Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

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Product Description:

1. Description of Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

Induction cooker has broken the traditional open flame cooking way to adopt magnetic induction current heating principle (also known as eddy current).

Induction cooker has quick heating, high thermal efficiency, the halogen-light, no smoke, no harmful gas, do not produce thermal radiation on the surrounding environment, small volume, and the advantages of good safety and beautiful appearance, can finish the most of the cooking task. Therefore, in the induction cooker is popular in some countries, people the spirit of "cooking" and as "green stove".

When choose and buy, have to know the power first, second is panel material, three is IGBT power - the power transistor, fourth is function, fifth is appearance).


2. Features of Ceramic Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

  • High-tech, far-infrared heating

    it uses the far infrared cooking, no electromagnetic radiation, warming and many cooking function.


    iron, aluminum, copper, ceramics, marmite heat-resistant glass and any heat-resistant utensils could be used, 


    steam, boil, fry, BBQ (grill), hot pot, water and soup.


    no fire, no smoke, and no carbon monoxide


    many protection installations

    Easy to clean

    crystal glass plate, easy to clean.


    intelligent micro-computer control


3. Specifications of Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker









15Actual power


Black crystal plate size


Plastic housing

Aluminium Alloyed frame

Power cord

1.3m / 1.5m or as required

Soup pot:stainless steel pot

260g/ 280g/320g


Control type:touch control

4 digital LED display

Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty

High/low heating or voltage protection

With high quality  IGBT

4. Images of Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

Durable Electric Induction Cooker Radiant-Cooker

5. FAQ


1)  Where it could be applicated? 

Our products are widely used in every field of modern society such as electric blanket,bedding, car interior, bags, mask, hats, clothes, shoecover, apron,cloth, packaging material, furniture, mattresses, toys, clothing, filter fabric, filling materials, agriculture, home textile,garment, industry, interlining and other industries.

2)   Are free samples available?

No. The sample cost and express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

3)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


4)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

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Q:Can I take an induction cooker for trains?
Hello, yes, as long as the goods are not expressly prohibited by the state
Q:Which is better, the electromagnetic oven or the traditional electric frying pan?
The electromagnetic oven is green appliances, its utilization rate is very high, because it is relying on the electromagnetic flow makes the metal metal pot molecular collisions generate heat, so the thermal energy utilization is very complete, and the electromagnetic oven now has the microcomputer control, timing, temperature, heat preservation, fried fried everything, so strongly recommended also, do not account for the location, convenient cleaning, the panel is of special ceramics, so the hand above is not hot, not because the metal, so it is safe and reliable. In contrast, I still feel that the electromagnetic oven is relatively provincial, you have to think about your chain of consumption, electromagnetic oven maintenance costs are relatively low.
Q:Can the stainless steel pan be used on the induction cooker? Please explain the working principle of the electromagnetic oven
When a loop coil passes an electric current, the effect is equivalent to a magnet bar. The surface coil magnetic field which is generated N-S pole, the magnetic flux through the. If the power used is alternating current, the magnetic flux of the coil and the flux across the loop will change.The greater the induction current, the higher the heat produced, the shorter the time it takes to cook the food. The greater the induced current, the greater the flux change across the metal surface and, of course, the stronger the magnetic field. As a result, the more coils needed to pass the alternating current, the more winding turns together. Because of the use of high intensity magnetic induction, there is no current in the induction cooker, so the furnace does not produce high temperature when cooking food. Electromagnetic furnace surface normal are using high temperature black crystal board, is a relatively safe cooking appliance. In the use process, because the board will contact with the pan with black crystal, will produce localized heat in the heating, so after a period of time, do not touch the surface of the furnace, to prevent burns.
Q:Can a pressure cooker be used on an induction cooker?
If the home does not have a paramagnetic material of the kitchen utensils, but also heating food, you can use the following method to solve: first, prepare a piece of iron into the bottom of the pot shape, so that it close contact with the pot, in order to facilitate heat transfer. When cooking, put the iron, aluminum pot, copper pot on top, the heating is very
Q:When using an induction cooker, does the bottom of the pot affect the water greatly?
For the sake of your electromagnetic oven's service life and your safety, it is recommended that you wipe the water in the bottom of the pot before you use the induction cooker!
Q:How do you make rice with an electromagnetic oven?
The amount of rice and water need not be mentioned. Use hot water directly. Boil the cold water for a few more minutes. As far as my experience is concerned, it is not very useful to soak for some time. Then steam, with high power 5 minutes, stalls can be reduced according to the situation, and then heating the minimum power of 15 minutes, the whole pot down, do not uncover the lid, static for a while will be able to eat. Use your free time to prepare your food. The Rice doesn't stick at all. The taste is only related to the quality of rice.
Q:The beauty cooker doesn't start
The beauty of the common fault of the electromagnetic furnace on the display panel of the touch switch failure (Note: failure is not short, short refers to the conduction term in the conducting state, and the failure is that the switch is not the conduction conduction). The processing method is also very simple, open the solenoid the furnace and remove the display board, the multimeter is used to measure the resistance of the start switch, press the touch switch is normal, the two groups of normally open contact conduction, conduction resistance less than 5 ohm, if greater than 10 ohm or even infinite, it is proved that the switch failure, the replacement of the switch after fault can be ruled out.
Q:How to repair an electromagnetic oven
After cleaning, hang it for a while until the circuit board is dry. This is the key to look at open contact button and a baffle, whether there is dirt, if any, with a sharp metal such as needle nails, to remove the oxide layer on the surface, this can be the first to connect the circuit board test, if the light is so
Q:Electromagnetic stove level two energy efficiency what do you mean?
Because the working principle of various electrical appliances is different, the contents of the energy efficiency labeling are also different. One of the more simple the refrigerator and air-conditioning energy efficiency labeling, the energy efficiency rating for the 5 level, 1 level is the highest energy efficiency ratio of the product; washing machine energy efficiency level is divided into 5 levels, as well as refrigerators and air conditioners and other large household appliances, the higher the level, the more energy-efficient products. However, washing machine energy label in addition to the content of the power consumption of the washing machine is also marked, including water, wash, washing capacity, and noise and other factors, which refers to clean than the clean degree of washing machine. If a washing machine is marked with a cleaning ratio of 0.7, then it is indicated that the washing machine can be washed to a degree of 70%.
Q:How to judge the grade of induction cooker?
Brand. Strong technical force, high credibility of the brand, products through the CCEE China Electrotechnical Products Safety Certification and ISO9001 international quality certification.Selected power. The power of the electromagnetic oven in the market is between 1000-2400W and divided into several stalls. The greater the power heating rate is faster, but also more power consumption, the price will be more expensive, generally speaking, the following 3 people selected family should be 1300W; 4-5 for 1600W-1900W are good candidates for 6-7; 1800W-2100W; more than 8 2100W above the electromagnetic oven.Key components. The quality of the electromagnetic oven depends on the quality of the high frequency power transistor and the ceramic glass panel. When purchasing, be sure to buy high speed, high voltage, high current single high-power transistor electromagnetic oven, because of its good quality, excellent performance, high reliability, not easy to damage.

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