Induction Cook Top cookware Induction CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS

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Product Description:

  Kitchen appliance Induction Cook Top

  •  120~220V 1300~2000W, Black color      induction cooker 

  • Plate Size:290*280mm

  • Unit Size: 340*400*60

  • Gift Box Size:340*90*420

  • Carton Box Size:470*360*440

  • 20' / 40 '/40HQ :  1940 / 3950  / 4700 pcs pcs

  • N.W.: 2.4kg

  • G.W.:2.8kg


  • Detail informations for main parts:


1.  10 Levels adjustable power by "-" and "+"

2. 4 digital LED display with multi-function

3.  24 hours reservation,Timer, ,child lock  ,

4.Temperature Range   140F-464F

5.  Microcomputer touch/slip control

6.  Multiple functions like milk,soup, stew,fried,water,braize,and time setting.

7.100% copper coil, good product quantity.



1.   Portable design

2.  With Child Lock

3.  Anti-magnetic wall

4.  IGBT overheating protection

5.  Over voltage/Low voltage protection

6.  Over current protection

7.  Electro-magnetic cooking system

8.  Energy saving and environment protection

9.  Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty.

10. Can be used in office/home

11. Available with auto off moce


  • Powerful feature:

 outdoor travel ceramic cooker, charfing dish, quick frying,boiling,hot pot,stewing and etc;

  1. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, touch control system, LED digital display,quite easy to use;

  2. multi-function electric ceramic camping stove outdoor, it is very suitable for family and commercial specially,  high performance, stable and durable.

  3. high quality pure black crystal glass is very easy to clean and keep, just need to wipe lightly;

  4. high thermal efficiency to save energy compare with the traditional cooking method;

  5. go through strictly QC and aging-test, ensure the safety and its value;

  6. high quality components, professional assembly, giving you great value.


  • Safety


  1. overheating and boiling dry protection;

  2. anti-magnetic well;

  3. child lock to protect your baby;

  4. environmental friendly, smoke-free, do not create any poisonous and harmful gas;

  5. no electromagnetic radiation




OEM and ODM is available!

Induction Cook Top cookware Induction  CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS


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Q:Can China be heated directly on an induction cooker?
Porcelain is not a magnetic material, so it can not be used to heat the induction cooker.
Q:Electromagnetic oven "Tong lock" after how to open?
The electromagnetic oven in order to prevent the misuse of children, and dangerous, so the design of lock up function, such as accidentally mistaken operation, according to the "+" or "-" key to unlock the stalls, can also press for 3 seconds will automatically unlock the lock button. If you still can not unlock, please unplug the plug, and so on after a few kinds of electromagnetic oven lost memory function, and then through the power, which is press any key to unlock. Some electromagnetic ovens need to open the top of the electromagnetic oven, pull out the control panel, insert the plug, and after a few minutes, assemble it and press any key to unlock it.
Q:Induction cooker glass.
The glass of the induction cooker panel is called microcrystalline glass. Unlike ordinary proportions, it is not toughened glass.
Q:Can an iron pan in an induction cooker burn on gas?
The iron pot on the electromagnetic oven can be used on the gas cooker, but the pot used after the gas cooker inevitably causes the bottom of the pan not to be smooth, and then the panel is scratched on the induction cooker. In addition, after using the gas cooker, the bottom of the pot becomes very dark and unsightly. The most important thing is that the cooker used in the induction cooker, the bottom of the pot is thinner than the ordinary pot bottom, so that it is beneficial to heating, but this pot is not suitable for use in open flame, and seriously affect the life. I hope my answer is useful to you.
Q:What brand is best for commercial induction cooker?! Which is the best?
For commercial electromagnetic oven technology source manufacturersnahuo should be more concrete point, remember the first comparison of various configuration, high configuration to durable peace of mind, be careful in this business by the user, before buying the best to know what the commercial, high configuration of the electromagnetic oven? For example, 32 bit microcomputer digital processing chip, full bridge scheme, imported IGBT module, morion panel thickness, the thickness of stainless steel panel, (some watching feel very thin) patience to listen to the commercial electromagnetic oven forum has used friend experience to consider, or have to spend big money to teaching fee;
Q:Electromagnetic oven energy efficiency grade, please
The higher the heat, the lower the efficiency. Thermal efficiency - level 1: 90%, two: 88%, three: 86%, four: 84%, five: 82%, one or two standby power 2W; 345 standby power 5W
Q:What's the difference between an induction cooker and a high frequency induction heater? Why does the induction cooker only heat a metal like steel and a high frequency induction heater can heat a lot?
It breaks the traditional way of cooking fire, the magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current) heating principle, electromagnetic stove heat is produced high-frequency current through the electronic circuit board part, a rectifying circuit 50 HZ /60HZ AC into DC voltage through the control circuit converts the DC voltage into high frequency current 20-25KHz, the magnetic induction coil spiral, the formation of a high frequency alternating magnetic field, when the magnetic field lines through metal ware (magnetic material) current heating parts of metal body is generated by the alternating (i.e. swirl), eddy making pot iron molecular speed random motion, molecules collide, friction heat the appliance itself to high fever, which will be converted to heat energy for heating and cooking, cooking food, so as to achieve the purpose of. The thermal efficiency of electromagnetic heating technology is as high as 98%, 40% higher than that of traditional electric heating wire. It greatly saves energy and is widely used.
Q:What is the front panel of an American induction cooker?
Followed by Japan's NEG (white opaque) panels, with the same advantages.
Q:What kinds of induction cooker are there?
Because of its safety, sanitation, energy saving, no fire cooking and convenient use, electromagnetic oven is very popular with consumers. But many brands of electromagnetic ovens make it difficult for customers to choose. Induction cooker is a high power appliance, with each person's life is closely related, we should choose from the professional quality, safety, price and after-sales service and other considerations, we must buy to the formal shopping malls. I have some experience in purchasing electromagnetic ovens, and now provide for your reference.
Q:The beauty cooker doesn't start
Normally, this is because the touch switch on the display panel is invalid. Led to such a problem.You can ask for the free customer service phone at the best shopping, and they have specialists who specialize in answering such questions.

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