Classical Hot Selling High Quality Red Fabric Office Chair

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$44.57 / pc
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200Pcs pc
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1500 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Overall Size:W62*D59*H91-103CM

Selling points:

1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function
3.Pneumatic seat height adjustment
4.Massage function available

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Q:why do you feel cold when you first sit on a metal chair?
Because the non-metal chair is a better insulator than the metal chair. It discourages heat from flowing out of your body moreso than does background air. The metal chair by contrast encourages heat to flow through it, and moreso than the background air. Except in very hot climates, your human body is hotter than the surroundings. You are accustomed to a typical amount of heat loss out of each area unit of your body, that you consider to be thermally neutral comfort. If that region of your body doesn't get to reject that amount of heat, that region feels warmer. If that region of your body to rejects more than that amount of heat, that region feels colder.
Q:How does this chair move???? :-Z?
lol damn i can't believe u got me there. GRRRR... I hate you! I mean the chair moving by itself was creepy but damn the end... ive never felt my heart beat so fast
Q:are there any cheap alternatives for wedding chair covers?
you could skip the cover totally, and just make a large bow and put it at the top of the back of each chair, and have the ribbon flowing down in your color. I read that it looks less cluttered and more elegant to only place a bow on every OTHER chair. I saw TONS of rental places come up, so you could always just rent, but i see you said you could just buy cheaper. I sell on OKorder, and I sold a sofa and chair slipcover for a great profit. Wedding things are always in demand on OKorder, Definitely a good idea. I hope this helped some! congratulations! sara :)
Q:What About These Wedding Chair Covers?
got excellent reviews. I'm so glad I bought from them, and I'm just going to sell them on Craigslist or whatever when I'm done with them. CHEAPER THAN RENTING and sooo easy! They come in white, ivory, and black, and you can get them in satin if you don't want polyester (I have the polyester ones and they actually look classy and well-made, not cheap).
Q:36 weeks pregnant, just bumped into a chair?
I keep opening the door into my belly! The doctor was giving me a hard time about the bruises that I have incurred carrying this thing around the past few weeks. If it's not the door, I've walked into my dresser, chairs knock it on the counters etc. Everything will be fine.
Q:How to hang hammock chair from drop-down basement ceiling?
Q:Pressure Question (man in a chair)?
The total mass of the chair and the man is: m = m1 + m2 = (88 kg) + (7 kg) = 95 kg So, the total weight, and thus the total force of the legs on the floor is: F = W = mg = (95 kg)(9.8 m/s^2) = 931 N The area of each leg is: A1 = pi*r^2 = pi(1.5x10^-2 m)^2 = 7.07x10^-4 m^2 So, the total area is: A = 4*A1 = 4(7.07x10^-4 m^2) = 2.83x10^-3 m^2 Thus, the pressure exerted by each leg is: P = F/A = (931 N)/(2.83x10^-3 m^2) = 3.29x10^5 Pa
Q:anyone know what a salt chair is?
Salt Chair The compact footprint of the Salt Chair makes it a smart choice for cafes or any location where you want to seat as many people as possible around a table or in a defined space. Unlike chairs that have widely splayed legs, Salt chairs can be placed next to each other without wasting a lot of space in between. This Shaker-style chair is a timeless classic, and its lack of ornament and unnecessary excess makes it befitting of the modern aesthetic. It is finished in a water-based opaque paint that really makes the Chair’s profile pop. The color may appear inconsistent with the name of this item, but this Chair is as fundamental as the salt shaker on your table. The Salt Chair is unpretentious, familiar and made for everyday use.
Q:How do you choose the sofa in your office?
The comfort of a sofa is the most important. General office sofa is used to receive guests, or office staff rest. Therefore, the choice of office sofa, comfort is quite important. Sofa seat and backrest should be suitable for human physiological structure of the surface as well. Height to moderate, too low, sit up is not convenient, too high, sitting uncomfortable
Q:How do I raise the height of a swivel chair?
It would help to see the chair. I dont believe that part controls the height of the chair. Typically it is a gas cylinder with either a leaver under the seat or piece of the seat. There are chairs that you spin to adjust height but considering your chair is massaging and heating, i would assume it is raised and lowered with the gas cylinder. If the gas cylinder is not working it may not be making a good connection. (when you pull the lever it pushes a button on the top of the gas cylinder which causes it to raise/lower) If you put the chair together yourself I would make sure that the gas cylinder is pushed all the way into the under chair bracket. Otherwise contact the manufacturer and they should send you the replacement part.
We are a sourcing office of a broad range of products including furniture, housewars and office supplies. Our main markets are USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2012
Annual Output Value Above US$2 Million
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Mid East;Western Europe;North America;Africa
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Nearest Port Shanghai
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Factory Size: 200,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
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