Bulldozer SD16

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Product Description:

Product Name: Bulldozer SD16

1. Product Feature of Bulldozer SD16

The SD16 is equipped with a hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology and has an advanced structure, providing reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation, making the SD16 an ideal construction machine.

2. Specification of Bulldzoer SD16




L×W×H (Ripper not included)



Operating weight (Ripper not included)





Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1/ Weichai WD10G178E25

Rated power






Blade type


Straight tilt blade U blade Angle blade

Blade width


Straight tilt blade 3388×1149 U blade 3556×1120 Angle blade 3970×1040

Dozing capacity


Straight tilt blade 4.5 U blade 5     Angle blade 4.3

Ma× drop below ground of blade



Lift height of blade



Ripper type


Three-shank ripper

Ripping depth of ripper



Lifting height of ripper



Number of carriers (each side)



Number of track rollers (each side)



Number of track shoes (each side)



Width of track shoe



Track gauge



Ground length and ground pressure






Forward speed





Reverse speed





3. Optional Parts of Bulldozer SD16

Rops-Fobs airconditioning cabin, single shank rear ripper, three shank rear ripper, other blades or forest protection cabin as requested.

4. Delivery and Package of Bulldozer SD16

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel, even some times could be urgently put on flat rack.






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Q:How do you get to be a bulldozer driver?
the question should be why do you want to be a bulldozer driver
Q:Do you think Udinese can stop the Inter bulldozer?
Looks like no one can stop Inter this season . Looking for the Milan derby . Maybe Acmilan can take points from Inter ( a draw).
Q:How many parts are there in a bulldozer?
1 chassis. It includes crawler, trolley, frame. 2, drive. Including engine, torque converter, transmission, central drive, final drive. 3 、 hydraulic system. The hydraulic system (including walking speed and torque servo pump, piping, piping and valves and accessories (oil cooling and filtering)), hydraulic system (working pump, working valve, cylinder and filtration (hydraulic fan, PPC pipeline accessories, electrical system)) 4. It includes generator and accumulator, relay and many sensors. (.. ECU, electronic control gearbox, control unit, and all kinds of instrument and lighting system, and cab interior electrical system)
Q:More damaging: Freight Train or Bulldozer?
A freight train has more mass, translating to more momentum. Therefore, it is capable of delivering more force. In regards to sports, I'd say that the football player is capable of delivering more force. The running back trucking a free safety would be a much bigger deliverance of force than a basketball player bumping a defender... There's a reason behind why football players wear pads ;)
Q:Rachel Corrie Why was assassinated?
She died by hiding out of sight from an armored bulldozer. It was sent to destroy cover brush used by terrorists to hide bombs, like the one used to kill a US diplomat a week later. He was in the PA area to oversee a program of scholarships for Palestinian kids. The news originally reported that she was standing up and visible and waving. However, it later turned out that those photos were taken hours earlier. In fact, the area had been cleared by the military, then she snuck back in and crouched down on the ground, out of sight of the bulldozer driver. Other ISM members described this behavior as a game they often played with bulldozer drivers. Because the drivers have limited visibility, they would crouch out of sight. Then, as the blade pushes up dirt, they sprint up the mound and end up "eye to eye" with a very surprised and shocked driver, who then stops the bulldozer. This time, however, as the judge noted, she slipped as she was sprinting up the dirt pile and fell backwards under it. She got half covered in dirt and after that her friends caught the eye of the driver and he backed up. She later died of her injuries. When people accused the ISM members of lying about how she died, they later responded that they never actively claimed she was standing up and visible or that the photo was just before her death instead of several hours earlier...rather they just failed to correct other people's errors and therefore they never lied. Even the left wing, anti-Israel investigative magazine "Mother Jones" agreed that there is no evidence she as deliberately run over.
