hardware toll type rack

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Its upright and foundation could be movable

The upright could be connected with back plate and layers could be added as required.

light and label could be with couple and net.

It's suitable for hardware shopping.

It has movable type, independent type and connection type.

Movable type is suitable for material moving, machinery maintennance ans installation.

Independent type is combined with goods plate, foundation and frame。

Holes back plate could be equipped.

Connection type could added, when independent type is not enough.

It lower cost and add space, stable and good for material managerment.

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Q:How to identify the shelf surface treatment process?
A shelf life depends greatly on the surface treatment process, and the surface treatment process also affects the price of the shelf. Kim Suk shelf in the surface treatment process, mainly through grinding, pickling, phosphating, drying, spray and baking procedures, to make the shelf surface more smooth, and enhance the shelf life and the degree of rust resistance.
Q:How to use shelves to solve warehouse clutter problems?
1, the whole assembly structure, optional combination, installation and disassembly convenient and flexible.2, the column assembly type structure, steel buckle plug connection with beam and column, and set the security key lock, to prevent the loss.3, shelf material section optimization, a variety of pipe selection, improve the cutting force.4 、 the column is provided with the adjusting hole distance per 60mm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the goods
Q:How heavy shelves are the main rack?
General shelf is composed of columns, beams and plywood assembled.
Q:Medium-sized shelves generally a layer of weight bearing ah?
Generally, the weight of medium-sized shelves is about 300-500 kilograms. Is your goods really that heavy or light? If it's lighter, it will probably weigh about more than 200 kilograms.
Q:The price tag on the shelf. Why does the printer not recognize the black label behind the label?
Second, it is suspected that the identification window was covered or soiled by foreign objects, resulting in a failure to read the black label properly. Of course, hardware problems are not ruled out, such as damage to optical sensors or circuit problems. It is suggested to take the rule of exclusion and try to remove the problem step by step from the simple beginning. For example, use different volumes of paper to test, or use other printers to determine if there is a problem with paper.
Q:How can the shelf industry carry out network promotion?
First of all, make clear the purpose of promotion, why do network promotion?.
Q:How does the width of the shelf passage relate to the turning radius of the forklift truck and how to calculate the width of the channel through the data of the forklift truck?
Aisle = minimum turning radius (distance from + front suspension front fork face delivery center) + cargo length +200mm, is that the aisle width, but please note that the minimum turning radius of any domestic manufacturers and the actual standard deviation of about 100mm (data in order to look good, omit the 100mm), suggestion add 100mm.
Q:What kind of problems do you need to consider in order to select heavy shelves and expand warehouses?
Warehouse layout of heavy storage. Many enterprises are only concerned about the shelf space utilization when they build their shelves, but they ignore the concept of logistics. Pay attention to the flow of material after the construction of the shelf, because the layout is different, the size of the shelf, load-bearing, loading and unloading equipment and other aspects may be different.
Q:Supermarket shelf size
Custom specifications: National shelf can be customized according to requirements of other specifications of the convenience store shelves
Q:How many meters should the width of the forklift channel of the stereoscopic shelf leave
The turnover is not high, frequency of access channel can be designed into a warehouse, one-way operation channel: one-way operation channels only allow a forklift operation in the channel, the channel width is generally one-way operation: transportation equipment (including cargo handling width width) +0.6m (security clearance); small forklift, general channel the width is 2.4 ~ 3.0m; single channel width into the car is generally 3.6 ~ 4.2m.

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