Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

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It' called heavy supermarket shelf, used for light weight goods storage.Heavy supermarket has good appearance and is easy for installation. The production adopts guarantee good quality material and process. Good material ensure long usage life. It upgrade shopping mall and marking area.



·         Light duty

·         Easy installation

·         Good looking appearance




Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets




Loading capacity






What is heavy super market shelf ?

super market shelf  is used for light weight goods marketing, usually have sections compbined and have suitable loading capacity. It has good appearance for  shopping mall and super market,


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use good quality material and process, ensure good working life.


How about the project installation?

It's easy for installation for users.

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Q:What is the difference between the main shelf and the auxiliary shelf? Why is the price so different?
In the shelf industry, according to the usual practice, the gold shelves are mainly divided into the main frame and the auxiliary frame. Because the general post modern shelf can be shared, namely, such as two sets of shelves, together with each other, then the first shelf, both sides need to post, can be used independently, called the main frame, connected with the second shelves, one side columns do not need to use, directly installed in the first post on the shelves, only side pillars, called sub frame.
Q:What are the commonly used shelf sizes?
Single shelf width between 600~2000 is common, depending on the height of the warehouse height, in line with the principle of full use of space
Q:How many kinds of stacking are there in the warehouse?
The seam type is the upper tier, and the goods cross over the next floor, between two pieces of cargo. If each layer of the goods is not changed, a trapezoidal shape is formed. If each floor changes its direction, it is similar to Criss crossing.
Q:How heavy shelves are the main rack?
General shelf is composed of columns, beams and plywood assembled.
Q:I opened a small supermarket, 3.8 meters wide and 8 meters long, can you put a few rows of shelves?
Price, supermarket shelf price is the supermarket operator to choose the shelf of the first condition, but "one price, a sub goods" this phrase spread a century old saying also tells us, cheap, no good goods. The supermarket hardware investment in a rental property, the total share ratio of 30-40% supermarket shelves, investors are hoping for less investment and quick, funding is not sufficient in the circumstances, the purchase price is often low shelves these supermarket operators preferred. In the eyes of investors, supermarkets operating equipment, shelves are the most no scientific and technological equipment, cheap shelves and high-end shelves as the same. But Carrefour, RT mart, Tesco, WAL-MART and other large supermarket chain operators had different ideas, in their view, the supermarket shelves is the carrier of supermarket goods, supermarket goods display effect is achieved by some high margin goods shelves, shelf is in the special exhibition background impress consumers, to achieve "impulse buy, bring more sales and profits to the supermarket. Coupled with the shelf life of the contrast, large supermarket chains are willing to buy more expensive manufacturers shelves, quality assurance, high market share, and supermarkets can grow together. In Hohhot, a chain supermarket opened 3 stores and used 3 manufacturers' shelves to investigate the reason and the price. In this way, the shelves of three supermarkets can not be universal, the store more shelves, the store is out of stock, to order, for supermarket operators to such investment is how painful.
Q:What are the items of shelf safety inspection?
Internal check for shelf surface by a thick layer of leather cover, many small cracks are invisible to the naked eye, but these cracks is shelf safety great risk, now some equipment can see these small cracks behind the paint layer, identify problems and timely prevention and treatment. The inspection was very important, when any shelf had a useful life. General recommendations, five or six years later, shelves will be replaced.
Q:How can the florist shelves be discharged?
The layout of the shelves will affect the psychological feelings of customers, should comply with customer shopping habits, and meet their aesthetic requirements of the way of placing, according to estimates, the customer's line of sight on the shelf average residence time is 0. 6S, which means that most varieties of flowers did not cause the attention of customers, in order to make the customer more buy florist flower varieties most want to sell, is also the most profitable best-selling varieties, reasonable arrangement of the shelf position is very important. The phone will display on the shelf of general merchandise with hierarchical display method by stratified display shelf has, according to a certain order to show when placed flowers, stratification is generally based on the characteristics of flower, convenience to take operation, the specific requirements of visual habits and sales management and customer.
Q:How many meters should the width of the forklift channel of the stereoscopic shelf leave?
The turnover is not high, frequency of access channel can be designed into a warehouse, one-way operation channel: one-way operation channels only allow a forklift operation in the channel, the channel width is generally one-way operation: transportation equipment (including cargo handling width width) +0.6m (security clearance); small forklift, general channel the width is 2.4 ~ 3.0m; single channel width into the car is generally 3.6 ~ 4.2m.
Q:What are the different specifications of the shelves?
Design: the current domestic market design standards particularly chaotic, many manufacturers of light shelves of C steel butterfly hole shelf side of the big, made a medium-sized shelves, and even heavy shelves, completely without looking at safety factors. Of course, there are also individual companies, big brands, the traditional heavy and super heavy (bearing a ton from the shelves of the design standard) use heavy shelves and shelves, the most typical example is the Hercules shelves, is used in U type steel column and olecranon card, increase safety pin diameter. To put it this way, U steel and C steel, the same thickness height, U steel column steel is C steel column of almost 1.3 times to 1.5 times, structural safety is more than two times. In addition to the column, in the cross brace, 10 thickness also with super heavy shelves as the shelves by strengthening Hercules instead of stainless steel screws, most manufacturers use welding methods, strong degree more than three or four times stronger, individual manufacturers to cross bracing welding on the side of me, two small spot fool things by hand, forced a break to get down.
Q:How to make rational use of warehouse shelves
Set up the burden area, according to the order number and quantity of the production plan, and match them in the batching area in advance. To speed up the issue of speed, not wrong and confusion.

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