Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

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Handheld vacuum cleaner (bagless) 

Model No. LD-627



  • Handheld type

  • Dual cyclone type

  • Multi-stage filtration system

  • Easy with convenient operation

  • Special low noise design

  • High suction power


♦  Core component:     

Motor:  YDC motors, top ranked vacuum motors, which have been widely used in Hoover,Electrolux, LG and Shark.


♦  Related data:


  Voltage:220-240V / 100-127V  N.W. / G.W .: 1.9 / 2.3 (KGS)
  Vacuum: ≥10 Kpa   Load qty (20') : 1400 pcs
  Dust capacity: 1L  Load qty (40'GP): 2976 pcs
  Cable length(total) 4.5m  Load qty (40'HQ): 3404 pcs


♦  Different specifications:



 Speed control  Without speed control
 Color  Injection color or spray color
 Tube  2pcs plastic tube or 2 pcs aluminum tube
 Floor brush  Plastic floor brush



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Q:Why are Vacuum Cleaners only advertised with a woman using it?
Advertisements are set up to appeal to the audience that is most likely to purchase and utilize the product. Since, women are the the consumer that is most likely to use a vacuum, the advertisers try to show the women not only using the product, but enjoying an easier life because of the product. However, I've seen a few vacuum commercials which feature men. Plus, if you see a lawn mower commercial, it's probably a man riding it, because a man is the one most likely to use it in reality. ;-) I know it's disconcerting, but right now --- that's America!
Q:Which is better: bagged or bagless VACUUM cleaners?
It's really up to your preference, I myself like the bags easy to dispose off.
Q:What is the best vacuum for WOOD floors?
I have tile, but I love my Dyson. I have the lightweight one, I have to empty it twice when vacuuming, but it's worth it! My Oreck also worked great, but I needed attachments.
Q:What are some inventions (etc.) that helped women's chores at home (post war)?
washing machine. but as we live in the present there are so many other things that women do that are made simpler by other things. imagine what it would be like without a vacuum and you needed to clean a carpet... i'd still say washing machine
Q:bagless vacuum cleaners?
Bagless vacuum cleaners give individuals another option or choice if you will, in the type of equipment that is used in the cleaning of their homes, businesses, etc. One man's food is another man's poison. What works for you, will not necessarily work for me. Is there a right Good or bad? Not necessarily, I don't think. Personally, I prefer the bag. Worked in my moms and grandmas house in years gone by, and it works for me today. How about the circular robot vacuum? Have a great day!
Q:What Are The Best Quality Vacuums In The Market? ?
Don't get a Dsyon. Costs to much or is cheaply made. We brought ours home and true nearly sucked the carpet off the floor but has already broken once and (if you ask me) is losing suction. Buy an old Hoover, I mean an OLD Hoover. Those go forever and are dirt cheep.
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners so noisy?
It takes a powerful motor to create the suction needed to make a vacuum cleaner effective. There are quiet models, but they don't work as well. The best way to use a quiet vac is to go with a central, and have the canister mounted in the basement or garage. All you hear is the motor in the power head if you are vacuuming carpet, or the air moving if you are vacuum hard surfaces. Hope this helps.
Q:how long have robotic vacuum cleaners been around?
not sure but it has been several years I don't know anyone personally that has one I would like to try one but way too expensive for me!
Q:What happens when two vacuum cleaners fight it out?
That would suck.
Q:What kind of vacuum cleaner works best for long hair?
You can have the kind of vacuum cleaner with a spinning brush, which is the kind that works best for cleaning carpets. You just have to look after it and since you know that long hair is a problem then clean it out of the vacuum cleaner once in a while. A canister vacuum that gives you a choice between using the spinning brush or using a floor brush only might be a good choice. However, if you vacuum a carpet with just a floor brush it doesn't work that well and it doesn't matter how powerful the vacuum is. The beating action of that spinning brush is what knocks dirt out of the carpet so it can be vacuumed up. A floor brush probably won't even pick up all the hair and it definitely won't get all the dust out of the carpet. This isn't about how the machine performs. This is about you not giving the machine the maintenance it needs for the conditions it's being used in.

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