Pure water line

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Place of Origin:
SHG,Shanghai China (Mainland)
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filter tank material:
well water,underground wate
full automatic cotroller
ro membrane:
hydranautic ro 4040
Packaging Detail:
wood case
Delivery Detail:
10- 15 working days

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:wood case
Delivery Detail:3-5 days


good quality with best price

drinking water treatment chemicals/Reverse Osmosis pure water treatment equipment

Product Advantage

Individuality appearance design is big and elegant.

Free combination makes application scope more wide.

Big board and one key control make operating easy.

Advanced control system is steady, reliable and energy conservation.

Standard Business Management and reliable quality.

Advanced insulation system, full climate working.

Application scope more wide.

Scope of Application

Water for Life, like: High-rise Buildings, Residential Quarter, Villa, etc.

Public Places, like: Hospital, School, Gymnasium, Golf Course, Airport, etc.

Commercial High-Rise, like: Hotel, Office Building, Department Store, Large-Scale Sauna Bathroom, etc.

Irrigation, like: Park, Play Field, Orchard Garden, Farm, etc. drinking water treatment chemicals ,water equipment. drinding water treatment.

Manufacturing Industry: Production-Manufacturing, Washing Device, Food Industry, Factory, etc. drinking water treatment, well water treatment, water equipment

Else, like: Impounding Reservoir and Other Type Water Supply Corporation

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Q:Well equipped with self-controlled frequency device, reduce well water pressure
Most of the well installation is 200QJ50 × 48 type and 200QJ50 × 80 submersible pump, the motor is 7 ~ 13 kW, the motor large water, the pressure is large; First, the pump pump on the flow of small, small water pressure
Q:Filter equipment what is
Filtration equipment (Filtration equipment) refers to the machinery used to filter or equipment, is a common industrial production equipment.
Q:How should water treatment equipment be sold?
In line with the national "drinking water health standards" requirements.
Q:Food sterilization with high-temperature sterilization pot or microwave sterilization equipment is good?
What kind of sterilization equipment is mainly to see what kind of food, at present, microwave sterilizer application range is quite wide, such as paste food, packaged food, cooked food, spices, beverages, canned and so on.
Q:How does the filling machine work?
First, the liquid filling machine working principle
Q:Easy to control, easy to achieve automated production
Can greatly improve the working conditions, and equipment structure is compact, saving plant area
Q:How to choose the best water treatment equipment
And some customers are required to use what process, that is to say to the water to which a precision.
Q:Filling machine instructions
5, the machine must be kept clean, the machine is strictly prohibited oil, liquid or glass debris, so as to avoid damage to the machine, it must:
Q:The following is a detailed analysis of the selection of soft water and pure water equipment
in the replacement to achieve saturation with a professional softening salt to restore the resin. Northern water alkali, water calcium and magnesium ions exceeded.
Q:Ozone disinfection of water treatment equipment and the difference between UV disinfection
The difference between the two is not much difference in the disinfection, but the effect is better? For this technical issues, the following two products on the technical issues for analysis.

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