Induction Cook Top CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS Kitchen Appliances

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Product Description:

  •  Kitchen appliance Induction Cook Top

  •  120~220V 1300~2000W, Black& Silver color      induction cooker 

  • Plate Size:280*270mm

  • Unit Size: 280*360*68

  • Gift Box Size:310*90*395

  • Carton Box Size:470*330*420

  • N.W.:2.1kg

  • G.W.:2.3kg

  • 20' / 40 '/40HQ : 2150 / 4460 / 5230  pcs


  • Detail informations for main parts:


  1. crystal black glass (Grade A);

  2. high-strengths stainless still for knob material;

  3. infrared heating,uniformity,high quality nichrome heating element;

  4. virto ceramic glass  ,Press / Knob control

  5.  4 digital LED display with multi-function

  6. 10 level of temperature and power

  7. Temperature Range   140F-464F

  8. 100% copper coil 


  • Powerful feature:


  1. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, charfing dish, quick frying,boiling,hot pot,stewing and etc;

  2. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, touch control system, LED digital display,quite easy to use;

  3. multi-function electric ceramic camping stove outdoor, it is very suitable for family and commercial specially,  high performance, stable and durable.

  4. high quality pure black crystal glass is very easy to clean and keep, just need to wipe lightly;

  5. high thermal efficiency to save energy compare with the traditional cooking method;

  6. go through strictly QC and aging-test, ensure the safety and its value;

  7. high quality components, professional assembly, giving you great value.


  • Safety


  1. overheating and boiling dry protection;

  2. anti-magnetic well;

  3. child lock to protect your baby;

  4. environmental friendly, smoke-free, do not create any poisonous and harmful gas;

  5. no electromagnetic radiation




OEM and ODM  is available!

Induction Cook Top CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS  Kitchen Appliances


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Q:The difference between an electromagnetic oven and a light wave furnace
Induction cooker heating fast, but must use iron pot, heat loss is not big, light wave furnace heating slow, can use any metal pot, that is, heat loss big point
Q:Electromagnetic oven maintenance of the original to those?
The main components of the electromagnetic oven maintenance: insurance tube, rectifier and IGBT (Kai Guanguan);
Q:How to repair an electromagnetic oven
Sometimes, or not good, this is the first case can be installed together in the test, will find easy to use, because no contact to open the key, back onto the circuit board must ensure the electromagnetic furnace not water, to ensure the safety of the electromagnetic oven, although the protection circuit, a small heart that is always good. If you have a similar problem, it will work.
Q:Can the aluminum alloy pan be used in the induction cooker?
Induction cooker can not be placed in the pot made of aluminum material (because aluminum is not magnetic), the tip pot is not enough (unstable). Can with a magnetic iron pot. Tin. Made of stainless steel to magnetic material pot can now have a flat bottom with iron, aluminum, the use effect is good, but the high price (130 yuan a)] according to the induction cooker is current through the magnetic iron (cobalt. Ni) so the eddy current heating, only iron (cobalt, nickel, manufacturing) can be used. The pot pot is not too heavy. The electromagnetic oven stove in different materials such as brick or iron construction, its weight is limited, even the general pot with food should not exceed 5 kg, and the bottom of the pot is not too small, so that the surface of the furnace pressure electromagnetic stove, not too heavy, too concentrated force. In case of heating the super large pan, the holder shall be provided with a support frame, and then the cooker will be inserted into the bottom of the pan
Q:How much more practical price cooker?
The price is between 180-250, most of the electromagnetic oven are OEM, the brand does not matter, and the most important thing is to master some simple discriminant method, you can pick a practical electromagnetic oven:
Q:What brand of imported electromagnetic oven is of good quality?
The import of new kind of electromagnetic oven price is better, more suitable for public use.
Q:Induction cooker generally can use how long, what will affect it?
The phenomenon that the voltage of the induction cooker is too high or too low to start is a normal phenomenon, and it is one of the measures to protect itself.The surge of voltage has a great influence on the induction cooker. At this point, the surge protection device will be burned because of the excessive voltage absorption, thus protecting the electromagnetic oven, but after replacing the surge device, it will not affect its use.The electric environment is also an invisible ruler to detect the performance of the electromagnetic oven. The design of the electromagnetic oven products with defects and low quality, bad parts and components will be paralyzed quickly under the impact of the voltage.
Q:Electromagnetic oven how most power saving?
1., choose the pot with high electric heating efficiency. The induction cooker uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce an induction current in the alternating magnetic field of the metal body, which leads to thermal effects, thereby achieving the purpose of cooking food. Therefore, the induction cooker should use a better magnetic performance of containers made of materials, such as iron pot, cast iron pot, iron containing stainless steel pot, etc.. In the purchase of a pot, choose the iron content, and pay attention to the lid sealed, and the purchase of the pot should be flat, the bottom area and electromagnetic furnace area coincide as well. Thus, the heat efficiency of the induction cooker is converted to the highest, and the cooking speed is naturally fast. When buying a cooker, you should bring a small magnet to verify the iron content of the pot. The greater the suction, the higher the iron content of the pot.2., heating food should pay attention to methods. According to the number of food choice heating grades, especially in boiling water, soup and more attention should be paid to. In addition, when the pot soup for a short time to cooked food, heating should begin to put less water, put the food cooked with foot soup.3. reasonable use of each gear power. High power electromagnetic oven heating speed, but the power consumption is also large. When heating, use a high power gear first. After boiling, if no special requirements, should be timely to keep power adjustable can make pot boiling, especially in cooking, soup, etc. Hot pot Rice porridge eat when they should be so.
Q:Why is there a loud noise when the cooker is turned off?
Normally, when the disk temperature drops, it stops automatically
Q:Electromagnetic oven power consumption, every month with electromagnetic cooking or gas cost?
Electromagnetic oven cost-effective or gas cost-effective, have to look at the local gas and electricity prices to compare. Generally speaking, the gas is a little cheaper.General gas price is 2.4/ square, the price of electricity is 0.55/ kwh, according to 15 cubic meters of gas consumption calculation, a month's gas fee is 2.4 yuan / cubic meter * 15 cubic meters = 36 yuan. The electromagnetic oven 2 kilowatts of power calculation, per day, the cooking time is about 1.5 hours, one month meals energy expenditure is 2 * 1.5 kilowatt hours / day 30 days * * 0.55 yuan / kWh = 49.5 yuan, slightly visible, gas cost more.

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