DCM360 Self Propelled Modular Trailer

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Description of Hydraulic Platform Trailer( without gooseneck):

1. Our hydraulic platform trailer is specialized in equipemnt extensively used in bridge& tunnel construction, power generation,petrochemical and other

projects requireing huge loads transported over long distances.

2. The use of the most advanced design concept realized light net weight, high capacity, wide applications and high reliability.

3. The modular structure allows unlimited horizontal and vertical combinations.

4. 2-7 axles per vehiclecapacity ranging from 50T to 5500T after assemb。

Specification of Hydraulic Platform Trailer( without gooseneck):

Data Sheet of the Standard Unit(without gooseneck)

Axles 2 3 4 5 6 7

Technical payload(T) 45 65 95 115 130 155

Dead weight without gooseneck 8.5 65 95 115 130 155

Axles/suspension 2/4 3/6 4/8 5/10 6/12 7/14

Tractor self-selection

Wheelbase(mm/mm) 1500


Tread(mm) 735/1820


Number of tires 16 24 32 40 48 56

Tires 8.25-15.18PR, 7.5 or 9.0

Wheel felloe 6.5-15(10 holes),to 8.25-15.18PR tire

Suspension hydraulic suspension, three points

Brake way air system, on all wheels

Form of frame grid frame or hollow frame, can demand to lowest plstform height

Speed, full load towing vehicle:0-8km/h Semitrailer tractor 0-25km/h

Platform size length*width(mm) 3080*2990 4630*2990 6180*2990 7790*2990 9280*2990 10830*2990

3180*3400 4780*3400 6300*3400 7980*3400 9580*3400 11180*3400

Platform height(mm) 1080+-210


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