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Product Description:

Equipment profile:

CIP system is the function of automatic cleaning of all product contact surface cleaning including tank wall and pipe wall, the inner wall of the cylinder, and other liquid channel.
CIP system is consist of cleaning fluid tank, acid and alkali adding device, heater, process and the reflux pump, pipeline, the steam valve group,etc.
The key technical parameters of the CIP system is cleaning fluid type, concentration, temperature and flow rate. Alkali liquor usually use NaOH, acid liquor use nitric acid or phosphoric acid, concentration1-3%, proper heating, the cleaning velocity between 1.5-3 m/s
Cleaning fluid storage tank usually have three: Acid tank, alkali liquor tank, hot water tank. Depending on the different cleaning object, it can be divided into single loop, double circuit, multi-loop, etc
Automatic CIP system of strong acid, strong alkali added, cleaning fluid temperature is automatic control, cleaning sequence is braking performed after setting.

Fully automatic CIP description and detailed parameters:

Full autoCIP

Cleaning In Place (CIP)


For tank, pipe, pump, and the whole production line (filling machine, pre-blending system)cleaning and disinfection

Application Area

Widely used in food processing factory (milk, beverage, wine, etc) and liquid medicine factory,to meet the requirements of health andenvironment

Equipment composition

CIP main composition (not including accessories) : acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, water tank, bracket, CIP pump, plate heat exchanger, steam regulating system, PID automatic temperature control system, check/control system, main control cabinet (stainless steel)

Combination property

safety performance

1.Control valves and instruments adopted imported high quality components, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the system

2.In cleaning, completely sealed, no secondary pollution

3.High-tech of 360 ° universal rotating cleaner

4.Equipped with air breathing apparatus, quick-opening manhole

5.The mirror polishing treatment on the surface, the surface via the inferior smooth processing

6.Equipped witheight adjustable telescopic supporting feet, to ensure the stability of the equipment on the floor

7.Heat-proof/acid/alkali washer, to ensure the sealing performance

Energy-saving performance

1.Users are free to choose the cleaning process, stability, time, equipment will be effected according to the users to set the automatic configuration of acid-base concentration

2.Equipped with the return water system, savingCIP water

3.Equipped with extracorporeal circulation system, effectively reduce energy consumption

4.Support the acid and alkali recovery

Efficiency Performance

1.Automatically set acid, alkali concentration

2.Equipped with PLC touch screen switch (SIEMENSTFT10.4 inches)display options, real-time temperature, time, electric conductivity, etc

3.Support the senior road cleaning, road, more than two not only supports two or more areas and at the same time cleaning, support also in the process of production production while cleaning, greatly reducing the CIP cleaning time

4.Cleaning fluid for automatic detection, charging, discharge, display and adjust

5.Through the scene changes, the freedom to choose automatic or manual control

6.Based on customer special requirements, the establishment and modify the program, special control


1.USES the unibody design, save the production space

2.Using the United States imported pneumatic diaphragm pump suction concentrated acid and concentrated alkali, at the same time reduce the operation cost and equipment maintenance rate


1.1 KW 2880R/MIN


300 KG

Dimension (mm)


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