DXP Infilled Suspended Grantry Crane

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DXP lifting frame use truss type structure, the structure design and manufacturing process are simple; the steel structure is strong stability. And the structure stiffness is big; the deflection is small; the launching forward and dismounting are convenient; its self weight is lighter. The lifting frame is easy to use, high efficiency and strong reusable. And the space under the bridge is enough, can provide large construction operation. Don’t need to set up support and not using large mobile crane. It mainly used in the large span cantilever bridge erection (such as main bridge of cable-stayed bridge).

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The hook shall be scrapped at any time in the following circumstances:Crackle;The wear of the dangerous section is 10% of the original size;The opening ratio is increased by 10% than the original size;The twist of the hook is over 10 degrees;The dangerous section of the hook or the neck of the hook produces plastic deformation;The hook thread is corroded;When the hook bushing is worn at 50% of the original size, the bushing shall be replaced;The mandrel shall be replaced when the hook mandrel is worn at 5% of the original size.
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Need to know more info. From your question possibly 35000 lbs.

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