Center Pivot Roof Window--RB Series

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Product Description:

Center Pivot Roof Window--RB Series

●  Manufactured in pine,vacuum impregnated and coated with Environment-friendly lacquer.
●  Different ventilation on top of the frame allow the amount of fresh air flow into the room.

●  Elegant handle positioned on the lower part of the sash for easy operation, and secured
   open in two positions.
●  Both-side painted 0.6-0.8mm thickness aluminium sheet with polyester coated corrugated
   lead skirt, which does not need any maintenance. Skyview offers two kinds of flashing for
   matching different roofing finishes.

Product Description:

Laminated Glass


2.Min size:300*300

3.Max size:3660*2440

nated glass, is a kind of security compound glass made by sealing two or more pieces of glass together with PVB film through the process of heating and pressurization. The shape of the glass can be flat or curved.The laminated glass has 2 layers,3 layers,5 layers, 7 layers, or more.

Function and Characteristic of Skylight Laminated Glass:

1.  Security: because of  the agglutinated function of the PVB film, when the glass is broken, only bring into radiation-like crackle, the fragment will not scatter out. It is safe and can not hurt people. So, it is widely used in the windshield glass for automobiles.

2.  Sound insulating : With a good damping function for sound wave, laminated glass is a favorable sound insulating material.

3.  Energy saving:  Laminated glass has better thermal performance than normal glass. Combined with insulating glass, laminated glass can achieve even better sound reduction effect and thermal insulation performance. Apparently, it is an ideal and safe energy-saving product.

4. U.V. Filtering : The interlayer can filter out ultra-violet rays, so that can prevent the indoor or objects such as furniture from fading.

5. Wider variety of color and patterns to choose for better decoration effect: PVB interlayer can be in various colors to meet with architect’s design intent and decoration requirements. It can also control transmittance of solar energy and reduce indoor air-condition load.

Specification of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Flat laminated glass: Thickness 6-40mm

Max size: 2650x6500mm

Min size: 150mm*150mm

Curved laminated glass: Thickness 6-30mm

Max size: 2000x3000mm

Min size: 300x400mm

Application of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Architectural door, window, ceiling, floor, partitions, stair-steps, handrails,railings, awnings and curtain wall glass.

Ships and automobile windshield glass.

Bullet/violence- resistant glass for financial places, exhibitions hall, hospital and jail,etc.Safety glass for furniture

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Q:A tree landed on my car and smashed in the roof, trunk and broke a tail light..Do you think it's totaled?
Im asumeing it probly is. It is very hard to weld a new roof on a car. So most body shops dont even try. Im willing to place a bet that its junk now.
Q:Window unit or trailer roof top AC unit?
The water cooled AC units are outside air units.
Q:I bought the real estate for 11 years, is the multi-storey floor, in a year the windows, roof leakage, this thing should find the property is not Property that do not go to their control.
Maintenance fund is to 60% of the owners agreed to use the funds,
Q:Can you get a roofing tax rebate and a window rebate?
And, you have to actually OWE $1500 in tax to see a benefit. If you don't owe, you don't get anything. (PS, this was a 2 year credit. If you already used it in 2009, then you wouldn't have anything left for 2010.)
Q:what do you do if the Hurricane breaks windows, roof starts to come up or a tree falls into your house?
I live in northern NJ but have had prior experience with hurricanes. If the window hasn't been boarded, taped, or safely secured prior to the weather event, and it blows out due to debris or wind speed, there's not a lot anyone can do about it. It would be more dangerous to re-secure the window or place furniture in the way as the furniture can be knocked over and you could injure yourself on wet glass-covered floor. If debris has broken your window, there's a high possibility that debris can strike you if you venture outside. Stay indoors. If possible, cover air ducts and close all doors to the room that has been compromised. Seek shelter in an area free from windows, keep a radio with you if a computer or TV are not readily available and be attentive to official instructions. In all likelihood you will be fine. Stay calm and take it one step at a time.
Q:Home decoration, want to get hold of a glass door do not know what kind of good.
Install the folding door, open the future does not take up space. My balcony is equipped with folding doors, very good. But the door is too wide, then it is not recommended to install the folding door. Now the door of the alloy door is directly mounted on the entrance of the Pass. Generally installed in the middle position, unless it is the kind of door frame with Pass is fixed.
Q:Is it possible to put fake dormer windows on a hip roof?
I don't know why but i don't find this story funny... as for ur question, i think it's possible to survive a fall in some cases but if it's a really tall building then the chances are really less.
Q:My Acura TL model S had all windows down, sun roof, and trunk open?
I had that happen when I accidentally sat on the key fob.
Q:When I use windows explorer, my CPU usage goes through the roof. Anyone know what could be coausing this?
Vista is known to be a memory hog. I would replace it with windows xp. A below average amount of ram combined with newer application installs could also be causing it. Here is what you can do to find out more : You can press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC Sort by processor activity, and look at the programs that are resident in memory that are consuming the most amount of CPU and RAM. That should help you diagnose the problem further.
Q:Suzy drops a rock from the roof of her house. Mary sees the rock pass her 5.7 m tall window in 0.186 sec.?
Suzy drops a rock from the roof of her house. Mary sees the rock pass her 5.7 m tall window in 0.186 sec. From how high above the top of the window was the rock dropped? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 vf = vi + a * t = vi + 9.8 * 0.186 Eq#2: vf = vi + 1.8228 Substitute vi + 1.8228 for vf in Eq#1 (vi + 1.8228)^2 – vi^2 = 111.72 vi^2 + 3.6456 * vi + 1.8228^2 – vi^2 = 111.72 3.6456 * vi + 1.8228^2 = 117.72 3.6456 * vi = 111.72 – 1.8228^2 vi = (111.72 – 1.8228^2) ÷ 3.6456 = 29.73 m/s To determine the initial height of the stone, we need to know the distance the stone falls before it reaches the top of the window. Distance = Average velocity * time Average velocity = ½ * (vi + vf) Distance = ½ * (vi + vf) * time 5.7 = ½ * (vi + vf) * 0.186 Eq#1: vi + vf = 5.7 ÷ 0.093 vf = vi + a * t vf = vi + 9.8 * 0.186 Eq#2: vf = vi + 1.8228 Substitute vi + 1.8228 for vf in Eq#1. vi + vi + 1.8228 = 5.7 ÷ 0.093 2 * vi = (5.7 ÷ 0.093) – 1.8228 vi = [(5.7 ÷ 0.093) – 1.8228] ÷ 2 vi = 29.73 m/s This is the velocity of the rock when it reaches the top of the window. As the rock falls from her hand to the top of the window, its velocity increases from 0 m/s to 29.73 m/s at the rate of 9.8 m/s each second. Time of fall = 29.73 ÷ 9.8 Distance of fall = ½ * a * t^2 = ½ * 9.8 * (29.73 ÷ 9.8)^2 Distance of fall = 45.1 meters This is the distance from Suzy’s hand to the top of the window. Check vf^2 = vi^2 + 2 * a * d, vi = 0 m/s, a = 9.8 m/s^2, d = 45.1 m vf^2 = 2 * 9.8 * 45.1 vf = √(2 * 9.8 * 45.1) = 29.73 m/s This is the velocity at the top of the window. Velocity at the bottom of the window = 29.73 + 9.8 * 0.186 = 31.5528 Distance = ½ * (vi + vf) * time = ½ * (29.73 + 31.5528) * 0.186 = 5.7 m This is the height of the window. So, I believe the answer is correct.

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