G Series 2.0-6.0T AC Electric Tractors - Sit-down Type

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Operator type Sit-down type
Traction weight kg


Rated traction N


Wheelbase mm1100
Towing attachment height mm450
Overall height mm1415
Overall length mm1900
Overall width mm1000
Min. turning radius mm1650
Weight kg1600
Battery weight kg645

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Q:Tractor for military vehicles
In the grand military parade on Tiananmen square, we can see rows of flashing green light cannon stretched long barrel, in vehicle traction under the uniform through the reviewing stand, especially style. There are tens of meters long, a few people can not hold together the giant missile, divided into several sections lying on a dedicated large trailer, there is majestic, strong marching music marching slowly, particularly noticeable.
Q:Can the old B permit me to drive the tractor?
Old B card is now A2 card, you can drive a tractor, but to ensure that the driver's license in the validity period.
Q:Can the LNG tractor drive the air compressor with a power take-off?
The rear PTO rear PTO is in the gearbox back through the gearbox shaft to the power shaft PTO, it has the characteristics of large output torque, in the heavy automobile gearbox is widely applied. The overall structure: there are a shaft, two axis, three axis and other forms. The shaft type direct output is simple and reliable; the two axle type can adjust the speed ratio and the output position in a certain range; it is widely used; the three axle type is mainly used to adjust the output position, and the application is not very common;Three. Sandwich type PTO sandwich type power take-off is also called front clip type power take-off shaft or a PTO, is sandwiched between the gearbox and clutch shell shell and force on the shaft of the gearbox on a multi axis gear box has large transmission power, reliable use etc., used in light, medium and heavy truck chassis, convertible, fire engines and high-pressure cleaning vehicle.
Q:What do you mean by "brakeair"?
Break is the braking system. The engine trouble light is normally a light on the key and then goes off after starting. If it starts, it turns on. Indicate the engine is out of order, the computer records the engine malfunction and lights up. To read the fault code with the decoder, you'll know where it is.
Q:At present, FAW Jiefang J6 tractor what price?
The current price of 288 thousand horsepower J6375 9 275 thousand 375 double, 336 price 247 thousand Auman Auman Auman bought 6 lines, mostly directed to the Weifang is filled with J6, Wuxi (small, certainly not to overload Weichai Deutz Diesel), but the standard load condition with a little wasted Weifang, relative Wuxi to save fuel, in this case you suggested the use of axle of the liberation of J6375 HP (ratio 4.11) run high speed fuel consumption so that you are satisfied, this ratio is also no problem climbing occasionally, which belongs to the national roaming models, do not know how to contact me again, I Chinese Howard heavy steam distributor,
Q:What's the difference between the liberation of J6M and the J6P tractor?
J6P dynamic collocation is rich, mainly equipped with CA6DM2, CA6DN1, CA6DL2, Wuxi CA6DL1 series engine, minimum 240 horsepower, maximum 500 horsepower, FAW gearbox (9, 10 stalls, 12 stalls stalls), ZF (16 grade), Shaanxi teeth (12 steps), Eaton (13) and other brands available after the bridge, 16 tons of wheel reducer 300 bridges, 13 tons of single reduction 485 bridges, 13 tons of single reduction 457 bridges, 13 tons of single reduction 500 bridge, 440 bridge single reduction.The relative J6P, J6M dynamic collocation less, mainly equipped with CA6DL1 and Wuxi Dachai BF6M1013 series engine, minimum 220 horsepower, maximum 310 horsepower, FAW gearbox (10 speed), Shaanxi teeth (9 stalls, 8 stalls) brand choice, after the bridge, 13 tons of single reduction 457 bridge, single reduction 485 bridge, single reduction 440 bridges, 435 bridges, 500 optional lightweight bridge.
Q:What are the differences between trailers and trailer?
Trailer chassis, lifting device, lift traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, vehicle and toolbox etc., with lifting, pulling and lifting traction and other functions, suitable for highway, city road wrecker operation.
Q:Trailer towing vehicle belongs to the wrecker?
The tractor is simply between the front and the carriage is a tool used for traction (which is the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original carriage and other traction carriage, and the carriage can also be detached from the original front by other locomotives traction) large trucks in general (trailer).
Q:After the main vehicle and the trailer gas connections are connected, the semitrailer on the tractor shall be unscrewed, and the gas path separation switch shall be connected, so as to know where the switch is located
The height of the pull off pin of the Semi Trailer Trailer refers to the height of the traction pin. This height is required to fit the height of the overhead saddle. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the height of the front saddle when designing this height.
Q:What are the special uses of airport tractors and what kind of work do they do?
You're right. It's a tow truck that pushes airplanes.When the plane stands out to start the engine from the corridor or the need to tow the aircraft to the starting position, the aircraft at this time there is no power, backward direction of aircraft is completely controlled by the trailer.The smaller trailer is about 8 tons, and the larger one is 16 tons. If the weight is too light, the plane can not be pushed.

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