Fruit and vegetable supermarket rack

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Product Description:

It has good looking appearance and stable structure.

Various sepcification and design make fashion types for supermarket and shopping centre.

Its looking and color could be nice with modern shopping mall, creating new commercial concept.

Its width and length could allow big volume of goods.

The surface is epoxy resin static sprayed, with various colors and good resistance of rust

It's easy for installation and multi hanging device for seclection.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

It keep fruits and vegetable separate and clean and easy for selcection.

The specification is according to customer's requriement.

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Q:What's on the bottom of the supermarket shelf?
Something not used. General ham, salted duck egg
Q:35 square meters of supermarket shelves, how many shelves, how much is it?
Standard shelf about 500 yuan, a group of 1 meters high, 6 meters wide, 2,5 laminates, the back of a solid sheet iron, the thickness of about 8MM.
Q:I have to deal with supermarket shelves?
If your shelves look good, new ones aren't old or ugly. Maybe some cheap people will buy your shelves.
Q:What is the size of the shelf in the store?
On the constant margin of the production of commercial shelves, the size is generally:Shelf height: 1 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters, and so on;Store shelf length: 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, and so on;Shelf width of the store: single-sided: 0.45 meters, 0.6 meters, etc.; two-sided: 0.75 meters, 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, and so on
Q:What kind of material are the shelves in the supermarket made of?
The principle of cold rolling steel and hot rolled steel technologyHot-rolled steel is rolled by high temperature steel, although the strength is not very high, but plasticity, weldability, and therefore more commonly used;
Q:What's the shelf price of luxury supermarket?
This luxury supermarket does not know what specific area, and generally large supermarkets thousands of square meters, luxury supermarket is to use more high-end shelves.It must consider the use of high-end shelves shelf, currently on the market shelves inferior quality and grade is not satisfied. In fact, the current domestic brand shelf to do good is not much, the north only one estimated that a well-known Hercules, the south to write more about five or six brands.
Q:What kind of supermarket shelves?
1. - 2. an Chen Yongguan shelf rack 3. back plate shelf 4. Shanghai shelf 5. warehouse supermarket shelves 6. center back shelf 7. back net rack 8. washing shelf 9. Electrical appliance, shelf, etc.
Q:What is the supermarket shelf called Island display
Island displays are, in general, the most complex of all displays. Not only need to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but also occupy considerable site resources. Therefore, in considering the production of island type display, manufacturers must store display effect and communicate thoroughly. To achieve the desired effect of island display as much as possible. Before the design must give the display set aside a larger space, so that customers can surround the island type (display rack, cabinet, basket) to buy goods
Q:How about the rear shelf of bicycles?
The rear shelf is fixed on the seat pipe, adjusting the height, and the connecting iron shelf
Q:The price on the supermarket shelf is different from the checkout!
You encounter this problem may be caused by the supermarket management is not in place, you can ask the supermarket to fill the gap first, in addition, according to the consumer law requirements of the supermarket ten times compensation, the premise is that small ticket must be kept.

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