exterior brick panel siding wall panel VD100401-VDC110

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Vida faux brick wall panel is an ideal way to create the look and beauty of brick without the time, cost and long installation process of actual brick. Vida faux brick wall panel can enchance many types of residential and commerical projects. Easy to clean and easy to install. We can offer wall panels with many colors that look great and can dramatically turn your home or building around overnight wherever you are.


Specifications of Brick Wall Panel:




Brick (with embossed patterns)





Edge Type


Production Time




Overall Dimensions

112 cm wide*41.5cm high*2.2cm thick

Coverage Dimensions

100cm wide*38.5cm high

Brick Dimensions

19cm wide*6.5cm high


0.4592sq. m


Approx 3.0kg/sq. m

Exterior Use

Weather proof, near zero UV degradation

Main Accessories

Start strip, decorative strip, exterior corner, interior corner

Needed for installation

Nails for all plus plastic fasteners for start strip


Free sample, but freight collect


1. The weight are approximate, sometimes the raw material and the formulation differs.

2. For samples, we can at most offer one piece per design. We can cut small pieces if needed.

3. We have color chart for you to choose color. It may have a slight color difference for different batch.

4. Besides polypropylene, we have added some other special chemical accessory materials

to enhance wall panels with a very good weather resisting property (+60°C to -50°C)

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Q:What is the glass curtain wall column
Columns are generally vertical components, is the curtain wall installation and construction of one of the key, its quality affect the installation of the entire curtain wall quality. The allowable deviation of the distance between the plane axis of the connecting curtain wall and the outer plane axis of the building should be controlled within 2mm. In particular, the building is curved, rounded and surrounded by closed walls. The distance between the inner and outer axes affects the circumference of the curtain wall Should be taken seriously. Columns generally according to the construction and transport conditions, can be a layer of tall or two-story high as a whole, the length of up to 7.5m. Joints should have a certain gap, the use of sleeve connection method, which can adapt and eliminate deformation of the building And the effect of temperature deformation. The connection between the connecting member and the embedded part, if it is a two-storey building, can be separated by hinge and rigid structure, hinge only anti-level force, and just in addition to anti-level force, but also bear the vertical force Passed to the main structure.
Q:Stone curtain wall energy saving and glass curtain wall energy saving practices are mainly different
First, the insulation layer composite in the main structure of the outer surface, similar to the common external wall insulation practices. Insulation material can be extruded polystyrene board (XPS board), expanded polystyrene board (EPS board), semi-hard mineral (rock) cotton board, foam glass insulation board, composite silicate rigid insulation board, Benzene particles such as insulation mortar. The application thickness can be calculated according to the regional building energy efficiency requirements and the thermal conductivity of the material calculated by the heat transfer coefficient of the external wall. Insulation board and the main structure of the connection can be fixed or paste the mechanical anchor, or the combination of the two. Facial layer should also be, but can be simplified, the role of the protective layer is only moisture, anti-aging, and is conducive to fire. Second, in the curtain wall and the main structure between the air layer set in the insulation material. In the horizontal and vertical direction of the keel separation of the case, the insulation material can be nailed in the keel layer. This approach can be added to the outer wall of an air layer, improve the wall thermal resistance.  Third, the curtain wall inside the composite cleaning materials.  Curtain wall insulation materials and stone, panel together, and even can be used stone insulation composite panels, but the insulation layer and the outer surface of the main structure of more than 50mm air layer, the air layer should be closed layer by layer. Insulation material can be used less dense extruded polystyrene board or expanded polystyrene board, or less density inorganic insulation board.
Q:How do you tie back curtains without a wall to screw into?
Sew a small round plastic circle or curtain ring fairly high up on the outside edge of each panel. Then you can get a piece of rope with tassels or a decorative end-piece to loop through the little circle and tie off around the curtain.
Q:Glass curtain wall required to do the test
Embedded parts drawing test (on-site) Sealant compatibility test (laboratory) Four test (test field) including airtight, watertight, wind pressure, stability. This is the most important. Other material testing to see the requirements of each project friends
Q:Now look at the development of curtain wall design?
There must be, curtain wall design after many places will be used, so the development prospects are very good.
Q:Stone curtain wall need to detect what is the thing
1, need to do three tests: wind pressure deformation performance, airtight performance and watertight performance; 2, some also need to do: in-plane deformation performance and other performance testing, that is often said that the four; 3, angle steel channel do not need to do a retest; 4, need to do the test material: (1) the peel strength of aluminum-plastic composite panels; (2) the bending strength of stone, the freezing resistance of cold areas of stone, the indoor use of granite radioactivity; (3) stone sealant pollution (4) curtain wall structure with the Shore hardness of plastic, under the standard conditions of tensile bond strength (5) curtain wall structure sealant, weathering sealant and its contact with the material compatibility and peel adhesion test (these two indicators sealant factory inspection report can not provide, but must be re-used before sealing) ;
Q:How long is the dry pillar of the wall?
Dry hanging stone curtain wall itself strength, involving the thickness of the stone length and width of the size of the fixed side with dry hanging. According to the metal and stone curtain wall engineering technical specifications (JGJl33-2001) requirements: stone wall for the stone thickness should not be less than 25mm, stone area should not be greater than 1.5m2, pendant generally use stainless steel pendant. Angle steel fittings, stainless steel pendant, bolts, electrodes, structural adhesive should be proof of material, factory certificate and inspection report.
Q:Stone curtain wall need to do what detection
Chemical anchors: pull test Steel: general physical properties (tensile, bending) Stone: bending strength, water absorption, freeze-thaw test (cold and cold areas to do) Sealant: Antifouling Curtain wall four test: watertight, air tightness, wind pressure, plane deformation (required to do)
Q:Marble curtain wall stone capping what glue?
Do not flicker, ye can use glass glue it, reported on the trial can not. Stone seepage with weathering sealant, otherwise the four test you ye ye? Also note that the plastic market is more chaotic, such as to ensure quality, or to the brand office to ask, through the formal channels to buy.
Q:Very Light Beigy Orange curtains - suggestions for wall color and bedding?
i might elect brown and that i've got seen curtains at Walmart that are striped ethnic lookin hues ... browns reds oranges so i'm particular you need to locate some cool print curtains in case you seem around slightly. As for the carpet in step with hazard a delicate brown taupe shade. in step with hazard even black yet it is slightly Halloween-ish ... desire I helped :)

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