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Q:Sli Bridge connector?
The SLI bridge connector comes with the motherboard, not the graphics card. It's the motherboard that determines the spacing of the PCI-Express (x16/x8) slots. (They could be one slot apart, two slots apart, three slots apart, etc.) That said, a flexible SLI bridge that uses a ribbon cable between the connectors should work for you. The first few SLI bridge connectors I got had two connectors soldered to either end of a printed circuit board .
Q:please help. wifi nin. connector!?
it might be defected about your walmart question if it is faulty they will take it back
Q:Asus pro L5Q power connector?
Yes. The 4 pins are covered with a piece of plastic to show you how to connect a 4-pin power connector if that's what your power supply has. If you have an 8-pin power connector, remove the plastic cover and connect that. Either way is perfectly acceptable.
Q:TV connector wires for WII? (Easy 10 points)?
Yes, you will actually get a better picture using the green, blue, and red connectors. Plug the connectors into the right slots, watching out for the red audio connector and the red video connector. The red audio connector appears to be paired with the white audio connector. Leave the yellow plug open and you will be good to go.
Q:Main Connector 20+4 on PSU work on a 20pin slot on MB?
Yes it will work like everyone said. I just dont understand why you need THAT much power on a system that cant be powerful enough to use it. They dont even make motherboards anymore without a 20+4 pin connector because CPUs now need more power. If you have such a strong graphics card that it needs 650w, you should consider upgrading your entire computer. I have a E6600 Core 2 Duo @ 3.1ghz, and a GeForce 8800GTS and my computer doesnt use or need the full 600w PSU I have. Id save alittle money and get one allittle cheaper
Q:Question about cables and connectors please help?
Those okorder
Q:Hard drive connectors .?
You can see here, hope to find what you need
Q:Cable connector broke on back of TV. Is there any other way to hook up cable without it?
while reading a book, you're stimulating the human brain. You transform your reading and literacy skills and you in the process, become more literate. Even with today's modern technology, you should be able to read still. While you're watching t.v. can be good fun, it isn't doing anything to your brain.
Q:PSP USB problem. Is my USB connector broken?
hey just go to start. my computer click on local disk drive (G:) or w/e and u'll find ur memo card
Q:Looking for customer reviews for Parker 8MSC8N-316-01 316 Stainless Steel A-LOK Male Connector?

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