Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Drilling diameter: 500-1500 mm

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Brand Name: CBL

Model Number: YG120

After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

Machine weight: 13600kg

Max drilling depth: 16m

Drilling diameter: 500-1500 mm

Power head torque: 17000-22000 N.M

Drilling head rate: 30-50 r/min

Max lifting force: 120 KN

Working mode: pressure drilling

Engine: YTR4105; 65kw

Slewing angle: 360 degree

Hydraulic system pressure: 28 Mpa


Technical data for crawler rotary drilling rig




Machine weight 








Rated power 



Rated speed 



Appearance  Parameters


Transportation size (L*W*H)



Track shoe width



Performance  Parameters


Max drilling depth



Drilling diameter



Working mode

Pressure drilling

Power head torque



Drilling head rate



Max lifting force



Steel rope diameter 



Slewing angle



Rotation speed



Travel speed



Hydraulic system pressure




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