Fruit vegetable supermarket rack

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It has good looking appearance and stable structure. Various sepcification and design make fashion type.

Its looking and color could be nice with modern shopping mall, creating new commercial concept.

Its width and length could allow big volume of goods.

The surface is epoxy resin Static sprayed, with various colors and good resistance of rust

It's easy for installation and multi hanging device for seclection.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

The beam is easy for changing lables

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Q:How do you move the grocery store around the shelf?
The shelf has 5 layers, from the top first, second, third layer is the most vulnerable consumers shopping in the notice, and the bottom layer two people are generally not paid much attention, so in the display of goods, the main commodity or engage in activities of goods should be placed on the shelf layer is most noticeable, prioritize.
Q:Giant atx660 can be installed after the shelves? The kind that can be manned!
1, first of all, the mountain bike frame is not designed to consider the load, since the shelf, you can bring some things, the general frame is also marked with the weight of the load, a little stronger shelves can carry about 50kg people.2, there are a lot of people with mountain manned, has not seen what problems, but at the same time is manned road travel, don't walk a bumpy road, it is very easy to damage to the rear fork formation can not be restored.
Q:What ideas should be followed for the storage of goods on the storage shelves?
When the goods are on top of the shelf, the warehouse operator should not enter the bottom of the shelf directly.
Q:How are the shelves displayed?
The distance between the shelves should ensure smooth passenger flow, small stores and shops facing the wall shelf there is no problem setting, large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, according to the flow of people, operating varieties store scale to measure the size of a reasonable distance, the general said that the main channel in the 1.6 to 4.5 meters, sub channel is also not less than 1.2 - 2 meters.
Q:Why does the supermarket often adjust the place where the goods are placed on the shelves?
From the consumer's point of view, when the goods are placed in a fixed position, the supermarket will reduce the time to find the goods. But as far as shopping malls are concerned, a fixed shelf for a long time is easy to lose the attention of consumers to other goods, and there is a sense of stale.
Q:I opened a small supermarket, 3.8 meters wide and 8 meters long, can you put a few rows of shelves?
Style shelves manufacturers will launch a new supermarket shelves and shelves of accessories is generally 2-3 years, the new supermarket shelves is developed based on the needs of the market, the shelf has the advantages of simpler structure, convenient disassembly, post hole distance is relatively concentrated, suitable for the display of goods shelves and accessories more choice, more professional. The new style of supermarket shelves will give consumers a new feeling, and the supermarket will look brand-new. Some time ago a Hangzhou high-end supermarket business, shelf is N years ago a few styles, welding square shelf is making a crude mess, heavy structure, high-end supermarket and exquisite decoration, high-grade commercial misfits. Consumers on the quality of life of the increasingly high demand, overall consumer consumption patterns from the past "high quality and inexpensive" austerity "to today" personality "shopping" healthy shopping "" happy shopping "to" enjoy shopping "" shopping experience "feeling" shopping "height.
Q:How can the florist shelves be discharged?
Shelf design is a display, display, and sales of flowers, one of the main facilities, and can accommodate and store flowers, so that flowers easy to choose, easy to take and leave. The shelves have different structure, forms and specifications, the shelf design requires practical, strong, flexible, bianyu Florist operation, which is convenient for the customers to visit, but also to adapt to the different requirements of all kinds of flowers, shelf manufacturing many materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, rattan, Aluminum Alloy angle, etc., to consider when choosing words the style and price environment.
Q:What about the shelf prospects?
In twenty-first Century, China's shelves industry gradually become a scale, more and more shelf enterprises appear, the speed of development can be imagined quickly.
Q:What kind of paint does the shelf surface spray?
The surface of the shelf is painted with acrylic finish
Q:Who knows the difference between shelf life and shelf life?
Shelf life: the shelf life of the product is the best period of the product. The shelf life of the product is provided by the producer and is marked on the limited use of the product. During the guarantee period, the manufacturer of the product is responsible for the quality of the product according to the relevant standards or the quality conditions of the express guarantee. The seller may rest assured to sell these products and consumers can safely use them.

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