Geo Bag for Flood Controls/ Slope Protecion/Greening Environmental

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Product Description:

1. Product Introudction of Geo Bag:





 Geotextile sand bag made of PE or PP, with good corrosion resistance ,excellent chemical resistance,the UV resistance. The products can be applied in construction projects such as water conservancy projects,river bank  protection, dams, road and railway project, airport, environmental protection projects, in which play the important  role of filtration, drainage, separability, and reinforcement.




2. Technical Sheet of Geo Bag:





Unit Weight g/m2





Tensile Strength  KN/m


Elongation at break  %




CBR Mullen Burst Strength KN





Tearing Strength KN









3. Application of Geo Bag:




  Ecological restoration



1) On both sides of the river: Natural bank with the environment of human and wildlife coexistence




2).  Green mine recovery: Comprehensive utilization of mine gangue, scientific renovation subsidence area, greening of barren hills, purifying water, create  the mine ecological restoration, barren hills and green complex in New Era




3).  The lake shore, the sea surface landslide, culvert hole, a drainage ditch, soil erosion, irrigation system


4).  Artificial wetland: Ecological restoration


5).  Roof greening

  Infrastructure construction


1).  Road slope protection: Railway, highway slope protection, suitable for cut slope and fill slope


2).  Lake revetment: Applicable to the river, lake, reservoir slope.


3).  Special application: Military facilities and emergency flood control, flood control dams bunker, etc.


Landscaping and residential garden


1)Vertical greening, landscape art



2)Commercial and residential district

3)Roof garden green



4. FAQ of Geo Bag:


Q1. How is the delivery time?

Delivery: Within 2 weeks upon the receipt of the deposit.  

Q2. What's are the MOQ? 

The MOQ is different for different products, for our first cooperation we can accept your first trial order volume.

Q3. Are the free samples availale?

 Yes, the free samples are available. We will charge the express fee based on the area sent, your express account is the top choice for samples sending


Geo Bag

Geo Bag



Geosynthetics are the man-made material which is having the basic feature of improving the soil conditions. These are made up from such plastics which will not decompose easily from fungal as well as bacterial action.


  • They are used to solve the main problems of civil engineering along with being available in a vast range of materials and forms which is used differently by different users.

  • These products are more durable when they are used on the ground. They are also used in transportation and private development fields like roadways and railways.


How can it prove to be beneficial for your industry?

If the requirement of your industry needs geosynthetics clay liners or the geonets, then it is important you are aware of what all it offers and the ways in which it will prove to be helpful.


Separation & Reinforcement of soil

It will help to increase the soil condition by road ways and laneways along with improving the slope-grade situation including the banks and hillsides.

It is done by the material having a composite feature which is helpful in retaining walls in bridges and box culverts.


Soil movement prevented & Water pressure is controlled

This will help to prevent soil movement which will allow water to move through drainage systems and fill the mode from back side which intakes more water.

These products will control the water pressure by allowing water to flow nicely from the foundation walls to drain.

These products are having different types which are mainly used in agriculture field. They are used in drainage system along with separation and reinforcement part. They are also used in woven and non-woven clothes. They are such type of material which is used for stabilization process.




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Q:What are the specifications for geotextiles and geogrids commonly used on expressways?
You are the production, or sales, or procurement, the question asked, what model is the designer's decision
Q:What is the consequence of the geotextile of the ground floor
What are the consequences of what can not be finalized, the first roof of the waterproof layer and waterproof protective layer is very important, this is the first barrier, imagine, now many of the green plants are large trees, grow 10 years or even 20 years After the roots will be very developed, think about how the pine trees on the tenacious know their strength, coupled with long-term erosion by the water, the concrete layer will gradually lose its ideal performance, barrier layer and drainage board will certainly be better To protect the role and drainage. So to speak, long-term vision of the words must be solidly do every layer, only focus on economic interests and short-term effects, then, within a few years will not be any problem.
Q:What is the general shop where there are geotextile cloth to sell it
Retail, then, to the local hardware and electrical city to see. Manufacturers of drainage board geotextile
Q:National standard geotextile and non - standard how to distinguish
First of all, the appearance: the national standard geotextile because of the use of high-quality production of large fiber, the production of Dan Shan measured Yao non-astonishing stone products will be dense needle, the appearance of bright white or white. Rather than the standard geotextile generally used in the production of small or small fiber, the product is slightly loose acupuncture, the appearance of dark yellow or gray soil. GB geotextile and non-standard geotextile together through the appearance is easy to distinguish. Second, the strength: the national standard geotextile material is excellent, strong product breaking strength and bursting high strength, the same weight of non-standard geotextile products broken strength and broken broken strong, can be used to tear, items piercing and other methods to distinguish the quality of simple Good or bad. Finally, the price: GB geotextile price is higher than non-standard geotextile, the procurement of less than the market price of geotextiles to be careful.
Q:Geotextile manufacturers rely on what to do a hundred years do not rot geotextile
Because geotextile raw materials are chemical fiber. Huazhi geotextile material answer
Q:How do you make a sand bag burrito for erosion control using geotextile fabric ? Fasten it with what?
Get some tie wire or baling wire. It's a soft wire used for tying reinforcing steel together or for baling straw. You could also use plastic cable ties.
Q:300g / m2 geotextile package is what it means
300g / m2 Geotextile: refers to the weight of 300g per square meter (model) 300g / m2 geotextile package: refers to the outsourcing; with 300g of geotextile to wrap something; for example: With 300g / m2 geotextile wrapped gravel. The
Q:Who knows geotextile, how to sew, the best video
Where do you use it? Professional production geotextile manufacturers to answer,
Q:800g / m2 non-woven geotextile vertical permeability coefficient is generally how much
800g / m2 non-woven geotextile vertical permeability coefficient is: 6.1 × 10-2
Q:What is the representative batch of geotextile?
Geotextile batch is 2000 square meters.

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