Excavator Big From China CE

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Excavator Big From China CE

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:XE900C


Type:Crawler Excavator



Certification:ISO9001: 2000



Operating WeightTkgT88800:Standard Bucket CapacityTM³T4.0~5.0

Engine ModelT/ Cummins Qsx15:Overall LengthTmmT13570


Overall Width of UpperstructureTmmT3350:Max. Digging DepthTmmT7250

Max. Dumping HeightTmmT8070:Max. Dumping HeightTmmT8070


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Bulk with Anti-Crash




Production Capacity:3000units/Year

Product Description

Featured strong power, the original Isuzu engine meets the requirement of highly efficient operation. The design of precise match and advanced energy saving control contribute the low fuel consumption.

Operating weightkg88800
Standard bucket capacity4.0~5.0

Engine Model/Cummins QSX15
Direct injection/
4 Four strokes/
Water cooling/
Turbo charged/
Air to air intercooler/
No. of cylinders/6
Rated power/speedkw/rpm395/1800
/ Max. torque/speedN.m2365/1400

Travel speedkm/h3.9/2.7
Swing speedr/min7.3
Max. gradeability/≥30
Ground pressurekPa115
Max.Bucket digging forcekN479
Max.arm crowd forcekN368
Max.traction forcekN629

Main pump/
Rate flow of main pumpL/min2×521
Max pressure of prime relief valveMPa31.4/34.3
Max pressure of travel systemMPa34.3
Max pressure of swing systemMPa30
Max pressure of pilot systemMPa3.9

   Fuel tank capacityL1225
Hydraulic tank capacityL755
Engine lubricationL48

A Overall lengthmm13570

C Overall heightmm5090
D Overall width of upperstructuremm3350
E Track lengthmm5840
F Overall width of undercarriagemm4550
G Crawer widthmm750
H Track length on groundmm4545
I Crawer gaugemm2960/3500
J Clearance under counter weightmm1680
K Ground clearancemm880
L Min.tail swing radiusmm4700

A Max. digging heightmm12060
B Max. dumping heightmm8070
C Max. digging depthmm7250
D88inch horizonal digging depthmm7100
E Max. vertical wall digging depthmm4200
F Max. digging reachmm12330
G Min. swing radiusmm5200
Angle of arm deflection Degree

Excavator Big From China CE

Excavator Big From China CE

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Q:What type of contrator do I use to fill in a concrete pool?
Pools come go in my area . People have hired pool specialists excavators, general contractors, landscapers.( they all hang out in the same bars) Seems the same guy does all the bashing filling in for everyone. The excavator charges a day rate for machinery operator. Other costs are clean fill , trucking , grading. Electrical, maybe some water supply disconnects. Permits, Inspections? The rest depends on what you do with the space , lawn, patio, deck, etc. Since the bulk of the work is by the excavator , might start there . Using an independent excavation contractor ( same guy that works for everyone) should cut out the extra handling costs. The pool bottom sides have to be broken up the hole filled in. No way around that. He may be able to provide topsoil grade the area also. Restoring the area is your option. Best regards
Q:switching from john deer to cat?
I can't remember if those had a switch inside or if you have to look under the rear floorboard for the switch.
Q:What does the excavator pay attention to?
Three. Travel on soft groundExcavators in the swamp, flood and other soft ground work, should first use the bucket to try whether the ground can withstand the weight of excavators. If you forget the process, there may be serious consequences unless you are driving an amphibious excavator. Although the excavator is tracked design, contact the ground area is large, but the excavator into the mud, can not move events also occur! Just note that this can be avoided. In the swamp, flood and other soft ground work, to avoid excavators trapped, should pay attention to these: 1, first with the bucket test. 2, do not stay long in the same place. 3, go straight, turn less.Wetland excavatorIn case the excavator gets stuck in the mud, don't worry. Never try to climb out of a climbing system. That will only get you deeper and deeper. There are many ways to save. 1, if it's not deep enough, try to hollow out the two tracks. 2, if it is not, on the first try, how deep mud, if not very deep, directly to the front of the silt layer, for their own way, slowly toward the shore near the hard ground. 3, if it is infinitely deep silt, can rent a few piece of iron or board, sideways pressure to the track below, you can easily out.
Q:what is the arm reach on a kobelco sk70 excavator?
the only 1 i could find was the Kobelco sk70sr and it has a 6'9 arm and that seems to be the same for all of them hope that helps sorry i couldnt find sk70 but i dont think the sk70sr can be that much different
Q:mtg blue/black mill help?
Jace, Memory Adept for sure!
Q:what is the price of a 450 hitachi excavator?
Try okorder.com/
Q:Door penetration loads?
Have you thought of a cutting torch? Sounds easier, but not much fun. There are special door breaching rounds that you can purchase. I would think several slugs would upset the integrity of the door.
Q:Can I use Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate to make my bearded dragons a home?
the suitable issues you ought to use as substrate are paper towels and reptile carpet. Sand, of any style, poses the probability of impaction. in case you prefer to furnish a sand field on your bearded dragon maximum reccomend worry-unfastened playsand which you will get low priced at domicile Depot etc.
Q:Best Place to Buy A Semi-Inground Pool From in Northwest Indiana?
I have owned one of these pools. 3' above the ground at the shallow end and dug out to 7' at the deep end. If you have never installed a pool before, I would not advise doing this yourself. I paid about $9000 a number of years ago for the pool and installation. They also had to remove a large tree stump in the area. All you can do is get bids and make sure they are using the same quality materials, especially the liner.
Q:How many meters is the height of the PC-320 excavator?
PC78US-6NO machine parameters: weight: 6.85 tons bucket capacity: 0.28 cubic meters power (KW (PS) / whole height G:2.75 meters, upper frame width H:2.33 meters, climbing capacity: 35 degrees digging force: 38.8

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