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A.horizontal flat bed
B.good quality and sell well
C.the whole cast-iron
D.rail bed super audio quenching
E.CE certificate

   CK6163B  CNC lathe machine






Max. swim over bed(mm)


Max. swim over carriage of slide plate(mm)


Max. length of work piece (mm)


Main drive

Type of main belt drive

Three gear speed change,

frequency variable speed change

Spindle speed seris


Range of spindle speed(r/min)


Structure of spindle nose


Spindle bore(mm)


Front taper of spindle bore

metric120  1:20

Motor power(KW)


Feeding system

Max distance of moving turret(mm)

X:500       Z:1200,1650,3100

Moving speed of post(mm/min)

X:4000      Z:5000

Resetting accuracy(mm)

X:0.01       Z:0.015

Machining precision of work piece


Surface roughness of work piece


Tailstock device

Diameter of tailstock quill(mm)


Max. range of tailstock quill(mm)


Taper of tailstock quill


Tool station device

Standard configuration

Vertical motor 4 station turret

Chosen device

Horizontal motor 6 station turret

Resetting accuracy(mm)


Max. size of tool post(mm)


Size and weight



Net weight(Kg)



  1. Horizontal lathe bed.

  2. Extra large spindle bore: φ105.

  3. Bed way is treated by super audio quenching.

  4. Saddle of the bed and joint surface of the sliding guide rail are laminated by the plastic.

  5. Feeding system is controlled by the servo drive.

  6. Accurate ball screw combined with high precision composite bearing structure...

  7. Ball screw and the joint surface of the sliding guide rail are auto forced lubrication.

  8. The station of the turret can be chosen from vertical type 4 station, vertical 6station and horizontal 6 stations, and so on.

  9. We can set up the manual operation, pneumatic, hydraulic chucks and tailstock.

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Q:What is the lathe chuck and claws?
So the general metal chuck is 6 claws.
Q:CNC lathe can be divided into several major components? What is the main function of each part?
The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode it so that the machine moves and processes the part.
Q:Horizontal lathes, vertical lathes, turret lathes and automatic lathes for what occasions? Processing of what parts?
Automatic lathe: for light industry, for the instrumentation business processing, processing products, cam drive, automatic processing, cam rotation to complete a product processing a week, coupled with the use of high efficiency feeder; (10-20 seconds
Q:Ordinary lathe parameters on the table mm, ins, mod, dp, the representative of what ah? Thank you
Under normal circumstances to use the metric thread and the worm more, the other is not how commonly used.
Q:Lathe are divided into several kinds of ah?
According to the workpiece size and machine weight can be divided into instrumentation machine tools, small and medium-sized machine tools, large machine tools, heavy machine tools and super-heavy machine; according to the processing accuracy can be divided into ordinary precision machine tools, precision machine tools and high precision machine tools;
Q:CNC machine tools by sports which is divided into three categories
This type of CNC machine tools are CNC coordinate boring machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC punch press, CNC spot welding machine, etc. Point control CNC machine tool is called the numerical control device.
Q:CNC lathe 26 letters represent what
B is the arbor, C is the spindle, G with M is the program instructions, R radius in some instructions which also on behalf of the amount of retreat, I center, there are many you have to learn, and some letters in the program location is not the same
Q:What are the daily maintenance of the lathe?
5, scrub the motor belt cover.
Q:How to process a pulley on a CNC lathe?
Interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the complex production of spare parts to play a good economic results.
Q:What is the difference between a fine car and a semi-fine car?
General parts of the rough size is relatively large, the processing will produce a high temperature, the product in this process will be the principle of thermal expansion and contraction.

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