Male and Female Connector MC4 Waterproof Doubke

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Male and Female Connector MC4 Waterproof 



1 Cable Standard:2.5/4.0/6.0mm2(14/12/10AWG)

2 TUV Approval   



*Photovoltaic cable coupler.
*Due to highly robustness,UV-Resistance,the touch protection a high grade connection is guaranteed for 25 years.
* DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06,UL1703 standard.

MC4 Connector

This type of connector system


is easy to install and uses “snap-in” safety locking tabs to lock two mating connectors, thereby avoiding


unintentional disconnection. Also when locked, the mating contacts are sealed against ingress of dust and


water. Specifi cations are as follows:

1) DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06,UL1703 standard.


2) highly robustness,UV-Resistance.


3) Connector adopts touch and insertion of reed with inner-knob type.


4) Auto-lock equipment of male and female points enable connection more easy and reliable.


5) Popular figure suit most of field installation.


6) Simple on-site processing.


7) Accommodates PV cable with deferent insulation diameters.


8) High current carrying capacity.

Rate voltage:


Rated current:

25A(2.5mm2) , 30A(4mm2,6mm2)

Test voltage:


Protect degree:


Insulation material:


Contact material:

Silver plated copper

Operating temperature:


Safe class:


Flame class:


Contact resistance of plug connectors:


Insertion force:


Withdraw force:≥50N

Suitable cable:


Locking system:Snap in


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Q:Where can i find center pin DC coaxial connectors online?
wtf just find one or a charger on OKorder
Q:Do all PSU use the same connectors?
No. Some have a 20 pin motherboard connector, while others have a 24 pin connector. Then, there is the matter of whether or not you need the 4 pin 12V connector for the CPU, whether or not you need SATA connectors for the hard drive and optical drives instead of standard 4 pin molex connectors. You really need to know what you need.
Q:What do PCI connectors do and what do they connect to?
PCI connections are on the motherboard. They are card slots for accessory cards like video cards. They have advanced to pci-e cards to be able to handle more data and speed.
Q:Computer Power supply connectors?
have you ever made functional which you have each and all of the means connectors appropriate to the motharboard? the 20/4 pin one (the long one) and the 4(or 8) pin connection? make functional that the cpu fan is securly appropriate to the motherboard aswell, and interior the surprising slot, some wont start up in the event that they detect no fan. and in reality you would be wanting to have the means replace button's connection on the impressive pins on the motherboard in case you place it mutually your self. (and in reality you would be wanting to didnt knock something loose as quickly as you place the PSU in)
Q:4-Pin to 8-Pin connector ?
Most motherboards with 8-pin 12V connector will work with a 4-pin plug from power supply if the installed processor has less than 100W TDP. Core i5-760 is a 95W processor. Otherwise, you would need a 4 to 8-pin adapter for the 4-pin plug from power supply.
Q:What is this record layer connector plug called? (pic inside)?
I don't know what kind of connector that is or if it's just some kind of terminal strip cables used to be connected to I can tell you the color codes of the wires coming out of the tonearm Red right channel hot green right channel ground white left channel hot blue left channel ground I would just buy a terminal strip to mount inside the table, cut one end off a stereo interconnect cable and use that method to connect the tonearm wires to a stereo interconnect (rca cable). Run the RCA cable into the table through an opening in the case and secure the cable with a clamp to keep stress off the connections. In the interconnect cable, the center wires are hot (center pins of the RCA plugs) and the outer wires are the grounds (outer sleeve of the RCA plugs). Good luck! EDIT: Really, I don't see any reason you couldn't use that existing thing as your terminal strip. Just solder your RCA cables to the same terminals the appropriate tonearm wires are connected to. You would just need to find some way to secure your RCA cable and keep any stress off the connections.
Q:msi gx720 dc power broken connector help.?
I've never seen a detailed schematic for any computer or laptop motherboard. If a circuit board trace is missing or broken or if the through hole plating accidentally got pulled out with the old connector, you might find some indication of where it once was if you look closely. Then run a wire from your connector pin to that point. You may have to carefully unsolder the connector you just installed because the remnants of the missing trace might be hidden by it. Good luck. Laptop circuit board repairs usually require excellent soldering skills. Don
Q:PNY 9800 GTX+ 512MB need powering psu no pcie connectors?
you need a few power adapter plugs you can get a dubble molex to 6 pin. Then a molex to SATA. I find it unusual you didnt get the power adapers with the video card and a PSU at 750W with out the two 6 pin and so few plugs is a bit strange
Q:Why does SATA connection have 4 connectors?
so you can add more sata drives sata cdroms also require a sata power connector
Q:In PowerPoint, is it possible to keep the connection between a shape and connector while animating the shape?
I'm unclear on your question - when I do this, the box moves and the connector stays exactly where it was. Do you actually want the connector to grow and stay attached to the box that moves (that makes the most sense)? Time to do a cheater animation. First, it might be easier to NOT use a connector - just draw a line. Then draw a second line from where that line ends to somewhere in the middle of where the box will move to. Send the loose line to the back. Note: you may have to zoom WAY in to be able to align the 2 lines perfectly. For the animation, do the motion path on the box and do a wipe on the loose line in the same direction the box is moving. Set it to go with previous. It ends up looking like the line is moving/growing along with the box moving over. If you are moving the box at an angle, it might look perfect, but if it is going straight to the side or up/down - it should work great. You might need to tweak timing a bit. EDIT: I was afraid of that ;D There is no good way to do what you want to do. Unfortunately, when using Grow/Shrink on a line, it not only grows the length, it grows the line weight, so doing a small spin with a grow on the line doesn't work. The best I could come up with (and it doesn't look as crappy as I would expect) is to have the starting line in position (up/down) and add a second line in the final (diagonal) position. Set the animation so that line 1 fades out with the start of the box moving (probably for the same animation length as the box - but you might want to make a little shorter) and line 2 fades in maybe 0.2 seconds later and ends at the same time as the box animation ends. I suspect you've tried this and didn't love it, but I'm 99% sure it's the best you'll do with PowerPoint.

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