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Materials:UL approved Nylon PA66(Flammability UL94V-2)for A.C.F parts,(Accept to make flammability UL94V-0);EPDM rubbet for B.D parts,(Also accept to make srpet rrbbet: resist high tempetature rubber, resist string acid/alkali,etc).

Protection degree:IP68

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Q:Anyone know what type of solder to use for a wall oven spade connector to hook up a new bake heat element?
Mark, conventional solder will melt at the temperature of the oven element. I have the same problem with a two burner stove top. The spade connector was spot-welded on, and separated. The end of the element was not smooth enough to clamp a high temperature spade lug on it from the appliance parts store, and I don't have a spot welder. Brazing with a torch would be much better, but I don't know about the electrical conductivity of a braze weld. Around here, we use coat hanger wire, it makes a great braze, works well on radiators, but with all my electrical experience I don't know about the electrical conductivity of the repair. My vote for a solder joint would be silver solder, it melts at a higher temperature, and silver is a good conductor. Better call a local electrical repair company (electrical contractor), and ask to speak to the owner, they will always talk to you. This is not a repair job he would ever get, so he may help you out of the kindness of his heart, it happens in my town. I'm good, but he is better, try to get some help from him, and be sure to tell him the two options I gave you.
Q:A customer needs 88, 2-inch pipe connectors to complete a project. How many bags of connectors would you recom?
four, three is not enough. But 2 couplings of any kind should be sold singly.
Q:New Power supply: P4 connector, boot issue?
Three possibilities come to mind. 1. It sounds like it could be a cabling issue. Either something's not plugged in that should be, or something is plugged in that shouldn't be. Don't know that motherboard or what types those power supplies are so I don't know what should or shouldn't be plugged in. I do know that my Intel board had two different ways it could be setup depending on whether you were using a PSU with a 24-pin motherboard connector or a 20-pin connector. 2. Something came loose while removing the old PSU. Check to make sure that everything from the video card to the CPU is properly connected/seated. 3. Worst case scenerio, when you removed the old PSU something happened to damage the system. (For example, did you unplug the computer from the wall and wait a minute before starting to unplug stuff? Did you use a grounding strap? Did you get a static electric shock at any time while working on the system?) Maybe, just maybe, the CPU's fried? If you can't fix it yourself, I'd recommend taking it in to a computer repair shop and have them examine it. Edit: Or try the above response 'cause he sounds like he knows a lot more about it then me.
Q:HELP!!!How to pull out harness connector?
Find a similar connector on the car and take a look at that to see why this one is being so difficult. Sometimes is helps to push first which you are trying to operate the latch, then pull to remove. Latches like this also sometimes are best manipulated with a small screwdriver, nail hammered flat, etc. Also consider not taking it off. You can check electrical conditions by inserting a pin as a probe into the back side of the connector, or even by piercing the wire. Or consider breaking the plastic and just putting tape over it when done. Another trick is to clamp a vise grips pliers on one male side, and they you can pry off that against the edge of the female side. Although clamping too hard risks breaking the plastic anyway.
Q:My back up generator has 4 prong 240 connector. Well pump has 3 wires.?
Is the well pump 120 or 240 volt? You also need to know the exact connector type so we can figure out which pin is which. The 4 pin connector is hot hot neutral ground The 3 pin connector, if 120 volt, is hot neutral ground, and you just pick up one of the hots in the 4 pin connector and leave the other hot open The 3 pin connector, if 240 volt, is hot hot ground, and you just hook up to the corresponding pins in the 4 pin connector leaving the neutral open. .
Q:location of data connector '93 International, 2574 model, n-14 cummins?
The data connector should be located under the drivers side dash to the left of the steering column. It should be a round grey connector. There also might be one located next to the engine ECM. If the truck will not go over 1500 rpms while driving, inspect the Speed sensor on the back of the trany. If it fails the engine will go into a derated state limiting rpms.
Q:Can I use a 3-pin heatsink on a motherboard that has a 4-pin connector?
If you;'re talking about the fan connector, most likely. The fan has only 2 wires, 5 volts and ground. If you can mate those 2 pins to 2 pins on the motherboard that will supply 5 volts and ground, it will woek. (If not, you could always cut the connector apart into 2 one-pin connectors and plug them onto the correct pins. Red is positive - the other one should be either white or black - that's ground or negative.)
Q:Will best buy use speaker connectors if I let them install 5 1/4 door speakers?
Yes but you can just buy the speaker connectors yourself. Sounds like you already took the door panels off. Best Buy will charge for the connectors and the install You can buy these just about anywhere especially for Oldsmobile which is GM for about $10-12. What do you mean rewire every time you have a window issue? Price if you take it to best buy will be about $60. This is assuming you just installing regular coaxials.
Q:Four (4) pin connector on PSU?
The 4-pin 12V ATX power connector (yellow and black wires) powers the processor on more recent motherboards. These motherboards will not boot if there is no power on that 4-pin connector. Processor will not power up. Old processors consumed less power. They were just powered from the +5V circuit on motherboard. Thus, old motherboards as well as old power supplies did not have the 4-pin 12V ATX power connector. Motherboards for newer high wattage processors (125-135W) usually have the 8-pin EPS 12V connector.
Q:nine pin connectors?
try this web page, it explains the RS232 protocol and the pins used with a DB9 (9 pins) connector. is easy to understand.

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