Automatic Robot Palletizer Machine

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Product Description:

Technical Documents

1. Equipment Name: Robot Stacker
2. Equipment Model: WSD-MD410ib/450
3. Production Capacity: 24,000-36,000 bottles/hour
4. Equipment Composition:
    1. Host Base
    2. Host
    3. Host Hand Grip
    4. Safety Device
    5. Electrical Equipment
5. Host Dimensions: 1,150mm*1,150mm*4,220mm
    Carton Size: 322mm*256mm*235mm
    Film Package Size: 230*230*290 (L*W*H)
    Stacking Disk Size: Max.: 1,200*1,400*130mm
    Power Source: 220/380V;  50Hz
    Control Voltage: 24V. DC
    Compressed Air: Working pressure min 0.5mpa
    Air Consumption: Max.110L/min
    Gross Weight of Host: 3,000kg
    Gross Installed Weight: 6,000kg
    Host Capacity: 15KW
    Gross Installed Capacity: 24KW
    Noise: ≤85dB
6. Operating Principle: During carton grabbing, by use of air cylinders through two parallel linear guide rails, the arrayed cartons are lifted by fork case rod accurately from the marshalling yard gaps; through the use of 5 groups of air cylinders, the front, back, left, right and top limitations are finished, and then the cartons are put neatly and orderly when the fork case rods are drawn out from the bottom of the cartons.
7. Performance Parameters
A: Siemens S7 Series PLC and Danfoss Frequency Converter
B: Germany SICK Main Photoelectric Sensor
C: Germany SEW Main Drive Motor
D: SMC Pneumatic Elements and Schneider LV Control

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