heavy duty supermarket rack

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It's to support more weghted goods than light duty type, usually used in shopping centre and supermarket.


It has bigger loading capacity than light type and suitable heavy goods.

It has back net type, back plate type and back hole type.

Single-side type and double-side type could both be combined for usage.

Layer space could be modified for different goods.

The single-side rack could be used with corner and double-side with semicircle unit.

It makes perfect for shopping mall and supermarket.

It's easy for installation and motion, convenient for operation.

The color of it could be red, green and blue for selection and other colors could be done as required by customers.

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Q:What is the end shelf
The so-called end refers to both sides of the central display rack at both ends, is the largest flow through customers, the highest frequency of round-trip. The end is usually used to display new products to be recommended to customers, as well as profitable goods.
Q:How to display supermarket shelves and match colors?
The color relationship between the goods shelf and the commodity must take into account the usual color effect. Such as brightly colored goods, shelf color to gray; light colored goods, shelf color should be deep; dark goods, shelf color should be pale. The collocation of shelf and commodity color is to play the role of foil as background color.
Q:What does it mean to collect the supermarket shelf fees? Why?
In the United States, large supermarkets have shelf fees". That is, the retailer places the supplier's product somewhere and how long the vendor will need the shelves, and the retailer charges on demand. This is the first step in the shelf management process.Second, as consumers face tens of thousands of choices, most people may just look at the instructions and prices and make a purchase decision. Therefore, in a short period of time to quickly catch the eye of the customer, to promote sales of goods is very important. Retailers usually do so by placing a small container at the checkout counter, which, according to research, can increase sales by 50% to 100%. The shelves of the terminal more eye-catching, consumers are most likely to pay attention to the place, sales will be higher than the average position of 50%-100%. In addition, if it is for children's goods or food shelves, the lower the location, the more likely to sell, because the child is not tall, only visible low places.
Q:What's on the bottom of the supermarket shelf?
Place larger goods.
Q:Supermarket shelves hook broken customers how to do clothes?
If you want the supermarket to give you a new dress, I don't think it's likely.
Q:What are the problems you need to pay attention to when choosing supermarket shelves?
Supermarket shelves are single-sided, double-sided two forms, and one is the end
Q:How to choose supermarket shelf good or bad?
Supermarket shelf structure, column depends on the section of the bend is more and even, the more uniform, symmetrical structure, the better. The beam to see hook structure and beam to column form: hanging beam hook more better, more stress is about; beam hook hanging hook to the column depends on contact with the column is closely linked with the column, the medial side of this kind of structure can not close the gap with the stable.
Q:How do I print content on a blank label (label on a supermarket shelf), except for the label printer?.
An ordinary printer also works. Print software with labels. Baidu search: LC software studio to enter the home page, Download labels, print software.
Q:What's the shelf price of luxury supermarket?
This luxury supermarket does not know what specific area, and generally large supermarkets thousands of square meters, luxury supermarket is to use more high-end shelves.It must consider the use of high-end shelves shelf, currently on the market shelves inferior quality and grade is not satisfied. In fact, the current domestic brand shelf to do good is not much, the north only one estimated that a well-known Hercules, the south to write more about five or six brands.
Q:Is the commodity on the supermarket shelf an offer and an invitation to offer?
And if I go to the supermarket, choose a product, then I take the goods to the merchant Cashier said, I hope to be able to buy your supermarket what things, this should be considered an offer, and the merchants agreed to in accordance with the price to you, just as promised.

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