Q:In sumo, who is this rikishi called Bulldozer or Mountain?
What an interesting question, but it is so general that I would give various answers. Maybe, I would hit the question with many answers. The first rikishi that I known to be called Bulldozer is no other than the big boy Konishiki who was known as the Dump Truck or the monicker Bulldozer. Konishiki Yasokichi Personal information Birth name Salevaa Atisanoe Date of birth December 31, 1963 (1963-12-31) (age 45) Place of birth Oahu, Hawaii Height 1.87 m (6 ft 1+1⁄2 in) Weight 264 kg (580 lb; 41.6 st) Career* Heya Takasago Record 733–498–95 Debut July, 1982 Highest rank Ozeki (July, 1987) Retired November, 1997 Yusho 3 (Makuuchi) 2 (Juryo) 1 (Jonidan) 1 (Jonokuchi) Special Prizes Outstanding Performance (4) Fighting Spirit (5) Technique (1) Gold stars 2 (Chiyonofuji, Takanosato) Now, he could also be called the Mountain because of his humongous bulk at 580 lbs. He is now retired. In the current basho, we have also a rikishi or wrestler who is called the Bulldozer and a Mountain. He is Yamamotoyama Ryuta. Yamamotoyama Ryūta Personal information Birth name Yamamoto Ryūichi Date of birth May 8, 1984 (1984-05-08) (age 24) Place of birth Saitama, Japan Height 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in) Weight 248 kg (550 lb; 39.1 st) Career* Heya Onoe Current rank Maegashira 13 Debut January 2007 Highest rank Maegashira 13 In fact, the name Yamamotoyama is jokingly called Two Mountains since yama in Japanese means mountain, and there are two yamas in the name. If you notice, he weighs around 550 lbs., so Konishiki is heavier by about 30 lbs. So, my answer is: If you are referring to a foreign born rikishi, then he is Konishiki. But if you are referring to a native rikishi, then he is Yamamotoyama, the Two Mountains. Good luck to you.
Q:what is amd Bulldozer for?
its a totally new processor that takes hyperthreading to a whole other level the are going to be multiple types. the is one that is definitely going to be released. weirdly the best way to describe this processor is a quad core processor with 8 cores. each 'core' is actually 2 cores with shared resources. so instead of intels hyperthreading that is litrally one core doing 2 different things each core withh be 2 cores doing 2 different things but of the same type. its hard to put into words but its basically going to result in multi threading performance that destroys intels current method of hyper threading. the are rumours of a 6 (12) core, 8 (16) core, and 12(24) core versions of this chip aswell. its going to come out at a similar time to the 16 core opeteron processor. people who will be using these processors are gamers, and graphic designers. am2 boards became am2+ with a simple bios update. i think the newer boards for am3 will be able to take bulldozer chips with a bios update (the 800 series am3 boards)
Q:AMD 6 core phenom and bulldozer which is good
I'm in interior design. I use a bulldozer
Q:Can LDO (light diesel oil) be used for heavy equipments (excavators, bulldozer, cranes, etc.)?
I wouldn't use ldo on slower rpm diesels sounds like a recipe for disaster. If you are in doubt call the manufacturer of your heavy equiptment and ask them, I think there is some additives missing in ldo that heavy equiptment needs. Be carefull....Steve
Q:What's the bulldozer's model?
A machine driven by a tractor with a wide, blunt horizontal shovel for removing land, roads, structures, or similar work.As a result, most bulldozer and domestic bulldozers are also named after tractors, most of which use the engine power as the mode of nomenclature before adding the brand letters. Manufacturer code + engine power + deformation codeSuch as:Xuangong TS160-3 TS represents xuanggong bulldozers, 160 engine power of 121 kilowatts, about 160 horsepower, 3 is the third generation.Shantui SD16F SD represents Shantui bulldozers, 16 engine power of 120 kilowatts, about 160 horsepower, F is representative of the section of the F deformation.Some foreign brands adopt the naming rules 70 years ago according to the factory batch model. Code for manufacturer + batch + modification code. But the batch code is more casual here don't dwell on.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jining,shandong
Year Established
Annual Output Value ¥50 billion
Main Markets China;Southeast Asia;Middle East;Russia;Africa;South America
Company Certifications ISO9001;GOST;CCC

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.45
No.of Employees in Trade Department 56
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 800acres
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range average