Metal Decorative Metal Mesh

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ArchitecturalDecorative Wire Meshare used high quality stainless steel wire,brass wire and phosphor copper wire composite into  

warp wire(stainless steel wire),then with  weft wire(stainless steel rods) woven into the net. So it is also called composite  decorative wire mesh, mainly used for walls decorativemesh.


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:2mm

  • Bar Pitch:4.5mm

  • Warp Cable:3mm

  • Cable Pitch:5mm

  • Weight:14.14kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:1.5mm

  • Bar Pitch:1.5mm

  • Warp Cable:1mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:35mm

    Weight: 7.26kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:8mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:90mm

  • Weight: 8.3kg/m2

    3810_S=FUTURA 3110PC

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:7.5mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX3

  • Cable Pitch:80mm

  • Weight: 8.58kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:3mm

  • WarpCable:1.5mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:50mm

  • Weight: 7.31kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch: 3mm

  • Warp Cable: 2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch: 50mm

  • Weight:10.97kg/m2

    1535=OMEGA 1510

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft BarDIA.(flat bar): 2mmX1.7mm

  • Bar Pitch: 2mm

  • Warp Cable:2mm

  • Cable Pitch:17mm

  • Weight: 6.63kg/m2

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Q:what colour curtains with cream wall & red feature wall?
How about a patterned curtain with all 3 or even 2 of those colors? You could check at local stores for this, or even try a fabric store and have them made (or make them yourself if you are handy). But here's something to think about..What if you take the existing brown curtains pull them back and either have a cream colored sheer curtain or even cream colored vinyl mini-blinds? That way you are using up what you already have. The brown makes the room seem dark,but it will act as a great accent when pulled back. You could get something red for your tiebacks...ribbon, beads, whatever will look fun and different. Personally it sounds darling, have fun with it!!
Q:i have a cocoa color sofa with a shade of brown carpet what color do i paint walls and what color curtains?
What colors do you like? Do a combo of honey walls, patterned drapes with lime green and cream, green and warm orange throw pillows, with an intermediate shade of brown throw. Add textures, lots of table lamps, floor lamp, ottoman, and accessories that pick up some of these colors. Do cream walls with one red accent wall. Put pattern either on the drapes or on some of the throw pillows; medium yellow would be a great accent color, as well as some different shade of browns (limit these to a couple more). Do medium grayish navy walls, cream drapes with either a stripe in them, or a bottom border to provide some interest. Use honey color and dull green for accent colors.
Q:peeing and spraying/walls/curtains/counters help?
My male cat has been neutered and still has this problem. I have found that store bought sprays and pheromones don't work at all. Ever since we kept him indoors (due to a neighbor letting his dog out off the lead all the time) the problem has got alot better. If I were you I wouldnt bother wasting money on tut that doesnt work.
Q:what color curtains will be good with my blue & red walls?
since blue and red are very dominant colors, i would stick with a white sheer curtain and white sheets. if white sheets is too boring, get something white with a blue or red accent that matches the walls. Do NOT do black, because black and brown definitely do not match, and black curtains will not let any sunlight in making your room seem very dark and small.
Q:What should be the color of curtains on red wall in my bedroom?
Do you like that eastern/asian feel.. I would go with purple.. I love em.. urban outfitters 9 dollars a panel .. I bought them for my room and they look great!
Q:How can I get liquid Dilaudid stains off my walls, ceilings,and curtains?
I'm sorry - how the hell did they get it on the walls, ceilings, and curtains? They must've been confused about the meaning of 'shooting up'. There's probably not much you can do but paint, replace the curtains, and then beat some compensation out of your friend.
Q:Why is the whole glass curtain wall allowed in the field to pay silicone sealant is not allowed in the field to pay silicone sealant?
Full glass curtain wall that is no way, only in the field of plastic, but the other curtain wall can not be on-site glue (because the building site dust too much on the bonding performance will have a great impact
Q:Need to safely attach curtain edges to the wall?
I suggest putting blinds up under your curtains (in the window frame). This will block out more light, but still allow your curtains to hang the way they are supposed to fall.
Q:What colour curtain suits a purple wall room?
To give that bohemian royalty effect, pick curtains which are heavily draped with intricate details. But u said fresh purple so i suspect u like dainty... i'd say something white, shades of yellow, orange and red, purple... plus gold! Goodluck.. p.s. im an archtect so i work with those everyday! :)
Q:what is the standard thickness for curtain wall?
If you're referring to the outer covering of a building, a curtain wall has no standard thickness. It depends on the material from which it is made.

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