Ferro Silicon For Steelmaking

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Supply 75/72 ferro silicon/fesi for steelmaking
1 Best quality and competitive price
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Supply 75/72 ferro silicon/fesi for steelmaking


1Type: FeSi75   FeSi72

2Size: 0-1mm 1-3mm 3-8mm 60mesh 120mesh 200mesh 320mesh

3We can do CIQ & SGS quality certification according to customer requirement.


Ferro silicon

1Ferrosilicon is often used as deoxidizer in steelmaking.

2Ferrosilicon also can be used as alloy elements join agent, which is widely used in low alloy steel, non-ferrous metal, bering steel, heat-resistant steels and electrician silicon-steel.

3Ferrosilicon commonly used as a reductant in ferroalloy production and chemical industry.

4In iron industry it often used as inoculants and nodulizer and deoxidizer.

Ferro silicon Granules

Ferrosilicon granules is produced by high-quality ferrosilicon. We can supply all kinds of Chemical composition. It is mainly used as the deoxidizing agent in steelmaking, steel casting and the latter courses of steelmaking, 1-3mm is the common specifications. Ferrosilicon granules can be used as the suspension agent in the mineral processing, and as the reducing agent in the alloy


Chemical Content



Chemical Content (%)






0-1mm 1-3mm 3-8mm 60mesh 120mesh 200mesh 320mesh











Particle size can be adjusted according to customer requirement


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Q:One can write on the hard alloy on the pencil, what's the name ah, who knows.
You need it. It's all there. You're over there
Q:How can I buy carbide die on the Internet? Who can help?!
Go out and look for it. Someone will want to surf the Internet at home.
Q:What is hard alloy steel?
Modern ultra hard alloys are produced by sintering of carbides of tungsten carbide and some other elements. It is the hard metal (tungsten, tantalum, titanium, molybdenum, etc.) carbide carbide particles, with one or several iron elements (cobalt, nickel or iron) powder mixed, pressed molding, and then made by sintering.Cemented carbide is the most powerful alloy in the world at present. Hard alloy widely used now has two main categories: the first is to do the cobalt WC alloy binder; the second is to make titanium carbide alloy tool steel binder.Cemented carbide is used as a tool, and its hardness will not decrease even at high temperatures of 1000 degrees. Therefore, for high speed cutting, cutting speed up to 2000 meters per minute, 100 times higher than the ordinary carbon steel cutter, tungsten steel cutter is 15 times higher than. The mold made of it can be punched about 3000000 times, which is 60 times longer than the ordinary alloy steel die.
Q:What materials are hard alloys used to process?
YW hard alloy, high temperature resistant, wear-resistant, high hardness steel, stainless steel and so on.
Q:What does WC refer to in cemented carbides?
Of or relating to an alloying element that is tungsten carbide.Tungsten cobalt carbideThe main ingredients are tungsten carbide (WC) and binder cobalt (Co).The brand is from "YG" ("hard cobalt" Pinyin prefix) composition and percentage of average amount of cobalt.For example, YG8, a tungsten cobalt carbide represented by an average WCo=8% and the remainder of tungsten carbide.
Q:What is the relation between the number of teeth of carbide saw blades?
Hard alloy tooth less than wood section tooth more smooth, less than the price of gear teeth is cheap, less than the number of gear teeth is not easy to burn saw, if multiple saw tooth must use less, if it is a plywood class, must use the teeth reduce edge collapse.
Q:Hard alloy bars where the hard alloy blade,
Hello, I'm from Zhuzhou CREE cemented carbide Co., Ltd.We are specializing in the production of various specifications of hard alloy, Zhuzhou cemented carbide, Zhuzhou hard alloy, sand making machine alloy strip, hard alloy ball tooth, carbide blade, hard alloy bars, welding blade, milling cutter, long and thin; manufacturers selling cheaper price; all kinds of hard alloy, Zhuzhou cemented carbide, Zhuzhou hard alloy sand making machine alloy, hard alloy ball tooth, carbide blade, hard alloy bars, welding blade, milling cutter, long and thin, everything, quality assurance; welcome you to come to the consultation, to serve you is our honor.
Q:What are the features of cemented carbide YG8 knives?
Pig iron and non-ferrous metal processing. Can also be used in general stainless steel rough processing
Q:What cemented carbide does 2gr13 use?
2Cr13 martensitic stainless steel can be processed by hard alloy YW2, carbide YW2 suitable for heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and advanced alloy steel and other special difficult to processing steel finishing, semi finishing.
Q:Vacuum sintering of cemented carbide vacuum.
This is not necessarily, the hard alloy sintering infiltration decarburization mainly in wet grinding your ingredients and carbon sintering process control, vacuum furnace gas in order to prevent the reaction of pure, alloy with oxygen in the air, infiltration and decarburization products have no direct relationship, of course if it is caused by the leakage of vacuum sintering furnace can not meet the requirements, will lead to the direction of decarburization alloy.

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