Heavy Vertical Turning VTL CNC Lathe Machine

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Product Description:


Over 1000mm turning dia.
4 Jaw chuck bit table
4 position electric turret
With Siemens/Fanuc controlle

Packaging & Shipping

Products are dismantled into different parts, coated with rust-proof paint and wrapped with a plastic cover. The parts will be put into fumigated wooden cases and loaded into containers as planned. Inside the container, the parts will be fastened with iron cable

Product Description

1.Machine specifications of cnc lathe machine:

Max turning dia.mm12501600200023002600
Worktable dia.mm10001400180020002250
Max. workpiece heightmm10001200140014001600
Max workpiece weightton3.558810
Speed range of worktable turningr/min2-2502-2002-1202-1202-80
Speed step of workable turningstep4 steps4 steps4 steps4 steps4 steps
Max cutting force of tool postN.1700025000400004000050000
Tool post horizontal traversemm8501020111514001500
Tool post vertical traversemm6508008008001000
Tool post
Rapid traverse of tool headmm/min8000/30008000/3000300030003000
Section of tool shankmm32x3240x4040x4040x4040x40
Power of main motorkw3745454545
CNC system Siemense/FanucSiemense/FanucSiemense/FanucSiemense/FanucSiemense/Fanuc

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Q:Where is the origin of the CNC lathe machine?
The position of the machine reference point is precisely adjusted by the machine tool builder on each axis with the limit switch. The coordinate value has been entered into the CNC system, so the reference point is a known number for the machine origin.
Q:CNC milling machine is not a CNC lathe, what is the difference between them?
milling machine is the tool rotation The CNC CNC milling machine is that we said CNC machining center, the control mode is still CNC, and usually said that the CNC lathe comparison, his function is more powerful, is based on the NC lathe integrated milling function, the programming code has increased Class B macro programming.
Q:Is there a difference between automatic lathe and CNC car? Which salary is higher?
Clamping the workpiece is a spring chuck; CNC lathe tray and ordinary lathe is basically similar, through the stepper motor to drive the carriage forward or backward, most of the clamping material is a three-jaw chuck.
Q:CNC machine tools by sports which is divided into three categories
And the movement between the points of the trajectory, so there is no connection between the coordinates of several axes can be a few coordinates at the same time to the target point of movement, can also be individually in accordance with the coordinates of the movement.
Q:What is the meaning of the so-called CNC lathe?
The so-called knife, that is, your processing system (including the lathe body, turning, the workpiece) is not rigid enough, due to the impact of cutting force, causing deformation.
Q:Huazhong CNC lathe how knife, the specific steps are what?
On the Z direction, with a knife to test the length of a piece of material, call out the CNC system in the knife scale table, enter the value of 0.000 (that is, the workpiece coordinate system Z direction of the origin of the workpiece on the right side. (Note flat face,
Q:What is a CNC lathe
Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine has a wide range of processing performance, can be processed linear cylinder, diagonal cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts.
Q:What is instrument lathe
I am in the factory, with the instrument lathe processing motorcycle carburetor oil needle, screws and so on.
Q:What is the lathe chuck and claws?
Anti-claw is 3 inverted L-type, with the other side of the claw clamping the workpiece, can hold the larger diameter of the workpiece, the so-called positive and negative refers to the claws into the chuck of the positive and negative.
Q:What is the lathe of the knife phenomenon
Second, due to the poor stiffness of the material processing, even if the tool is completely accurate design by the size of the workpiece, but because of the deformation of the workpiece will produce thick, thin, the size of the phenomenon of tolerance.

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