Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair

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Item specifice:

Material: Fabric,Plastic Style: Modern,Classic,American Usage: Commercial
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Folded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair description:

1. Durable black nylon frame

2. Aluminum bracket connecting backrest and seat, make chairs very strong

3. The material of mechanism is aluminum

4. Korean Samhongsa class 4 gas lift

5. Aluminum base can load 1136 kg

6. The seat is upholstered mesh or fabric, seat is waterfall design, it promotes circulation

7. The diameter of PU castors is 65MM


Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair Feature:

1. Adjustable headrest

2. Adjustable lumbar support, lumbar support can be push, with height adjustable lumbar support

3. 4D adjustable arms, the rotating soft PU pad can be adjusted for depth&width

4. Sychronized-tilting mechanism is with 5 lever locking position, it's very comfortable

5. Seat is with slider


Office Staff Mesh Chair Ergonomic Design


3D PU multifunctional   armrest: swivel,lift,forward & backward

Main Material

High density mesh and   flexible fabric 

Gas lift

Chrome metal


Synchronized-tilting   mechanism(136°) ,lumbar height & forward or backward adjustment, seat   with slider


Five aluminum star   base


PU, nylon


Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair Photo Reference:


Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair Color Options:


Ergonomic Design Office Manager Mesh Chair Packing Picture:



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Q:How to make a cardboard chair?
Hi, I think honest it's awsome and interesting buliding a cardboard chair for a project . Amazing , it didn't collapse . Love how you use your creative on project that I'm sure you're like get a 100 on it . Keep up the great work and Good Luck on the project.
Q:I am opening up a salon...HELP!! where can i find big comfy chairs?
To sit in this chair is an amazing experience - and it is practical. The cushions could be covered in any material you wanted. Be sure to try the LC2 not the LC3. While the 3 looks like it would be more comfy, the added width results in too little support. These would add serious stylish elegance to any salon.
Q:How is it safe to fit a light in a chair?
Not very safe. If you are a do-it-yourselfer than I would recommend against this. There are too many potentials for problems with the lamp enclosure, mounting conditions, flammability of materials vs conductivity of materials, and most importantly the protection of the wiring should anything higher than 24v be used. A chair is a very high-use item and the wear and tear is much higher than electrical sources are used to. This would be an item that would require some real thought and engineering towards. If this is something you would like to pursue development of then I would begin with researching the National Electrical Code for safe wiring design practices and research the requirements for passing a national listing laboratories requirements like UL or CSA. The best design would separate and insulate both the electrical cavity and lighting enclosure from the actual chair componants and prevent normal chair componants from wearing against these enclosures -springs, tacks, and bending componants. Then use as little or no flammable componants at all in the chair design. Low voltage or battery operated LED would be the safest light source for limited current and heat both. The battery operated design would eliminate the cord as well.
Q:Victorian Style Chair?
Craigslist. And why not go for a real antique? Antiques appreciate in value. Many modern pieces, made in China, will depreciate. So antiques are a better way to spend your money.
Q:Chairs are 99.9% wood...did they evolve from trees?
Ah, see, that's one of the great misconceptions of creationism right there. Individuals don't evolve; species do. Your tree no more evolves than I do, or you do, or one microbe does. However, through genetic drift and useful mutations, an entire species can slowly change into something else. One individual is unlikely to have first, so many mutations that it looks remarkably different from its parents, and second, to be able to even survive such changes if it is so unlucky. One mutation is a tricky business; they usually aren't useful, but often are tragic and fatal. Many combined together? That individual is pretty much a goner. Also, the sort of changes you are talking about generally occur well before the individual is born. For a creature as complicated as a tree, that's a whole lot of cells you have to change. Yeah, cells mutate later- sometimes, we call this cancer. But for an across the board change? Easier to do when there's only a few cells.
Q:Which Chair should I buy?
Q:Does adding a chair rail to my dining room increase value or decrease it?
That is a cosmetic fix making the house more appealing to a buyer . Renovating a kitchen, bath, etc. adds value to a home.
Q:decorative chair rail?
Actually, what you are creating is a wainscotting and yes the idea will look lovely. Step back from the stair case, can you see through the railing? How large is the banister and railings? This will optically tell you the size of chair rail thickness you will need. If the banister is bulky, use a larger chair rail to balance it and so that visually it rises just above the height of the bannister to add bulk and so that you don't use a size that disappears against it. By using the same color up the stairs that you use on the TV wall, you are anchoring that end of the room which will give it more presence. Great project, sounds fun!
Q:Anyone have a wooden high chair?
I have a wooden hand crafted Amish high chair. It did not come with a pad, so I just started using the cushion from one of our kitchen chairs. It worked so nicely I went out and bought a different chair cushion of which I used in the high chair now. Sometimes when the cover of the cushion gets dirty, I will use an old towel to wrap the pad in which works nicely for messes. Just take off pad and wash. the chair cushion I bought was only like 6 or 7 dollars at shopko. It think 44 dollars for something that is going to get much wear and tear is insane. Just go buy a cushion from a department store and put in the chair (reccomend one with a removeable cover!)
Q:how do you remove water/soda ona office chair?
Clean the whole seat area then it will be the same color/shade. You are probably seeing the difference in color. The part you have cleaned being lighter than the unaffected area that you did not clean. Hope this makes sense...

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