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Materials:UL approved Nylon PA66(Flammability UL 94V-2)for A.C.F parts,(Accept to make flammability UL 94v-0);

Working temperature ;-40 to 125 ,140 can bereached but kept only for a short time

Style:Close and split

Colour:Black,other color available upon request.

Property:Good flexibility, twist resistance and good bending performance ,able to bear heavy loads; acid resistant, lubricant resistant and coolant resistant;luster on surface and abrasion resistant.

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Q:What is the part number for the MAP sensor connector on a Jeep Grand Cherokee? ('93-'98 ZJ)?
why okorder
Q:Question about cables and connectors please help?
Those okorder
Q:4-Pin to 8-Pin connector ?
The motherboard needs to have the 8 pin plug for CPu and for other buss items. What type/model is the 650w power supply? The F and M side of a connector usually means Male/Female.
Q:How can I replace this connector or repair it?
check okorder
Q:How to find FM antenna with the appropriate 'connector' for Philips HTS3105 Home theater system?
It's called a push-on F connector. However, unless you are connecting it to your cable system, all you need is a single strand of wire that you can shove into the center hole. The best is a 24 guage or thinner wire, about 3 feet long, with a loose knot in it that forms a crude loop. I've even put a twist-tie in there and it worked as an FM antenna. If you are going to connect it to a coaxial cable, you will need an adapter. Normally, these come with the system, but if not, it's a Radio Shack item.
Q:XLR Connector to TRS Audio Configuration Question!!?
I'm not an expert on cables but GLS Audio 25ft Mic Cable Patch Cords seems to be very good quality with a good price. It's doing it's job well and i don't get any hum or other unwanted noises. Using them with Shure Beta mics. Great product.very pleased.
Q:What psu connector do I need for my graphics card?
What do you mean what pin setup? Im not sure you really know what you're asking for. The power supply needs to have enough power (wattage) to power all the components. Go for 450 or 500W at the minimum for a high powered gfx card. The PCI-e * 16 simply refers to the length and form factor of the PCI-e slot. Its very unlikely you have a computer which has a PCI-e slot but isn't a PCI-e 16 slot PCI-e * 8 slots are shorter, same for PCI-e * 4, with PCI-e * 1 slots being around an inch long.
Q:S-Video Tv-Out Cable Connector to RCA Plugs?
relies upon lots on the known of your cables and your television, yet oftentimes the RCA cables supply you a greater effective, greater good image, there is far less room for noise to get in by using fact it does not have the enormous bandwidth that coaxial cable has. be sure you have good cables the two way, they do make a distinction.
Q:How to test car bulbs and connectors?
What noise?. by using a voltage meter and checking for the continuity .or a power probe. connecting them directly to the battery, but you would need a voltage meter. check youtube.
Q:Are there any other connectors to power a motherboard?
there are two more i cant think of the name but they are old tech and we don't use them any more u can find these on computers back in the 80's

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