High Quality Portable Fast Mixer

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Nanjing Port
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1 Set set
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50000 Sets Per Year set/month

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Introduction of High Quality Portable Fast Mixer:


Portable fast mixer is requisite equipment in the production of GRC products. It is specially designed for mix volume within 20KGS


Data Sheet of High Quality Portable Fast Mixer:


Rotate speed of main engine: 1100r/min

Main engine motor: 620W

Blade diameter: 120mm

Max mixing volume: 20kg


High Quality Portable Fast Mixer


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Q:GRC light partition board installation scheme for construction of hydropower pipelines
In the installation of water tanks, magnetic pots, electrical switches, sockets, wall lamps and other water appliances, according to the requirements of the size of the chisel hole (not tick), can not use heavy hammer, so as not to shock the wall panels. After the pipeline is buried, immediately cement mortar, putty, plug and scrape. For larger, heavier weight apparatus such as the power box is to cut holes according to size requirements (not, then drove) wedge or steel embedded parts with cement mortar pouring plug, after the installation of 7d.
Q:GRC how should the lines be fixed?
Accordingly. What project quantity sets what quota, find the amount of project quota that you need first.
Q:What about the air leak in the flue?
When you want to see what kind of flue air leakage, the division of the usual general exhaust flue or kitchen flue, if the kitchen smoke exhaust, air leakage will be repaired immediately. To make, it is not can replace the exhaust pipe.
Q:What is the difference between GRC wallboard and aerated block wall?
GRC composite wall board with low alkalinity cement mortar material, alkali resistant glass fiber as reinforcing material, made of plate surface layer, built of reinforced concrete rib, and the thermal insulation material is filled in the core, the new light composite wallboard made of a pedestal.
Q:Kitchen, toilet, GRC exhaust channel and glass magnesium plate exhaust duct advantages and disadvantages, and cost performance comparison?
GRC is a lightweight flue sulphoaluminate cement with alkali glass fiber cloth or ordinary portland cement with wire mesh and other materials prefabricated increase airway row, completely change the ills of the traditional brick flue, it uses lightweight high strength composite materials and processed by the scientific and effective use of the advanced technology of flue gas the emission, and has the advantages of simple construction, low cost, reasonable occupation of indoor space, has the advantages of light weight, high strength, fire energy saving, no radiation, no remarkable features of aging. In contrast, usability and science are in stark contrast to traditional ways.
Q:What is GRC in building engineering?
Glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC)GRC is made of alkali resistant glass fiber as reinforcing material, the low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement as binder and adding suitable aggregate to form the substrate, through injection, mould casting, extrusion, flow and other production process and made of lightweight, high strength and high toughness, multifunctional inorganic composite material. The use of lightweight GRC material partition board, insulation board, wall board, decoration series products, grid slab, ventilation Road, granary, rigid roofing and other dozens of products have been widely used in construction engineering, civil engineering, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Fishery etc..
Q:Are there any national standards (strength, protection grade) in the case of GRC materials used as equipment and outdoor rooms?
Only depending on your equipment, see if there are any special requirements, and then refer to the GRC standard.
Q:(GRC) substitute material for plates
Artificial wood made from some wood waste instead of wood fiberThe wood fiber used in some developed countries (wood shavings, etc.) and synthetic resin or inorganic cementitious material composite artificial board manufacture. Our country is lack of timber resources, but it is a large agricultural country, agricultural waste emissions, can be used to replace wood fiber artificial board manufacture, not only can turn and also meet the sustainable development policy. Artificial board basically can be divided into organic binder, artificial board bonded with inorganic binder bonded artificial board two categories.Asbestos cement slabs are replaced by asbestos free fiber cement panels. Many developed countries have recognized asbestos as harmful to human health. Because of its tiny fibers (>3 microns in diameter and <1 microns in diameter), they are carcinogens. Although asbestos cement is still the dominant product of the fiber cement industry all over the world, the varieties of asbestos free fiber cement products are constantly increasing, and the output continues to rise. Some developed countries (such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore) has banned the production and use of all asbestos products; the United States and Canada have stopped in the production of asbestos cement products in China, only allow the import of asbestos cement pipe. According to the development trend of fiber cement products in the world, it is expected that asbestos free cement panels will gradually replace asbestos cement boards as green building materials in twenty-first Century. Our country in this century since 80s has successfully developed a glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) plate, non asbestos vinylon cement board and non asbestos autoclaved fly ash cement board, which laid the foundation for the further development of such products.
Q:What is the GRC railing and what is the GRC railing knowledge?
The protective window railing and closer to the corridor in the railing, set more appropriate corridor railings, stair railing in separate columns without quota, the quota shall be approved by the staircase contains a column
Q:What is a GRC pile composite foundation?
The composite foundation is that natural foundation soil in the foundation treatment in the process of enhancement, or replacement, or reinforcement materials in natural foundation, the reinforcement area is composed of a base (natural foundation soil or improved natural soil) and reinforced artificial base consisting of two part. In the case of load, the matrix and the reinforcement share the load. According to the composite foundation load transfer mechanism of the composite foundation is divided into vertical reinforcement composite foundation and composite foundation level to strengthen the two class, and the vertical reinforcement composite foundation is divided into discrete material pile composite foundation and flexible pile composite foundation and rigid pile composite foundation three.
ARTFUL, a well-known enterprise which is engaged in the research, development, design, production and sales of high-quality, high-grade GRC decorative, gardening, art sculptures. Our products include: flower pots, fountains, gazebos, relief paintings, murals, picture frames, stylobate, furniture, fireplace, Roman, corbels, window cover, door pockets, line, figure sculpture statue etc.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 10 Million
Main Markets 20.00% North America
20.00% South America
10.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Northern Europe
10.00% South Asia
10.00% Western Europe
5.00% Africa
5.00% Mid East
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Lianyungang PORT
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10-20 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 26,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average