hardware toll type rack

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Its upright and foundation could be movable

The upright could be connected with back plate and layers could be added as required.

light and label could be with couple and net.

It's suitable for hardware shopping.

It has movable type, independent type and connection type.

Movable type is suitable for material moving, machinery maintennance ans installation.

Independent type is combined with goods plate, foundation and frame。

Holes back plate could be equipped.

Connection type could added, when independent type is not enough.

It lower cost and add space, stable and good for material managerment.

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Q:Can material be placed at the top of the shelf?
Of course, you can pull, the general factory does not put the reason is that the above board in order to dust only, but still can put, ha ha, do not worry
Q:Giant atx660 can be installed after the shelves? The kind that can be manned!
1, first of all, the mountain bike frame is not designed to consider the load, since the shelf, you can bring some things, the general frame is also marked with the weight of the load, a little stronger shelves can carry about 50kg people.2, there are a lot of people with mountain manned, has not seen what problems, but at the same time is manned road travel, don't walk a bumpy road, it is very easy to damage to the rear fork formation can not be restored.
Q:What color ceiling does the gray shelf match?
The color combination must be harmonious, natural, seeking unity in diversity (all things), not too big difference, gruff (of color have hard and soft warm cold weight feeling) and is like the difference between twill lines, symmetry and abnormal feeling, multiple and single vision, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa (like the non inverted inverted), Venus (Brokeback incomplete and perfect (Monalisa), a faint smile on one's face).
Q:What are the advantages of an intensive storage shelf?
Ordinary standard shelves are unable to maximize the use of the largest utilization rate, it is necessary to use automated libraries to achieve intensive storage.
Q:What is an electronic shelf? What is his operation process?
The so-called electronic shelf label (ESL), is a fixed on the shelf, display the commodity prices through the LCD screen, used to replace the paper label equipment, ESL through wireless technology to connect with the supermarket server, when the commodity price changes, the price will automatically update the display synchronization.
Q:The price tag on the shelf. Why does the printer not recognize the black label behind the label?
The following reasons can not identify possible, first suspected paper identification problems, such as black label damage can lead to failure or lack of recognition of black label blackness lead to the identification of failure.
Q:What shelves are there in the logistics equipment?
According to the degree of shelf closed, divided into open shelves, semi closed shelves, closed shelves and so on.5, according to the structural characteristics of layered frame, layer frame, cabinet frame, drawer frame, cantilever frame, tripod, grid frame, etc..6, according to the shelf mobility, fixed shelves, mobile shelves, rotating shelves, combined shelves, adjustable shelves, mobile storage shelves, etc..7, according to the shelf structure of the overall structure, shelves directly supporting the warehouse roof and close friends and split structure, shelves and buildings are divided into two independent systems.8, according to the shelves of the goods are divided into: cantilever shelf, cabinet type shelf, shelf board shelf. Grouped by shelf structure.
Q:How do you deal with the surface of the paint spray shelf?
Do not need surface treatment before painting, but must make the surface clean and clean gently with fine sandpaper to polish particulate impurities, and then use the cloth to clean the dust, if there is oil, but also with detergent water wipe with a clean wet cloth to wipe clean water washing powder.
Q:How to prevent the dumping of warehouse shelves?
On the other hand, follow the safe use standard of the shelf:1. anti top-heavy: should be put on the bottom of high light, heavy principle.2. overload prevention: the weight of each layer of the goods stored shall not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design.3., anti super super high: shelf height, width has been limited, pallets and goods should be slightly smaller than the size of the net space 100mm.4. anti impact: forklift should be handled with care as gently as possible during the operation.5. when the goods are placed above the shelves, the operator should not directly enter the bottom of the shelf.6., to prevent the use of non-standard platform boards (pallets) on the shelf, the bottom of Sichuan is the most suitable.
Q:What are the advantages of the shuttle car shelves?
1, also called into the rack or corridor type shelf shelf.2 、 forklift can be opened into the roadway, the memory tray.3, access mode for advanced or out of the first out: from the same side of the import and export of advanced, from the side into the other side out of the first out.4, it can greatly improve the space utilization.

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