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 IHG chemical centrifugal pump

IHG chemical centrifugal pump are vertical single-stage  designed and optimized on the basis of general vertical pumps and the IS series of centrifugal pumps by many domestic pump experts and technician. According to different purposes, they are able to be designed as oil pumps, hot water pumps, anticorrosion chemical pumps, etc.

Their outlets and inlets are in the same line, which makes them able to be installed amid all pipelines like a valve.

Working condition: -20°c to 120°c

power from : 0.75kW to 75kW.

Chemical centrifugal pump is the integrated design of the energy-saving pumps, pump performance, technical requirements, Shanghai sun pump industry according to the international standards of performance and size design, its advantages: full range of hydraulic performance layout is reasonable, the user to select a wide range of "open back" structure, maintenance convenience, efficiency, and has reached the international advanced level of suction.Corrosion resistant materials commonly used chemical pump, such as glass fiber, PVC, fluorine plastic, stainless steel, suitable for bottles, barrels, tanks, pumping corrosive liquid pool or other container.Widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, synthetic fiber, environmental protection, food, medicine and other departments.


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We can delivery the goos within 20 days after getting your payment.

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The clients can just purchase 1 set as trial order.

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Q:What's wrong with the car oil pump?
Pull in the water or burn the oil
Q:How to check the motor oil pump oil supply is normal?
Loosen the oil passage screw for the cylinder head or open the valve cover screw. Increase the oil flow at the throttle, which indicates that the oil pump is good
Q:The oil pump is driven without a belt
You don't need it. It's usually driven by a crankshaft
Q:Does the noise come from the oil pump or the valve stem?
Or should the hot hot restart
Q:The oil pump is not working well. What about the engine?
The oil pump is not working well and affects the lubrication effect of the car. It is several thousand revolutions per minute. The piston ring oil ring and cylinder wall friction, so long, not only prone to the engine temperature is too high, and may cause the wear of piston ring or the cylinder wall, if the result of wear is more trouble, there will be cylinderscoring phenomenon resulting in piston ring and the cylinder wall gap is too large, the oil into the cylinder, is what we say oil burning, automobile exhaust is not normal, a row of black smoke, causing the engine power shortage or repair as soon as possible.
Q:How does the c4l determine whether the oil pump works? The oil lamp is on
Check that the oil is adequate, enough, that is, the oil pump to be replaced
Q:What's the function of the engine oil pump?
The function of the oil pump is to send the oil to the friction parts of the engine, so that the engine oil is circulating in the lubrication road to ensure the engine to be well lubricated. The oil pump is mostly gear pump. It consists of gear pump body and so on. When the engine works, the camshaft drives the drive gear of the pump body. The gear swing oil flows along the inner wall of the pump from the oil inlet to the oil outlet, forming a low pressure to generate suction, and the oil in the oil box is sucked into the oil inlet. And the oil at the mouth of the oil more and more, and therefore increased pressure, oil will be pressed to each of the friction parts, the realization of forced lubrication.
Q:How much does the engine oil pump service cost?
Hello, dear, now the possibility of maintenance is very small, basically the replacement, as to the price should see what the car, different car prices are not the same
Q:498, just play the crankshaft, not oil, engine oil pump is new, and another one or not
Does the oil filter run out?
Q:The new car oil pump for three months is out of order. May I ask for a new car?
Yes, you can replace it or replace the oil pump

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