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30000 set/month

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1.Good quality four post car lift
2.20 years experience
3.1 year warranty
4. Low price,nice and durable
5.Good after-sales

Cheap pirce four post car lift TY-J43A  


Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall length


Overall Width


Runway Width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Gross weight:





  • Chain-driven system,more stable and faster

  • Automatic safety locks

  • Cable-equalization system

  • Safety lock in each column


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Q:Han Makson gantry lift PRO-9D hydraulic cylinder there is no chain ah
08 years in 2009 for two consecutive years won the China Automobile Insurance Association named: lift the largest single export enterprises
Q:Can any one suggest Automotive Car Lift?
I have a 2 post Bend Pack lift. It is a 10,000lb lift that I bought new for $2200. It holds my F350 crew cab utility bed 4x4 truck no problem What you should do is contact an install company (go to a local shop and ask who services their lifts) and ask them what kind of deals they have on used lifts.
Q:Lift machine with six months, how much money, the new is 5800 yuan, now how much money to sell?
When scrap iron sell it! Because count the freight, disassembly costs, it is better to sell scrap iron it
Q:Classification of car lifts
A single-column lift is a special equipment for lifting a vehicle that is parked on the ground and lifted to a certain height. It is a typical local lift for cars and construction vehicles in order to replace wheel tires or Various equipment for the maintenance of the vehicle chassis. Single-column lift machine easy to operate, beautiful, do not take up space will be able to lift the weight of convenience. With the effect of saving time and effort, when not completely placed on the ground to facilitate the car reversing and placing items, car repair is an indispensable tool. Single-column vehicle lift is divided into two types: movable and fixed. Single column mobile lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, single column fixed lift machine for indoor area is more compact place.
Q:is it possible to bend the frame of your car by lifting up just one corner of it with a floor jack?
First, Hondas don't have frames; they are unibody. There is some 'flex in any car: I don't see anything wrong with jacking up one side then the other on the designated lifting points. After all, the jack they give you with the car can only jack up one tire at a time! They wouldn't make it so that would damage the car!!
Q:do the wheels need to be suspended for shock replacement if you have a car lift?
If it is the rear, the wheels can be sitting on the lift. It's easier that way with the wheels contacting the ground or lift in this case. Makes it a lot eaiser to do!!!
Q:The type and working principle of the lift
Hydraulic lift is divided into two kinds is a single cylinder lift, one is the double cylinder lift.
Q:Lowering and Lifting a car?
You're the first person whom I've ever heard that's sick of a bumpy pounding lowered suspension. All you need to do is walk into Advance Auto and ask for standard replacement TRW coil springs for your year, make ans model of car. These are the least expensive top quality American made coil springs out there. Carquest has Moog standard replacement springs but they cost $5.00 -$15.00 more each. Any independent or new car dealer can do the swap. Call around to make sure you can carry in your own parts. If you have a gear-head friend this job is super easy.
Q:How much does it cost to get you car lifted?
why would you want to waste your money on something like that in such a poor economy? go spend your money on an education instead.
Q:How much is the car lift?
As for the price of the lift, good certainly on the expensive, the corresponding quality Ye Hao. Suggestions or buy a good one. You can first according to your needs, log Sen Sen equipment network to see the corresponding parameters, and then decided to buy that lift

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