Center Pivot Roof Window--RB Series

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Product Description:

Center Pivot Roof Window--RB Series

●  Manufactured in pine,vacuum impregnated and coated with Environment-friendly lacquer.
●  Different ventilation on top of the frame allow the amount of fresh air flow into the room.

●  Elegant handle positioned on the lower part of the sash for easy operation, and secured
   open in two positions.
●  Both-side painted 0.6-0.8mm thickness aluminium sheet with polyester coated corrugated
   lead skirt, which does not need any maintenance. Skyview offers two kinds of flashing for
   matching different roofing finishes.

Product Description:

Laminated Glass


2.Min size:300*300

3.Max size:3660*2440

nated glass, is a kind of security compound glass made by sealing two or more pieces of glass together with PVB film through the process of heating and pressurization. The shape of the glass can be flat or curved.The laminated glass has 2 layers,3 layers,5 layers, 7 layers, or more.

Function and Characteristic of Skylight Laminated Glass:

1.  Security: because of  the agglutinated function of the PVB film, when the glass is broken, only bring into radiation-like crackle, the fragment will not scatter out. It is safe and can not hurt people. So, it is widely used in the windshield glass for automobiles.

2.  Sound insulating : With a good damping function for sound wave, laminated glass is a favorable sound insulating material.

3.  Energy saving:  Laminated glass has better thermal performance than normal glass. Combined with insulating glass, laminated glass can achieve even better sound reduction effect and thermal insulation performance. Apparently, it is an ideal and safe energy-saving product.

4. U.V. Filtering : The interlayer can filter out ultra-violet rays, so that can prevent the indoor or objects such as furniture from fading.

5. Wider variety of color and patterns to choose for better decoration effect: PVB interlayer can be in various colors to meet with architect’s design intent and decoration requirements. It can also control transmittance of solar energy and reduce indoor air-condition load.

Specification of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Flat laminated glass: Thickness 6-40mm

Max size: 2650x6500mm

Min size: 150mm*150mm

Curved laminated glass: Thickness 6-30mm

Max size: 2000x3000mm

Min size: 300x400mm

Application of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Architectural door, window, ceiling, floor, partitions, stair-steps, handrails,railings, awnings and curtain wall glass.

Ships and automobile windshield glass.

Bullet/violence- resistant glass for financial places, exhibitions hall, hospital and jail,etc.Safety glass for furniture

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Q:Slate roof is damaged, water infiltration, but WINDOWS??
Roof spread is often caused by cut roof frames made from timber that was taken to the building site, sawed and put together on the spot. Using materials that way can make calculations for the roof difficult. Solving roof spread often involves switching to a different roof construction style and material, such as a trussed roof that is manufactured in a factory and put together off-site. Or
Q:our roof is a year and a half old and there is a leak above our bathroom window. we also have bad ice dams.?
What a great winter we're all having...Not. Actually, if you've only got one leak through a roof that's ringed by ice dams, pretty good. Might find out whether the roofer installed a membrane to prevent this before doing the shingles. That's required in some areas. An ice dam leak comes from the water on the roof above the ice, pooling, and working it's way underneath the shingles. So an otherwise good roof can leak. As you've started to gather, the main problem is on the inside, underneath the roof. What's needed is not only good insulation - but free cold air circulation above it, so the roof stays cold. So venting is as important as the insulation. Nuff on that. You might bail on the immediate problem by raking snow off the roof as is possible safely (do NOT get on the roof, or you'll end up on the ground), then tossing up some high-grade ice melter, like Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride and giving it a chance to work (don't go nuts on the stuff, as it's pretty aggressive). Getting through the winter, you might get some advice on installing gutter/roof heating cables for particularly bad areas where inside work combined with limits on access and roof design makes it silly hard to fix otherwise.
Q:Water damage only around window, could it be the roof?
Since you only owned this house for a month, that water damage had to have been happening with the previous owners.   Get a lawyer to send a letter to the real estate person and previous owners to fix the problem.   They did not give you full disclosure of the problem.   They will end up paying for the damages to get this area fixed.  They have to fix the problem it's the law. They may say that they did not know of the problem, but that does not matter. The problem pre-existed. Get a construction builder in to look at the problem and get costs on what it will take to fix the problem and make sure your lawyer has this info also. Don't worry because they have to take care of the problem. I have had several friends who bought houses where there was water damage in the bathrooms and the previous owners had to pay to get these areas fixed. Good luck.
Q:How to draw in the interior design of the interior design
Very simple, like a bun you break it apart, see there are several layers of stuffing, and then click to draw it
Q:What is the roof of the house decoration?
The key is to see the style, you can do the word type decoration, the top of the lamp set to fall off on the line, that is, after the good to the "v" font, above the fir board white brush painted shading, a bit with pastoral style (modern ), To gypsum board mainly set some decorative glass, can add lines modified (different glass, the line style can be used with European, modern, Chinese and other different effects) can also take the middle of the ramp to make an article, you can do flat Out of a small piece to do the shape of friends, can be used under a few wooden grill hanging (small area, the best brush white) set chandelier can also be placed on the original roof of different wallpaper to decorate. for reference only. The The The The
Q:Should I unshingle my roof, or paint over all the windows?
Paint over all the windows.
Q:What is the size of the inclined roof window (sunroof)? Will it be leaking? Which brand is better?
Usually the location of the roof skylight is your hand enough to open the skylight, easy to open. Size has five specifications are 78 * 9878 **** 140. If the location is too high, it is recommended to do electric window, anti-mosquito you can be a screen window, skylight is controlled in the tempered glass, the effect of insulation loft, you can also install curtains, the floor is not destroyed!
Q:How to tarp a roof and window? How to find the source of a musty smell?
Damp regions of the country will have more mold problems than the dry ones. Move to a dryer climate into premises that you know won't have leak problems. Ever wonder why so many people move to the south west? The dryer climate has fewer molds. Avoid older remodeled homes. I know this sounds extreme, but if you are sensitive to molds, this might be your solution.
Q:Loft sloping roof skylight leak problem.
I suggest looking for property, at least they have experience
Q:If your roof was baby blue and your doors and window trim were lemon yellow...?
If your roof was baby blue and the door and window trims lemon yellow, you don't need help wth wall colours luv. You need an optometrist!

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