Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

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Product Description:

Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD6G


Operation Weight:16.2t

Engine Model:Turbocharged C6121 Diesel Engine


Rated Power:160HP

Standard Blade:Straight Tilt Blade


Ripper:Single/Three Shank Ripper




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package

Standard:ISO, CE


Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Production Capacity:80000PCS/Month

Product Description


Ø Manufactured according to Caterpillar D6D and D6G technology and improved new product. 60% parts interchangeable with Caterpillar bulldozer parts. 
Ø Operator comfort is provided by the two-way adjustable seat, single lever dozer control with adjustable lever and combined hand-lever steering and braking. 
Ø Turbocharged C6121 diesel engine with individual adjustment-free fuel pumps and valves. 
Ø Easy maintenance with two- piece master link, hydraulic track adjusters, steering clutches and brakes are removable as a unit. 
Ø Choice of air conditioned cab or open ROPS canopy
Choice of ripper

Main specifications
Operating weight16.2t
Ground pressure (at operating weight)54kpa
Track contact length 2990mm
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)5037×3297×3077mm (without ripper)
Grade abilityLatitude 30 °   Transverse 25°
Ground clearance  445*mm
Diesel Engine
ModelTurbocharged C6121 diesel engine
Type   Water-Cooled, single-row, vertical, 4-stroke-cycle
Rated speed 1900rpm
Flywheel power131kw/160HP
Start mode24V starter motor
Number of cylinders-bore*stroke6-121*152mm
Fuel systemDirect injection with individual adjust system free injection pumps and valve
Planetary power shift with high-torque-capacity oil clutched, special valve permits fast speed and direction changes. Three speeds forward, three reverse.
Single- stage torque converter with output torque divider combined smoothness with economy. Connected to transmission by double universal joint for removal. Oil-to-air and oil-to-water heat exchangers cool the torque converter oil.
GearForward  Speed( Km/h)Reverse     Speed(Km/h)
Steering & Brake
Reinforced, box-section construction. Out-mounted carrier rollers. Lifetime lubricated rollers and idlers. Adjustable, 2 positions idler.
Number of rollers (each side)7
Oscillation at front idler1
Final Drives
Crown-shaven, double-reduction final drives. Floating ring seals.Sprocket with bolt-on. Replaceable rim segments.

Number of shoes(each side)39
With of standard shoe560mm
Track gauge    1880mm
Hydraulic Controls
Four optional systems are available, complete system consists of pump, tank, filters , valves, linkage and control levers anticavitation valve is included with bulldozer controls. System available are as following:
One valve (internal) for bulldozer position: raise, hold, lower, float.
Two valves (both internal) for bulldozer and tilt cylinder tilt cylinder position: tilt lift, tilt right, hold
Two valves (one internal, one external) for bulldozer and ripper, ripper position: raise, lower, hold.
Three valve (two internal, one external) for bulldozer, tilt cylinder and ripper.
Service refill capacities
Fuel tank295 liters
Cooling system38 liters
Diesel engine crankcase27.4 liters
Transmission, bevel gear and steering clutch compartments98 liters
Final drives (each)18.9 liters
Specifications For Blades
Blade typeWidthHeightDigging Depth.Max Ground clearanceMax. Tilt

Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

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Q:What does the motherboard support bulldozer mean?
First to note is that the motherboard supports the bulldozer, refers to the CPU processor architecture, AMD architecture is a bulldozer, the new AM3+ processor core, the number is generally 4, 6, 8 nuclear nuclear nuclear AM3 processor, compared to the previous, more powerful, and the AMD processor AM2 earlier stages cannot be with more comparable.
Q:The difference between mechanical bulldozer and hydraulic bulldozer
The difference is in the operation of machinery and electrical control.Machinery, mechanical transmission, rod type, and throttle rod type, operation by hand rodHydraulic bulldozer, transmission is electronic control, there is an electromagnetic valve, the throttle is also power off, flameout operation is to use the handle position transmitter to send signals, the signals are controlled by electronic control module,Conditional, you can see the difference between Carter D7G and D6R, mechanical and electrical control of the difference
Q:Komatsu D60P bulldozer shaft broken _ how?
First, what happens when the shaft is broken?The impact force from the front of the vehicle, such as IIHS25%, bias, collision, tire crash, road edge etc..The impact force from the side of the vehicle or extrusion pressure, such as tire shoulder, guardrail base, squeezed by other car directly into the tire upper; because of this kind of impact force direction of the uncertainty of the initial damaged parts are generally out of control steering rod, steering rod deformation or fracture, the direction of the steering wheel to the lame "under the effect of inertial move on when the suspension system will be damaged. In this case, the speed does not need to be fast, can cause the consequences of broken shaft.The impact force coming from the back of the side, such as hitting the rear of a tire when another car is overtaking. In this case, the body may not be visible because the main point of impact is on the rim.The impact force from the inner side of the tyre or extrusion pressure, such as low hit low block, this block card in the front wheel inside inside etc.. In this case, even if the car is moving slowly, the suspension will be "broken" as long as the car is moving". The general is not directly severing this case. The design strength of suspension system is not enough to "definitely minced" this big stone block.Non normal above example under the stress if the vehicle suspension parts within the tolerance range, the suspension system is not damaged; if the design strength exceeds the suspension parts, light to cause these parts deformation, re fracture.
Q:Which is the mortgage registration authority for bulldozers?
2, "how to prevent the mortgagor from selling the mortgaged property without authorization?"" : mortgage registration, registration, you can fight against the purchase of third people.3, in addition, that is: the chattel mortgage, not to register, only registered as a public document, that is to say: the registration of chattel mortgage, against third people; unregistered chattel mortgage, mortgage mortgage contract has since established and effective just can't resist the third person: the real estate (such as real estate and vehicle) mortgage, without registration mortgage contract, mortgage is not established without the consent of the.
Q:Shantui bulldozer 220 horsepower hour how much oil burning
1, different working conditions, fuel consumption is not the same, fill the earth in 18 liters or so, hard soil at about 23 liters, but also to see the operation.2 a machine driven by a tractor having a wide, blunt horizontal shovel for removing land, roads, structures, or similar work. Bulldozer is a kind of engineering vehicle, in front is equipped with a large metal earth knife.
Q:Gearbox Shantui bulldozer sd16 temperature high is going on
Hello You should be automatic, the oil temperature is high, there are several problems. Pressure is not enough, sealing ring wear, pressure valve hairpin, radiator dirty. Check step by step
Q:How do you calculate the hourly cost of excavators and bulldozers?
If you dig a pond, you can find a 20T device. The price is 260--300 yuan per hour!8 hours a day to calculate 2000-2200 a team!Can also be contracted to machine boss
Q:AMD CPU, FX 4100 quad core or 6 bulldozer performance of nuclear II X6 phenom 1055T?
Don't just look at the parameters of the bulldozer performance than on a generation of Yilong 2 bulldozers, internal structure is a failure, check the Internet, you understand, but to the radiator with a good point of the heat pipe, FX4100 is less than 960T. and the parameters of beautiful, 1055T, I use black box 955,
Q:AMD8 nuclear bulldozer or Intel 4 Nuclear I5 is better?
Seek stability! Focus on a game, play cool, then choose Intel, seeking office tasks, workload is large, then choose AMD! Each has its merits! Old English is exquisite, old A lies in material benefit and high efficiency!
Q:Which is better, AMD955 or bulldozer????? Ten
I suggest you directly on the 960T package to open 6 core U, the cost performance of more than 955 and bulldozers. Cost-effective. The price of 700 yuan or so, pay attention to open 6 core 960T

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