Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

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It' called heavy supermarket shelf, used for light weight goods storage.Heavy supermarket has good appearance and is easy for installation. The production adopts guarantee good quality material and process. Good material ensure long usage life. It upgrade shopping mall and marking area.



·         Light duty

·         Easy installation

·         Good looking appearance




Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets




Loading capacity






What is heavy super market shelf ?

super market shelf  is used for light weight goods marketing, usually have sections compbined and have suitable loading capacity. It has good appearance for  shopping mall and super market,


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use good quality material and process, ensure good working life.


How about the project installation?

It's easy for installation for users.

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Q:What's the difference between a butterfly hole shelf and a splayed shelf?
The character of Kong Zi's image is inverted. Simple operation can quickly complete the installation, generally used in heavy-duty shelves, heavy shelves because of higher requirements in live, may be a card card connection hole, eight hole and save more space, but also stability, can improve the design of column card bearing the maximum capacity.
Q:When designing the shelf, what is the safe distance between the tray and the upright post?
The pallet sizes of different industries and companies are not fixed, so you should first set up the type and size of the pallet used by your company, and then set the size of the shelf! Industry standards, as far as I know, do not seem, generally in the 5-10cm, and now shelves are generally adjustable, so do not worry!
Q:A stall, a folding shelf, a cart, a small department store, a flow booth
Put a hand knife, although the battle is not playing, but the combat readiness but want to do every day, every day must be installed if the knife grinding, heart disease, epilepsy is unfortunately pumping to see through, then the knife down resolutely not "attached to the point bar (ER).".
Q:Decoration shop is carpentry please? Or directly buy ready-made jewelry shelf it?
Buy shelves simple and direct, but it is difficult to have decoration designed out of the grade and grade styleSimply, the decoration of the space is according to the position of your most beautiful setting your own furnishings (price than to buy more expensive little |)Direct purchase is a little more affordable, but you can never find a set that is just enough for your space and makes you satisfied with it, and it can't highlight the owner's taste and style
Q:What ideas should be followed for the storage of goods on the storage shelves?
To avoid using non-standard pallets on the shelves, the pallet is the most suitable.
Q:Is the convenience store shelf black or white?
The convenience store all furnishings according to the convenience store to Fangxing specific division, due to the convenience store shelves of different types of goods, goods, convenience stores in the whole space design should be considered, it is designed to meet the customers desire to buy, the customers often buy items in a convenience store near the Front Gate shelves. This allows consumers to see at a glance, this can stimulate the customers into the store consumption.
Q:What is shelf product definition? Is it something like a standard piece?
Surface treatment equipment and spraying equipment to a great impact on the shelf product quality, such as surface treatment is not good, spray will not firm, smooth, shelf in use during the late, it is prone to rust.
Q:What is the size of the supermarket shelves in general convenience stores?
Convenience store shelf size according to the actual convenience store, shop size and height to decide, in order to adapt to the market, and reduce the convenience store shelf costs, we have implemented standardized, conventional shelf size and color. According to the special needs of the convenience store, we have selected several commonly used standard sizes to reduce production costs to varying degrees and to facilitate the convenience stores to reduce the financial pressure on convenience store equipment. Are you in the selection of goods shelves, will inevitably be stuck in the store shelf area and the group number, the conventional convenience store shelf size:1, island shelf size: length 900mm, 600mm two, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm in height, the most suitable size convenience store shelves! Double island shelf width: 650mm2, by the wall area, snack area shelves: this part of several groups of shelves will certainly use hooks linked retail, highly 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm three.3, display rack, display platform: we have more new promotional racks and display rack, enrich your store display, display rack and display table size, here are not listed.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of gravity shelves? What kind of product is suitable?
The gravity type shelf is developed from pallet type shelf, and adopts roller track or bottom wheel tray. The rail is inclined, and the pallet is automatically slid from the inlet to the other end by using self weight. Gravity shelves belong to FIFO storage.
Q:What kind of board is the shelf good?
And corrosion resistance, this is common knowledge. But in the use of timber, the situation can not be considered solely from the strength of the plate, but also to consider its stability, it is worth noting.

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