2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

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1. Description of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

Induction cooker has broken the traditional open flame cooking way to adopt magnetic induction current heating principle (also known as eddy current).

Induction cooker has quick heating, high thermal efficiency, the halogen-light, no smoke, no harmful gas, do not produce thermal radiation on the surrounding environment, small volume, and the advantages of good safety and beautiful appearance, can finish the most of the cooking task. Therefore, in the induction cooker is popular in some countries, people the spirit of "cooking" and as "green stove".

When choose and buy, have to know the power first, second is panel material, three is IGBT power - the power transistor, fourth is function, fifth is appearance).


2. Features of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

  • High-tech, far-infrared heating

    it uses the far infrared cooking, no electromagnetic radiation, warming and many cooking function.


    iron, aluminum, copper, ceramics, marmite heat-resistant glass and any heat-resistant utensils could be used, 


    steam, boil, fry, BBQ (grill), hot pot, water and soup.


    no fire, no smoke, and no carbon monoxide


    many protection installations

    Easy to clean

    crystal glass plate, easy to clean.


    intelligent micro-computer control


3. Specifications of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

Single plate of 43*40*4 CM;

Operating on/off indicator light;

Various heat operations;


Overheat protection;

Power Supply:230V/110V,50/60Hz


Packing:5PCS/CTN  44×42×41CM



Control type:touch control

4 digital LED display

Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty

High/low heating or voltage protection

With high quality  IGBT

4. Images of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

5. FAQ


1)  Where it could be applicated? 

Our products are widely used in every field of modern society such as electric blanket,bedding, car interior, bags, mask, hats, clothes, shoecover, apron,cloth, packaging material, furniture, mattresses, toys, clothing, filter fabric, filling materials, agriculture, home textile,garment, industry, interlining and other industries.

2)   Are free samples available?

No. The sample cost and express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

