heavy duty supermarket rack

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It's to support more weghted goods than light duty type, usually used in shopping centre and supermarket.


It has bigger loading capacity than light type and suitable heavy goods.

It has back net type, back plate type and back hole type.

Single-side type and double-side type could both be combined for usage.

Layer space could be modified for different goods.

The single-side rack could be used with corner and double-side with semicircle unit.

It makes perfect for shopping mall and supermarket.

It's easy for installation and motion, convenient for operation.

The color of it could be red, green and blue for selection and other colors could be done as required by customers.

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Q:I opened a small supermarket, 3.8 meters wide and 80 meters long, can you put a few rows of shelves?
Quality, good quality of the rack is made of high quality cold rolled steel manufacturing, sophisticated technology, plastic powder spraying surface smooth, reasonable design and use in 5-8 years; inferior shelves generally use steel manufacturing, rough surface, spray paint, used in 2-3 years is dilapidated. The general supermarket shelves to be replaced in 5 years or so, because the supermarket shelves after long time use steel produced "fatigue", the shelves in the demolition process often in the new structure is no longer as strong as the supermarket, crowded places, safety is the most important, the replacement of the new frame is behoove. Supermarket operators to consider long-term shelf life in the procurement of the supermarket shelves, the shelves have a cost-effective duplication of investment, need 10-15 days to replace a shelf, fatigue property damage, affect the normal business of the supermarket. It's important to choose a good producer.
Q:What's the size of the shelf when you buy it? Supermarket shelves should pay attention to what
God made the shelves in the industry was informed that, according to the actual area of the supermarket and put their needs also take size associated with it the right size, pay attention to whether the choice of the supermarket shelves can carry their products on weight
Q:Supermarket shelves hook broken customers how to do clothes?
If you want the supermarket to give you a new dress, I don't think it's likely.
Q:Is the commodity on the supermarket shelf an offer or an invitation to offer?
Before the goods have been delivered, the supermarket has ownership of the goods, and if unauthorized, such as the cola you mentioned, constitute infringement. Therefore, it should bear legal responsibility, including stopping infringement, returning property and compensation for losses, etc..
Q:What's the shelf price of luxury supermarket?
Prices are estimated to wait until after the design, the professional price of these enterprises to calculate after you can get out.The shelves this thing, the hundred dollars cheaper, but the production of large factories have thousands of expensive. Tens of thousands of is not without, according to different materials, different functions, different configurations to.
Q:How do you put the shelves in the supermarket?
To other supermarkets to see how others put, draw lessons from ah.
Q:What rules should be placed on the supermarket shelves
In the allocation of space, the design of the supermarket should be based on the principle of increasing the flow of customers as much as possible to attract customersThe two areas are divided as far as possible, and other areas are arranged between two regions, such as placing traditional bread products in fresh foodDistrict and fast food, such as milk in the middle.
Q:What is the aisle distance between the shelves of a medium-sized supermarket
The distance between the aisles of the medium-sized supermarket shelves: the main channel is usually 1.5-2 meters, and the others can be 0.8-1.2 meters.
Q:The supermarket price tag is an offer or an invitation
If we make a brief analysis, we will find that the price list displayed in the supermarket is in line with the provisions of the article". First of all, the supermarket price listed below are placed with a price tag, it wants to sell a few dollars a few angle written so the subject as clear as noonday, the price is determined; secondly, the subject itself is placed on the shelves of goods customers to purchase naturally understand the performance, quality, specifications and types of all at a glance. So the first requirement of the offer is in line.
Q:How do you rent a supermarket shelf
Two: set the proportion of floating point deduction rate, sales of less than a value, with a high rate of deduction, sales of more than, in accordance with the implementation of the low.

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