Fireproof Exterior wall cladding Fiber Cement Siding Board

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Fireproof Exterior wall cladding Fiber Cement Siding Board fiber cement siding production line (fiber cement board), whose equipment and technology was fully invested from abroad, has the production capacity is 2.8 million m2 annually. The production line is high automaticity and steady. The process includes extrusion molding, autoclaved curing, finish machining, drying, painting and packing. All performances meet with worldwide standard. The products include two series: hollow fiber cement siding (K series) and solid fiber cement siding (S series).
Fireproof Exterior wall cladding Fiber Cement Siding Board Beautiful fiber cement siding is a new type wallboard which is both functional and decorative. It is made from cement and wooden fiber, no asbestos and harmful substance. BNBM fiber cement siding is widely used for cladding of commercial and residential buildings.

Fireproof Exterior wall cladding Fiber Cement Siding Board

1, Advantages and Features:

Various Decoration and Rich Color: The variety of decoration and color can be freely combined, which provide rich color and choices for architects.

2,Weather Resistance and Mechanical Performance:

CNBM fiber cement siding has a heavy density and excellent mechanical performance, weather and freezing resistance, excellent dimensional stability.

3,Flexible Connection:

CNBM fiber cement siding adopt clips to connect boards and wall. These connections are flexible together with main structure of building and won’t be cracked, when earthquake happens. That makes our board to be good choice in earthquake zone.


CNBM fiber cement siding do not contain either asbestos or formaldehyde, which hazardous to human health.

5,Excellent Insulation and Fireproof Performance:

CNBM fiber cement siding is a first cladding choice for composite wall system, which has excellent insulation and fireproof performance. These performances make our board to be a good choice to be used in steel-structure and wooden-structure villages, general infrastructures, factory buildings and tunnels.


Composite wall system is 40mm---60mm thinner than traditional concrete wall system. Meanwhile, because composite wall system is much lighter, reduce the loads of structure of buildings and cost.


CNBM fiber cement siding can be used not only as independent cladding, but also as a part of insulation to form composite wall system. It is widely used in commercial and residential buildings. Also, because of its excellent performance in light weight and high strength, sound insulation, fireproof, quake-proof, moisture proof etc., it can be widely used in city underground constructions as tunnel, subway etc..

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