3)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


4)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

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Q:Is the temperature of the electromagnetic oven high or the flame temperature of the gas stove high?
The gas stove gas stove principle is at work, the gas enters through the intake pipe in the range, by adjusting the gas valve (the user is adjusted by the knob) into the furnace head, and a mixed air (this air is called an air), these gases are ejected from the fire hole distributor at the same time is a flame ignited ignition device. The maximum temperature is above 1000 degrees celsius.
Q:Who invented the induction cooker?
In 1957, the Germans invented it, specifically who did not know!Most of the "magnetic" produced by the electromagnetic furnace is distributed at the bottom of the pot, forming a closed magnetic field. When the pot on the cooker "work", the highest intensity magnetic field generated by electromagnetic oven at the edge of the induction cooker is 160 without Gauss, the magnetic signals generated when using a mobile phone close to 1600 without Gauss, is 10 times that of the electromagnetic oven surface edge of the magnetic field that influence the electromagnetic oven the magnetic field of the human body is far better than the mobile phone. When the pot with a vertical 3-5cm left panel cooker, the pot will not be beyond the scope of closed magnetic field and the electromagnetic oven heat regeneration, stop working automatically; the horizontal magnetic field outside the scope of the closed magnetic field is very weak, accounting for about 0.1% of the magnetic field energy to zero, or even close to the earth's magnetic field. When the pot is less than the minimum diameter of 8cm, the electromagnetic oven can not work. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the influence of the electromagnetic field on the human body
Q:What's the difference between an induction cooker and a light wave furnace?
In the period of time and the emergence of a new term - oven in the microwave oven market, many consumers do not understand in fact light furnace is a concept of what, as to when consumers buy more clearly what kind of product for you, I will introduce you to the difference between the microwave and light wave stove. Light wave furnace is also called light wave microwave oven. The biggest difference between it and ordinary microwave oven lies in its heating mode. The ordinary microwave oven, the inner barbecue pipe, generally uses the copper tube or the quartz tube. It is difficult to cool the copper tube after heating, which leads to scalding. The heat effect of the quartz tube is not very high. Light wave stove barbecue tube is composed of quartz tube or pipe into the halogen tube (i.e. light tube), can quickly generate high temperature heat, cooling faster, higher heating efficiency, and will not be scorched, so as to ensure the food color. From the cost point of view, the cost of the light pipe is only a few dollars more than the copper tube or the quartz tube, so now the use of the lightwave tube in the microwave oven technology is very common. In essence: light wave is the auxiliary function of microwave oven, only for barbecue. Without microwaves, the light wave oven is only equivalent to the ordinary oven. The light wave furnace in the market is a combination of light wave and microwave. In use, it can be operated by microwave, and can be operated by light wave alone. It can also be combined with light wave and microwave. That is to say, the light wave oven is compatible with the function of the microwave oven.
Q:What causes the internal short circuit of the induction cooker?
1 will be the first leg of the electromagnetic wire coil disconnect for insurance tube, measure the capacitance voltage across the DC output voltage of C102, the general bridge rectifier is 220V-300V, if there is no voltage or continue to fuse, judge for the bridge rectifier block bad.Analysis of the reason: if the rectifier bridge breakdown, then 220V AC direct short circuit.2 and then look at the voltage at both ends of the C102, determine whether the IGBT is bad, replace the troubleshooting.Analysis of the reasons: C102 voltage at both ends, indicating that the bridge rectifier DC output is normal, if the two IGBT output pin breakdown, it is equivalent to DC short circuit.3, third, if the bridge, the bridge and the IGBT are not bad, but still burn insurance, it may be IA8316S integrated block bad, replaced after troubleshooting.Analysis of the reasons: TA8316S output due to the pulse angle is too large, resulting in overloading of the phenomenon of IGBT
Q:Why does the fan turn on after the induction cooker is powered on?
In this case, the fan drive circuit is faulty, that is to say, the drive triode is broken down and the fan is in the condition of long power supply. The way to deal with this is to replace this triode. Usually located in the fan socket, you can find this triode, remove the model of the pipe to find a replacement, you can pay attention when you install the new pipe, do not adjust the wrong foot on the line.
Q:What pot should be used for eating hot pot with an electromagnetic oven?
Use iron and steel pans. Electromagnetic oven will be used in the production of radiation, in the selection of induction cooker with the pot, we have to consider the radiation from the side. In fact, the ideal cooker for induction cooker is a pan made of materials like iron and steel. Made of iron and steel pot in high temperature and electromagnetic oven heated in the heat load and the eddy current, the energy quickly transformed into heat, the electromagnetic oven will also reduce the leakage magnetic field, electromagnetic radiation furnace reduced accordingly.
Q:Does the cooker have any harm to the human body? How big is the damage?
Another expert said that the current domestic sales of electromagnetic oven products rarely check electromagnetic compatibility projects, where the inspection is almost exported to the European Union, the United States and Japan and other international markets products. This is because the United States and other countries have mandatory international standards for products, while our country, in principle, requires enterprises to implement the standards, but the lack of coercive measures. Two years ago, the national daily electrical appliances quality supervision and inspection center has made a thorough investigation of electromagnetic oven products, and found that only about 50% of the standard.
Q:How much more practical price cooker?
The first panel is smooth and no bump or tilt, choose smooth lossless; look at the color panel, black seran Germany glass ceramic plate and smooth surface of pure white Japanese NEG ceramic panel is a good general factory panel, and by domestic manufacturers; grade A and B board is also white, but the edge of B plate is rough, not a smooth; C plate is prone to yellowing discoloration, manufacturers are often printed with patterns. Try to buy imported panels or domestic A-class panel products. Then look at the cooling fan at the bottom and choose a fan diagonal product. It is better to use magnetic suspension, hydraulic or nano ceramic fan. If you can disassemble it, press the fan blade with your hand. You can press it. The 2mm is magnetic suspension, and on the contrary, it is not. Ask the shopping guide to see whether you can confirm the type and brand of cooling fans, such as AVC and other international manufacturers, indicating that manufacturers are willing to invest costs.
Q:How can the electromagnetic oven not control the temperature?
At present, a lot of people initiative only elevation, medium and low grades can; also put forward the method of precise temperature you think. But it seems that the product hasn't been on the market yet.
Q:Can the ordinary pressure cooker be used in the induction cooker?
Aluminum pressure cooker does not work, must be the bottom of the steel or stainless steel flat bottomed autoclavePay close attention when heatingAfter all, the pressure cooker is dangerousPersonally, I'm afraid of pressure cookersBetter stew for hours

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