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  • Place of Origin: China

  • Insulation Material:
    EnameledConductor Material:

  • Certification: ISO9001, UL

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Packaging Details:as customer require
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enamelled copper wire, winding wire, magnet wire with various kinds, like: PEW/130, PEW/155, UEW/130/155/180, EIW/180, EI/AIW/20

Enamelled copper wire, winding wire, magnet wire with various kinds, like: PEW/130, PEW/155, UEW/130/155/180, EIW/180, EI/AIW/200.

Annual output: 100,000 metric tons

Production Size Range: 0.05mm-3.50mm (AWG7-AWG44)

production type: Class 130'C to Class 200'C

Certificates: ISO 9001-2000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001-2004, UL Approved, RoHS Directive Met

Executive standards: IEC, JIS and NEMA

Our production Carapacity:
Annual Output:100,000 metric tons
Product Size Range:0.05mm-3.5mm(AWG7-AWG44)
Product types:Class130-Class200
Executive standards: IEC,JIS,DIN and NEMA.

Our products have the approval of UL ( File no.E227047), ROHs, ISO9001:2008,

ISO14001:2004 and ISO/TS 16949.

We can produce wires in accordance with IEC / NEMA / JIS executive standard.

And our main oversea markets are New Zealand, Italy, Australia, India, Pakistan, USA,

Germany, Poland, Janpan, Korea, India, Indonesia, etc.

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Q:wiring harness for honda?
I'd recommend that you try and find a U pick/pull auto wreckers and hopefully they will have some vehicles like yours so you can not only find a good replacement harness but also learn more about what exactly is involved.Basically any harness has male-female plug in connectors that may run from under the hood to different comps and sensors etc and it could run to the inside of the vehicle to a fuse box or fuse box connector.Some harness's run along the engine and plug into different devices such as the fuel injectors etc then runs to some firewall etc plug in connectors.Many of different ground wires that may run to the frame/chassis or battery. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way don't forget to clean the ground surfaces and the wire o-ring connectors with a wire brush and sandpaper etc before you install the replacement harness.
Q:Wiring harness for Nissan?
antenna no radio might stil play disk first you sure you got a hot wire an d a ground wire right dont really need any thing but to tie the wires in right palce to make on e work red hot power black ground rest are speakers wire which also goes to ground wire black ho w sure are you its a good radio
Q:I need wiring help installing a new stereo into my 2000 mazda protege.?
use the link below and you just connect the wires together
Q:what type of radio wire harness do i use for a chevy impala?
you will need to check with an aftermarket radio dealer for the right harness. Almost all after market radios need a special type of harness to connect to the factory one, it is no big deal just plug and play. The big issue with your impala is that alot of the headlight functions as well as other functions are controlled and changed through the radio. Things such a key fob programming, oil life resetting, tire pressure monitoring resetting, how the horn honks when you lock and unlock the car and so on. This requires a special harness and to find that check with a reputable aftermarket car stereo place. The thing to think about is that if you ever want to adjust those settings that need to be done through the radio you will need to put the factory radio back in.
Q:what radio wire harness will fit my car?
specific you are able to decrease and splice the wires in spite of the shown fact that that is lots easier and larger to easily get an adapter plug which will in advantageous condition your present harness. As pronounced till now you are able to %. them up at a Walmart or some comparable form shop or maybe do a cyber web seek.
Q:No Vehicle Factory Wiring Harness?
So since it does not have a factory wiring harness, the current OEM radio does not work, otherwise, there is a harness there.
Q:I want to instalI a radio and need help understanding how to connect the wires on the wiring harness and radio
Radio installers nowadays dont know either. What they do is see if they can find a wiring harness that will allow them to plug one end to the original car connector and the other end to a 3rd party radio. You can find this wiring harness from BestBuy, Frys, etc that installs stereos. Even if they cannot find it, what they do is get a generic wiring harness that clearly says which is left and right - then they splice that into the radio. The radio side is much easier. The car's side is the harder part but with a wiring harness to tell you what to do, its very straight forward. Yes this costs $100 for a tech to do.
Q:Where can I get a wiring harness for dual radio?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I get a wiring harness for dual radio? I have a Dual Car stereo model number xdm6825 and I no longer have my old car that it was in but I took the radio but I didnt get all wiring harness out of the old car. Now I cant fiind one anywhere. Does anyone know where I can buy one?
Q:97 town car, I had got a wire harness for cd deck?
Stop don't cut the factory wires this is a very bad idea. They make a harness that plugs on the factory wires then you just match the color for color to the harness that comes with the new stereo. much easier an less of a chance to short out wires under the dash. I don't have my books to look up the right harness to plug on the factory plug they're at the shop I will post the model #
Q:why cant i find a wiring harness for my 02 cavalier?
any car stereo shop will have the harness you need. the part you need is a metra 70-2003 or a gmos-01. the gmos-01 will retain your factory door chime, give you an accessory power and a retained accessory power and retain the use of your diagnostic port. it will be more expensive but if you go with the 70-2003 you will have to run a wire to fuse box to get accessory power, so the radio turns on and off with the key, and you will lose all the other features listed above.

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