2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

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1. Description of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

Induction cooker has broken the traditional open flame cooking way to adopt magnetic induction current heating principle (also known as eddy current).

Induction cooker has quick heating, high thermal efficiency, the halogen-light, no smoke, no harmful gas, do not produce thermal radiation on the surrounding environment, small volume, and the advantages of good safety and beautiful appearance, can finish the most of the cooking task. Therefore, in the induction cooker is popular in some countries, people the spirit of "cooking" and as "green stove".

When choose and buy, have to know the power first, second is panel material, three is IGBT power - the power transistor, fourth is function, fifth is appearance).


2. Features of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

  • High-tech, far-infrared heating

    it uses the far infrared cooking, no electromagnetic radiation, warming and many cooking function.


    iron, aluminum, copper, ceramics, marmite heat-resistant glass and any heat-resistant utensils could be used, 


    steam, boil, fry, BBQ (grill), hot pot, water and soup.


    no fire, no smoke, and no carbon monoxide


    many protection installations

    Easy to clean

    crystal glass plate, easy to clean.


    intelligent micro-computer control


3. Specifications of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

Single plate of 43*40*4 CM;

Operating on/off indicator light;

Various heat operations;


Overheat protection;

Power Supply:230V/110V,50/60Hz


Packing:5PCS/CTN  44×42×41CM



Control type:touch control

4 digital LED display

Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty

High/low heating or voltage protection

With high quality  IGBT

4. Images of 2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker2015 New Kitchenware of Induction Cooker

5. FAQ


1)  Where it could be applicated? 

Our products are widely used in every field of modern society such as electric blanket,bedding, car interior, bags, mask, hats, clothes, shoecover, apron,cloth, packaging material, furniture, mattresses, toys, clothing, filter fabric, filling materials, agriculture, home textile,garment, industry, interlining and other industries.

2)   Are free samples available?

No. The sample cost and express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

3)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


4)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

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Q:Why can't the ordinary pan be used in the induction cooker?
Therefore, it is suitable for electromagnetic oven cooker has the following categories: iron pots, the pots containing enamel pan, cast pot, stainless steel wok, stainless steel pot for electromagnetic oven with compound bottom pot, and usually, the bottom diameter should not be less than 8CM. The reason is that if the pot is not up to the minimum diameter of 8CM, the electromagnetic oven can not work, in addition, because once the maximum diameter of the electromagnetic heating, magnetic field is 2226CM, so in this magnetic field is the most suitable pot.
Q:What are the requirements of an induction cooker?
Note that most types of stainless steel are non-magnetic or weakly conductive (neither magnet nor suction) nor can they be used in induction cooker. And with the pot pot gift, most of the pot bottom is very thin, it is easy to burn paste.
Q:Excuse me, how much time does 1000W's induction cooker consume in an hour?
In general, 1000W uses 1 hours of electrical energy consumption of 1 degrees. Cook with electromagnetic oven, if the family is not long (less than 5 people), 1000W can be steamed, braised, fried, fried and so on. Three meals a day, if you only use this induction cooker, the total use of the total time is not more than 2 hours, the power consumption will not exceed 2 degrees. Moreover, in cooking, cooking process, will not have been using the highest power, many times using less than 1000W of the kind of temperature, so in 2 hours of use time, the power consumption will not exceed 2 degrees.Another: indeed, the general family of electromagnetic stove is about 1800W, because the power of the electromagnetic stove adjustment range, to fast when the temperature comes, but the power is small, slow. But even with 1800W, the actual use of most of the time is the default 1500W cooker, and according to the needs are often lower, transferred to full power, or 1800W when there are also, but very few.
Q:Hand induction cooker why not hot?
The electromagnetic oven itself is not exothermic. It is heated by coils and iron pans that produce eddy currents. But after use, the furnace surface is over temperature.
Q:Leakage of electromagnetic oven
In general, this will not happen, if there is more than 1, sockets no ground wire or ground wire disconnected; 2, electromagnetic oven quality problems.
Q:How can the induction cooker not operate?
Change the motherboard, it may be the motherboard problem. Looking for manufacturers
Q:Method for using electromagnetic oven
Correct usage and working principle of induction cookerThe electromagnetic oven due to the characteristics of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no fire, no smoke has gradually entered the ordinary family, because can be steamed, fried, fried, fried, boiled and processed foods, and has the advantages of energy saving, high thermal efficiency, clean, convenient and durable, has gradually been accepted. However, most consumers do not understand the induction cooker, and the use of electromagnetic stove and the working principle is not fully understood.
Q:Why does the noise of the induction cooker suddenly become very large?
This is because the fan blades dirty or motor bearing wear, poor lubrication caused, the electromagnetic bottom cover removed, clean up the dust on the fan blades and air around and debris, power test, if there is noise, motor bearing lubricating oil is required. If the fan blade is deformed, new blades need to be replaced.1, check the pot bottom and the furnace surface is completely good contact (see the bottom surface if there is any, remove dirt, can); 2, the heating coil in the stove caused by loose, open the back cover with the fastening tool can be fastened (Note: 1 of the electrical appliances do not know do not move. Please understand the appliance repair personnel to repair; 2, in the maintenance before going off; 3, if not please go to customer service warranty maintenance - free).
Q:Is the induction cooker waterproof? What brand of electromagnetic stove waterproof best?
De Chen Shi waterproof patent electromagnetic oven with special material about the motherboard electronic components of bare feet are sealed up, set on a plastic shell, the board will be the entire circuit board seal, and under vacuum processing, this can protect the electronic components from damage of natural corrosion electromagnetic oven. Electronic components, bare feet are isolated from the outside, then there are cockroaches, insects and the like, in which it will not affect the normal operation of electromagnetic ovens, at the same time, into the water, into the oil, wet weather does not affect the normal operation of the induction cooker.
Q:The beauty cooker doesn't start
The beauty of the common fault of the electromagnetic furnace on the display panel of the touch switch failure (Note: failure is not short, short refers to the conduction term in the conducting state, and the failure is that the switch is not the conduction conduction). The processing method is also very simple, open the solenoid the furnace and remove the display board, the multimeter is used to measure the resistance of the start switch, press the touch switch is normal, the two groups of normally open contact conduction, conduction resistance less than 5 ohm, if greater than 10 ohm or even infinite, it is proved that the switch failure, the replacement of the switch after fault can be ruled out.

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