exterior brick panel siding wall panel VD100101-VDC116

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Vida faux brick wall panel is an ideal way to create the look and beauty of brick without the time, cost and long installation process of actual brick. Vida faux brick wall panel can enchance many types of residential and commerical projects. Easy to clean and easy to install. We can offer wall panels with many colors that look great and can dramatically turn your home or building around overnight wherever you are.


Specifications of Brick Wall Panel:




Brick (with embossed patterns)





Edge Type


Production Time




Overall Dimensions

112 cm wide*48cm high*2.2cm thick

Coverage Dimensions

100cm wide*45cm high

Brick Dimensions

19cm wide*6.5cm high


0.5264sq. m


Approx 3.0kg/sq. m

Exterior Use

Weather proof, near zero UV degradation

Main Accessories

Start strip, decorative strip, exterior corner, interior corner

Needed for installation

Nails for all plus plastic fasteners for start strip


Free sample, but freight collect


1. The weight are approximate, sometimes the raw material and the formulation differs.

2. For samples, we can at most offer one piece per design. We can cut small pieces if needed.

3. We have color chart for you to choose color. It may have a slight color difference for different batch.

4. Besides polypropylene, we have added some other special chemical accessory materials

to enhance wall panels with a very good weather resisting property (+60°C to -50°C)

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Q:Is not as long as the decoration company can do curtain wall works ah
Wrong, the decoration company has both interior and exterior. Curtain wall is outside the decoration. Most decoration companies focus only on a portion
Q:What is the glass curtain wall column
A glass curtain wall is a building outer envelope or a decorative structure that has a certain displacement capability relative to the main structure by the support structure and does not share the function of the main body structure. The walls are made of single and double glass. Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and innovative architectural wall decoration method, is a modernist high-rise architectural era of the salient features. The glass curtain wall column is the vertical keel supporting the glass, the column is connected with the connecting member first, then the connecting element (iron code) spot welding on the embedded steel plate, and then adjust the position. The verticality of the column can be controlled by the hammer, the position is highly accurate, in order to be officially welded to the embedded parts.
Q:Wall dry hanging stone design did not require protection is also done protection
Dry hanging stone of the specific needs of the secondary design: Stone protection is to take some protective agent to take brush, spray, Tu, roll, shower and soaking and other methods, so that the protective agent evenly distributed in the stone surface or penetrate into the stone to form a protection, so that the stone has a waterproof, Alkali, anti-aging, anti-freeze-thaw, anti-biological erosion and other functions, so as to achieve the improvement of stone life and decorative performance effect.
Q:how to make curtain wall behind bed?
In my client's bed room, we ran curtain rods the whole length at the ceiling line and then hung rod-pocket curtains on them for a gathered look. Is that what you mean? A second rod or weights at the bottom keep them tight.
Q:Two construction division ten thousand square meters of glass curtain wall construction is eligible
In accordance with the "registered construction division practice scale standards" requirement: Curtain wall construction single curtain wall height ≥ 60 meters, or area ≥ 6000 square meters are large projects, must be a construction division as a project manager.
Q:Am I right about the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain?
you are right
Q:what color walls and curtains go good with chocolate colored comforter?
Deep Burgundy or a Red Wine color walls with Light choclate color curtains. An accent wall in the m. bathroom would be nice, but not necessary - maybe tie the two rooms together with accent towels in the bathroom using the m.bedroom colors.
Q:I would like to ask, calculate the amount of glass curtain wall works, the main material is probably what ah!
Glass curtain wall mainly steel embedded parts, aluminum, may also need to use steel. The specific depends on the form of curtain wall.
Q:How to arrange the curtain wall press
The pressure plate is not can not be segmented, the key or according to the actual requirements to set: 1. Segmented use of pressure plate, must be filled with foam sticks after the glue. Long pressure plate can have a plastic seal, glue seal and seal after the installation of plastic tape. Seal from the way, the sub-pressure plate can not choose more than through the long press plate. 2. The installation and positioning of the sub-plate is more difficult than the long press plate. Segmental pressure plate of the various pressure plate is easy to install when the uneven, tilt and so on, resulting in difficult to install the buckle board. 3. The amount of sealant used in the sub-platen is not well controlled because there is no platen, the foam strips are floating, and the buckle is loosened and easy to enter more glue. 4. Sub-pressure plate, or a lot of aluminum than the long press plate. You can refer to the practice of hidden curtain wall, should adopt not more than 300MM set a about 25 ~ 35MM of the briquettes.
Q:How curtain wall / double glazed facade in multi storey buildings help in making them energy efficient.?
The sun rises in the east and goes down in the west. The north side is always cooler. If you want to conserve heat in the winter and have it cooler in the summer you would initially build solar south. You would be testing that exact area all year by following the shadows using a pencil held on a flat surface at noon everyday and marking the shadows. However, this building is already up. The secret with double or triple paned glass is that the air pocket in between holds the heat or the cold depending on the situation. If put on the correct angle it will actually conserve the best way possible for most of the year. There are solar curtains that are made of shiny silvery, non-transparent polyethylene and they cut down on utility bills be reflecting the sun's rays during the the summer and retaining the heat in the winter.

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