used as toughening agent; at the same time, EBA polarity, and a variety of polymer compatibility is good
Q:What material is the disc made of, metal or plastic?
The compact disk is the carrier of functional structures (such as grooves, etc.), and its material is polycarbonate (PC), which has excellent impact toughness, large temperature range, good dimensional stability, weatherability and non toxicity.
Q:What kind of plastic material is used for medical instruments?
According to the use requirements of medical plastics, it is often necessary to make products with surface hydrophilicity, anti coagulation, radiation sterilization and other special functions.
Q:Chemical, plastic raw materials, plastic raw materials how sub grade?
Plastic bucket is usually added to the resin, in the production of lubricants, plasticizers, dispersant, pigment, polyethylene wax, and these materials good variety, price range, and some high melting point, good whiteness, production out of the finished product is good texture, high brightness, good conscience manufacturers add some heat thermoplastic elastomer, feel very well; and a point of the raw materials, the relative performance is low, the production of plastic barrels must be of poor quality.
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