Metal Decorative Metal Mesh

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ArchitecturalDecorative Wire Meshare used high quality stainless steel wire,brass wire and phosphor copper wire composite into  

warp wire(stainless steel wire),then with  weft wire(stainless steel rods) woven into the net. So it is also called composite  decorative wire mesh, mainly used for walls decorativemesh.


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:2mm

  • Bar Pitch:4.5mm

  • Warp Cable:3mm

  • Cable Pitch:5mm

  • Weight:14.14kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:1.5mm

  • Bar Pitch:1.5mm

  • Warp Cable:1mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:35mm

    Weight: 7.26kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:8mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:90mm

  • Weight: 8.3kg/m2

    3810_S=FUTURA 3110PC

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:7.5mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX3

  • Cable Pitch:80mm

  • Weight: 8.58kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:3mm

  • WarpCable:1.5mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:50mm

  • Weight: 7.31kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch: 3mm

  • Warp Cable: 2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch: 50mm

  • Weight:10.97kg/m2

    1535=OMEGA 1510

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft BarDIA.(flat bar): 2mmX1.7mm

  • Bar Pitch: 2mm

  • Warp Cable:2mm

  • Cable Pitch:17mm

  • Weight: 6.63kg/m2

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Q:Office glass curtain wall warranty period?
JGJ 102-2003 "Technical Specification for Glass Curtain Wall" Article 12.1.1 states that the glass curtain wall is an easily replaceable structural member. The design life of the glass curtain wall is of the second class and its design life is 25 years (section 5 .1.6 pointed out: In addition to embedded parts, the rest of the curtain wall components of the safety level is generally not more than two, the design life is generally considered 25 years). Large can be considered for 50 years or 100 years
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Stone four test, the cost is too high, the cheapest thirty thousand one group, the quality supervision station does not require to do, do not do, Mandatory is the bending strength, water absorption, stretching three.
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Q:How to determine the wind resistance performance of building curtain wall
The wind resistance performance of open building curtain wall should meet the design requirements. The wind pressure performance rating index P3 shall comply with the requirements of of this standard

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