Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

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Product Description:

1. Description of Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

Induction cooker has broken the traditional open flame cooking way to adopt magnetic induction current heating principle (also known as eddy current).

Induction cooker has quick heating, high thermal efficiency, the halogen-light, no smoke, no harmful gas, do not produce thermal radiation on the surrounding environment, small volume, and the advantages of good safety and beautiful appearance, can finish the most of the cooking task. Therefore, in the induction cooker is popular in some countries, people the spirit of "cooking" and as "green stove".

When choose and buy, have to know the power first, second is panel material, three is IGBT power - the power transistor, fourth is function, fifth is appearance).


2. Features of Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

  • High-tech, far-infrared heating

    it uses the far infrared cooking, no electromagnetic radiation, warming and many cooking function.


    iron, aluminum, copper, ceramics, marmite heat-resistant glass and any heat-resistant utensils could be used, 


    steam, boil, fry, BBQ (grill), hot pot, water and soup.


    no fire, no smoke, and no carbon monoxide


    many protection installations

    Easy to clean

    crystal glass plate, easy to clean.


    intelligent micro-computer control


3. Specifications of  Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker









15Actual power


Black crystal plate size


Plastic housing

Aluminium Alloyed frame

Power cord

1.3m / 1.5m or as required

Soup pot:stainless steel pot

260g/ 280g/320g


Control type:touch control

4 digital LED display

Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty

High/low heating or voltage protection

With high quality  IGBT

4. Images of Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

Ceramic Cooker Radiant-Cooker Latest Model Electric Magic Cooker

5. FAQ


1)  Where it could be applicated? 

Our products are widely used in every field of modern society such as electric blanket,bedding, car interior, bags, mask, hats, clothes, shoecover, apron,cloth, packaging material, furniture, mattresses, toys, clothing, filter fabric, filling materials, agriculture, home textile,garment, industry, interlining and other industries.

2)   Are free samples available?

No. The sample cost and express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

3)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


4)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

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Q:Can the cooker used for induction cooker be set on fire?
In theory, it can be used, because the cooker is made of stainless steel pot, and the cooker is made of stainless steel.
Q:Can a pig iron pot be used in an induction cooker?
The material of the pot must be iron or alloy steel, with its high magnetic permeability to strengthen the magnetic sense, thereby greatly enhancing the vortex electric field and eddy current heat power. Because of the excessive or excessive resistivity of the material, the cooker of other materials will cause abnormal electromagnetic oven load and start automatic protection, which will not work properly. At the same time, because iron absorbs the magnetic field sufficiently, the shielding effect is also very good, this has reduced many magnetic radiation, therefore the iron pot is more safe than any other material cooking utensil.
Q:Which kind of electromagnetic oven is good?
The quality of the electromagnetic oven depends on the quality of the high frequency power transistor and the ceramic glass panel. When buying and selling, be sure to buy high-speed, high voltage, high current single high-power transistor electromagnetic oven, because of its good quality, excellent performance, high reliability, not easy to damage. If several large power transistors are used in series or in parallel, there are more problems. For the panel, it is necessary to choose the authentic ceramic glass ceramic panel electromagnetic oven, which is characterized by: milky white, opaque, touch panel printing pattern, feel concave and convex obvious. For the use of heat-resistant plastic or tempered glass panels, easy to burn or cold water caused by cracking and so on. There are always brand models, such as you say you see good beauty beauty also know that this model is good, you can also see the selection, rather than blindly say which brand is good choose which of it, I have to buy electrical appliances do your homework first and then compare different brands
Q:Can the stainless steel pan be used on the induction cooker? Please explain the working principle of the electromagnetic oven
When a loop coil passes an electric current, the effect is equivalent to a magnet bar. The surface coil magnetic field which is generated N-S pole, the magnetic flux through the. If the power used is alternating current, the magnetic flux of the coil and the flux across the loop will change.The greater the induction current, the higher the heat produced, the shorter the time it takes to cook the food. The greater the induced current, the greater the flux change across the metal surface and, of course, the stronger the magnetic field. As a result, the more coils needed to pass the alternating current, the more winding turns together. Because of the use of high intensity magnetic induction, there is no current in the induction cooker, so the furnace does not produce high temperature when cooking food. Electromagnetic furnace surface normal are using high temperature black crystal board, is a relatively safe cooking appliance. In the use process, because the board will contact with the pan with black crystal, will produce localized heat in the heating, so after a period of time, do not touch the surface of the furnace, to prevent burns.
Q:When did the induction cooker begin in China?
Electromagnetic cookers are more and more popular with consumers because of their convenience, intelligence and other advantages. Nowadays, many people change their gas stoves to electromagnetic stoves, and electromagnetic products come into our daily life quietly. On the market all sorts of electromagnetic oven and electromagnetic oven, first choose good appearance and performance, see, brand is also the key. Different brands, their quality, reputation and after-sales service and so on are different. In the future, in the face of all kinds of induction cooker, you do not need to be confused, the domestic ten major electromagnetic oven brand list, and now share with you.
Q:How is the electromagnetic oven heated?
The induction cooker is divided into two categories: low frequency and high frequency according to the current and frequency in the induction coil. Compared with the high-frequency electromagnetic range, the induction cooker has high heating efficiency and saves electricity.
Q:How to repair the electromagnetic stove explosion machine
Rectifier bridge is normal (with Multimeter diode file test): A: multimeter, red pen, "-", black pen "+", there is about 0.9V voltage drop, tune, no display. B: multimeter, red pen, "-", black pen, respectively, two input, there are about 0.5V voltage drop, the tune is not displayed. C: multimeter, black pen, "+", red pen, respectively, two input, there are about 0.5V voltage drop, "tone", "no" display. 5. check the capacitor C301; C302; C303; whether the heat damage. (if the damage has been deformed or burned) 6. detects whether the chip 8316 is broken: measurement method: measuring 8316 pins with a multimeter requires 1 and 2; 1 and 4; 7 and 2; 7 and 4 cannot be shorted. Is the thermal switch insulation protection damaged at 7.IGBT?. Key action detection, measuring whether the CPU line breakdown;
Q:Hand induction cooker why not hot?
Because the induction cooker is heated by the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, it is only sensitive to metal, because the hand is not metal, so it is not hot
Q:Which two transistors are the driving tubes of the induction cooker?
Electromagnetic oven main board on the small number of transistors, generally only 35, of which there are two transistors are close to each other, they are a pair, this pair is the drive tube.Drive to pipe model is generally 8050, with 8550., the remaining pipes are 8050.The drive tube is connected to the G pole of the power tube via a 10 resistor.
Q:Can electromagnetic cooker be used in natural gas?
Can be used, it is best to use up, then wipe the bottom of the pot, so as not to use the induction cooker when the induction cooker panels dirty! If the outside of your wok is that non stick coating, it is better not to burn it directly with open flame, which will burn the coating (electromagnetic oven heating is not open flame)

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